Here are some of our top tips, insights and knowledge for those of you that are thinking of buying a home in Calgary.

Where Should Your Family Live in Calgary?

Where-Should-Your-Family-Live-in-CalgaryAre you looking for the best place to live in Calgary with your family? Or have you wanted to move to a new community to better support your children’s hobbies and interests?

You might be trying to figure out what kind of lifestyle you have, who you are and what you are becoming, and navigating where you need to be; well, here’s a treat for you!

We have curated lists of communities that you can consider based on what your family is into!

Young Families

Here are some fantastic neighbourhoods with the best playgrounds for families with little feet that never get tired of running around.
First on the list is Montgomery, where Shouldice Park Playground is located. It boasts musical features, tons…

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October 2022 Market Update

october-2022-market-updateNot everything you see is true!

If you read through headlines about 'Canadian Real Estate,' you are sure to be afraid of what's to come and want to hide. This is also the case when we get our first snowfall!

There is no such thing as a generic 'Canadian Real Estate Market.'️ Rather, you have to look at all the cities and towns individually to understand what is happening.

Calgary is seeing a strong market for condos and townhomes, more than we've seen in a long time. It's not uncommon to see multiple offers in these home styles and detached homes under the $500-$600k price range.

Detached homes in Calgary have seen a decrease in sales this month, some of that due to the lack of new inventory coming onto the market.

There is…

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Investing in Calgary Real Estate

investing-in-calgary-real-estateThose who have invested in Calgary real estate might be smiling on the inside while watching market trends recently. They might feel proud that they made a smart move when they acquired properties here.

We invited a mortgage broker and seasoned real estate investor, Lindsay Labrecque, to share her insights on investing in Calgary.

Investing in Calgary Real Estate

As a mortgage broker, Lindsay talks to several people on a daily basis. Many of them are investors from Toronto and Vancouver who sold their homes or pulled their money from the stock market. They have a lot of equity on hand and looking to buy properties in Calgary.

More investors are now leaning towards real estate as it is more stable than…

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5-reasons-to-live-near-the-university-district5 Reasons to Live Near the University District

Looking for an incredible place you can live in and love is key to finding that perfect move-up community.

Not many areas offer tranquility and energy, but you can find them around the University District. You need to consider this location if living around the hustle and bustle of the inner city while having mature trees and large lots are what you are looking for!

University District is Growing Rapidly

The University District is expanding like crazy. And it is not surprising because of the incredible amount of restaurants and local businesses here. Monogram Coffee, Village Ice Cream, Orange Theory, Spin YYC and COBS Bread are just some fantastic places you can find in the area.


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Mortgage Rates are Going INSANE

mortgage-rates-are-going-insaneInterest rates have gone insane, and everybody is asking, when will this end?

Will the interest rates continue rising for the rest of the year here in Canada? What should you expect moving forward over the remainder of 2022?

If you are a first-time seller considering refinancing your property or moving to a new home, how can you power through all these changes?

These questions have been revolving around the country as interest rates continue to increase. To help you understand what is happening and answer all your questions, we invited professional mortgage brokers Adam Mansbridge and Hugh Bullen.

Where are Interest Rates Going

Many millennials today are at the crossroad of taking a leap into owning…

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September 2022 Market Update

September_Stats_Instagram_PostsMost Important Piece of News

Calgary Real Estate Market Update, October 2022

Everyone is talking about it:

1) Interest rates are up
2) Total sales are down
3) Prices are trending down

It sounds incredibly depressing, doesn't it!!!

But don't believe everything you hear. The sky isn't falling, and many positives are happening in our market. Here is what is actually happening in the Calgary real estate market.

Sellers who focus on what they can control (Pricing Right and Preparation before going live on the market) are still selling and ahead 10.73% from 2021.

Buyers now have time to do inspections, shop, negotiate and get what they want. Multiple offers are still happening, but you don't have to lose your shirt and not…

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7 Worst Walkable Neighbourhoods in Calgary

7-worst-walkable-neighbourhoods-in-calgaryThere is no denying that living in Calgary requires having a car because it is not the most walkable city in Alberta. The reality is there are a few good areas, mainly inner city Calgary that are very walkable, but there are also many communities that are not.

We ranked the communities based on a collective score of walkability, the transit score, as well as the bike score to show you the least and the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary.

7 Terrible Walking Neighborhoods

On the seventh spot is Shawnee Slopes, located in the southwest part of Calgary, close to Evergreen. It has a combined score of 38.7. That combined score comes from its walk score of 14/100, transit score of 49/100, and bike…

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Best and Worst Neighbourhoods in Calgary

best-and-worst-neighbourhoods-in-calgaryThe recent wave of people working from home has helped put Calgary on the map.

Before the pandemic, most employees around Canada were merely working to pay for their mortgages. But that is not the case with Calgary! The average cost of living here is only 38-40% of the average income in Calgary, whereas, in most cities in Canada, it ranges from 70 to 80%.

Since the majority of the workforce realized that it was possible to work anywhere, they started to think that they could live in any city they wanted! Many of these people began to move to Calgary, which has brought tremendous changes to the real estate market in the city.

Calgary has seen remarkable growth over the last year. But even with its…

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August 2022 Market Update

August-2022-market-updateWe were asked recently by a reporter from the Calgary Herald what remains the tightest part of the market in Calgary and what part of the market still offers the most value for buyers.

In looking at all the different styles of homes from apartments, row/townhomes, and semi-detached houses as well as detached homes, the one type of property that is moving the fastest is row/townhomes, which is only 1.3 months of inventory when looking at the activity levels over the last 30 days. The other three styles of homes in Calgary are closer to and have around two months of inventory.

We see this because there is still upward pressure on pricing for detached homes. Many buyers, as they have to adjust what they are searching for, will…

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5 Hot Neighbourhoods in Calgary You Want To Know About!

5-Hot-Neighbourhoods-in-Calgary-You-Want-To-Know-About.pngAre you thinking about moving up to or within Calgary? Well, here’s a treat for you!

Here is a list of five fantastic communities with different types of homes and outstanding amenities for your family to enjoy all year round.


Altadore features several attached and detached type properties. Walking around in this community is a breeze because its location in the south downtown provides access to Sandy Beach Park, the river and the pathway system.

As of summer 2022, the median price in Altadore is about $917,000. 38% of the properties here are detached type, including some incredible multi-million dollar houses. Additionally, 30% of the community comprises infill homes or…

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