Calgary Community Maps

Calgary Community Map and Guide

Knowing what buyers are looking for when you are selling your home as well as what features there are in the community when buying a home are all essential things to know. Scroll down the page to see the full Calgary community map, and see how Calgary is divided.

We've compiled some of our favourite communities in the map below and put together BOTH a Buyer and Seller Guide to help you navigate through the world of buying or selling in these specific communities. Zoom in, find a community you are interested in and click on the icon to view the links for the images, videos and buyer and seller guides.  

Breakdown of the Calgary Community Map - How is Calgary Divided?

Calgary is divided into different zones. There are 8 zones which are broken down further into the communities of the city. Each community has it's own unique feel and really appeals to different buyers for different reasons. Take a look at the image below or feel free to download the PDF of the Calgary Community Map Here.



Choosing the Best Communities Around Calgary

What is it that causes people to leave the city in favour of living outside of the city limits? We find people looking at Okotoks, searching Airdrie real estate, finding houses for sale in Chestermere, and many other surrounding communities. And now more than ever. These “bedroom” communities (or communities where the majority of residents work outside of the town) are thriving and seeing massive increases in population. Places like Cochrane or De Winton have seen enormous rises in population, receiving recognition for their population increases from Canada-wide comparisons.

Is Calgary that bad? No, it's not. It’s just that there are opportunities to living in Calgary and opportunities living outside of it. Let’s see what can be offered to the residents of these cities and towns that can’t be found in the city proper.

As we look at the housing opportunities, we notice that people prefer to live outside of Calgary because of what they can get for the money. These communities often offer the people more options, more land, square footage per dollar than you could find in the city. Suffice to say that for some, living in Calgary can be expensive. And even though the market has suffered some downturns in the past few years, that hasn’t stopped many homes from massively appreciating in value over the last decade.

And so you can find just as appealing homes in places like Airdrie, Okotoks and Chestermere for often far less than a similar house would cost in the city. Is money the only factor at play. Hardly. But that does seem to be a nice benefit to living in these surrounding communities.

Of course, you might assume that the distance would put people off from living elsewhere than in the big city. Oh, it’s so far away, some of you might be thinking. But the reality is that it’s not a distance that really deters those who want to live outside of the city. Places like Airdrie and Okotoks are just minutes away from the city limits, and even working downtown is accessible to those who don’t mind the commute. These towns have all the major necessities, so travelling to and from Calgary no longer is a chore. It is often a pleasant drive that does not outweigh the physical distance some are worried about.

 Also, many of Calgary’s best amenities aren’t located far away from the borders. Great shopping and entertainment, like at 130th Ave, Shawnessy Shopping Plaza or CrossIron Mills are on the outer edges of the city, great news for those who live in surrounding communities. And traffic doesn’t seem to play a factor either as the highways are very carefully maintained for those who use them every day. 

Calgary’s Surrounding Communities

And so we find that the popularity of living outside of Calgary increases the popularity of certain surrounding communities. Places like Priddis, Cochrane or even Strathmore are no longer remote, self-sufficient towns. Calgarians have found that these endearing communities offer a slower pace of life and a quieter neighbourhood. They lack nothing in terms of amenities, and even schooling is well regarded in many of these places. Compared to small towns, the big city’s noise and frantic pace can melt away to become a thing of the past.

If you’re interested in living in any of these communities, we extend our services to help you find the perfect home. Let our experience guide you as you start your search. Call us today on 587-316-5400 or email us at