Calgary Real Estate Team For High Producing Agents

If you are an agent with an existing business and are selling between 5-15 homes a year and are yearning for a bigger and better future for you and your family, then read on!

Calgary-Real-estate-teamHint: This is who we built our real estate team based brokerage for!

We are unlike what you've seen elsewhere in Calgary! We are a real estate team based brokerage reimagined and unique in every way that focuses on their agents' hunger and growth. 

We'd love to have a conversation with you about how we can partner with you to have a larger future!

We spent over two years dreaming and planning out what the perfect real estate team would look like that an agent who has an existing business could benefit from. Then, finally, we looked at our own real estate businesses and asked, "If we, as an agent selling 30-40+ homes a year, were to join a team, what would that look like?"

It took us a long time, with hours of conversations and getting uncomfortable as everything was on the table to discuss and work through; spoiler alert, we figured it out!

We have watched agents join our team who were previously doing between 10-15 home sales a year, who are now doing 25-30+ a year. Selling more than 2-3 homes a month has become the typical outcome of agents joining our team based brokerage.

If you want to get to the place where you are constantly making well over six figures a year, enjoy what you are doing, see fruits from your efforts, and then read on or reach out and let's chat!

Should you join a team when you have a real estate business?

We know that real estate is:

  • Full of shiny objects and get rich quick plans
  • Long days 
  • Full of Ego's

Joining a team can feel like a step backwards to some agents. That feeling can come from thinking you need to let go of what you have already created and lose yourself inside of a team environment. These feelings and experiences couldn't be further from the truth and how we operate at Chamberlain Real Estate Group. 

We become a partner with our agents and point their efforts and focus in the right direction, intertwined with high-quality opportunities with a collaborative, encouraging and supportive environment.  

You already know how to talk to your current and future clients, are good at prospecting and are looking for more opportunities to do more.

There are three stages to a real estate agent:

  1. Crawling - Learning everything and new to the industry. (Selling about 1-4 houses a year)
  2. Walking - Know how to do the day-to-day activities and have an understanding of prospecting. (Selling about 10-12 houses a year)
  3. Running - Know exactly where to focus the efforts that create the most return for you. (Selling over 30 houses a year)

Chamberlain Real Estate Group is unlike any other team you've seen in Calgary. We have honed in on helping agents who already are walking and teaching and partnering with them to run. If you are ready to chat more, connect with us here!

We have structured our team based brokerage costs so that we are all tied to the outcome of the efforts we are all putting forward, and by doing so, allows you as the real estate agent to take home more than you would on your own. 

Real Estate Team Fees

Many brokerages structure their fees so that the monthly fee you pay goes towards the operating costs and income of the broker. Unlike some of these other brokerages in Calgary that use your monthly fee this way, we invest your monthly marketing fee into your business to help you grow, hence the name a marketing fee vs a desk fee. Together, we are investing in the outcome of your business. 

If this intrigues you, let's chat! 

Typically, when you are working on a real estate team, at first, it is great. You are learning a lot and helping clients. However, over time, it can become expensive for you as you gain more experience and loyal clients which leads to you looking for greener grass and the team has a high turn over and amazing people leaving.

We are different. We are a hybrid brokerage (not your typical high fee team, but we are also not a low value/low fee brokerage either.) We are a hybrid of these!

We are a collaborative, focused and hungry team that loves to have fun. It always starts with the client, putting them first, helping them achieve their dreams. We are relentlessly supporting each other to achieve our collective and personal goals. We are intentionally looking for amazing people who are looking for a real estate career and job in Calgary. We have lofty goals and ambitions to help and change how real estate is done and want to work with more like-minded people.

We are encouraged by the success of others, use it for inspiration to improve, to be better, and to challenge the status quo. Instead of being in competition with each other inside our brokerage, we are helping, pushing and growing together. We are making a difference in Calgary and how real estate works. 

 If it is time for a change for you, here is why you should consider working with Chamberlain Real Estate Group.

Why Work Here?


Team Culture

We are collaborative and share how we win. We are not in competition with each other but rather we are encouraged by other's success to be better in our own lives.


True Support

We know how full the life of a real estate agent is. We are here to support you when you need it and the times when you didn't realize you needed it!


Quality Leads & Appointments

You are amazing when you get in front of people, we know that, and we want you to do more of what you are amazing at!


Training & Growth

In life, you are only going in one of two directions, forward or backwards. There is no standing still because life will continue on whether you choose to join in or not. So jump on board!

Contact our broker Jared Chamberlain via texting him at 403-999-9694 or email at to find out more.

Team Culture

jobs_team_cultureWhen you have a team around you, you can be better. We are not all good at everything. There are many things that a real estate agent needs to do to make a client happy, win over a client, close a deal or make a home marketable. Some of these things are energizing, and some of them are very draining. At the Chamberlain Group, we focus on what energizes us, and we look for someone who is strong in the area where we are weak. This brings the energy from what drains us. When you focus on what brings energy, you can do more without being exhausted, which is a win for your clients, your business and the ones that you love around you. They get to see the best version of you more often.

Because we are all in this boat together, we understand the joys and struggles that happen in this business. Through collaboration, we share openly about our wins, our strategies, and the tactics that are working and what isn't. This helps us all grow and become better agents for our clients. 

True Support

jobs_supportSupport shows up in many different ways when you are with the Chamberlain Real Estate Group. The most significant areas that you will see this support is in your listing & buying processes as well as support from other agents on our team.

When you list a home, we have many incredible relationships and discounts with vendors that you can use and take advantage of. We have created a proven and repeatable system that you can follow and implement that has helped us successfully list and sell hundreds upon hundreds of homes. We have all the processes and presentations you will need to up your game. If you want to work with your own vendors, we respect that too, but know we have your back if something is ever missing, someone doesn't show up or something goes wrong.

One of the hardest parts of real estate is doing this business alone. When you are apart of our team brokerage, you are never alone, we are all here to help each other out. We encourage every agent to take a long weekend every 4-6 weeks. We know how hard it can be to have someone watch your business from a non-team type brokerage. The experience and expectations you have are typically very different than the agent helping you out. This isn't an issue when working with a fellow agent in your team to watch your business. You can KNOW that they have the same motivations and will handle your business just like you do.

Quality Leads & Appointments

jobs_leadsLike us, your mission is most likely to positively impact the lives of others through real estate. The difficult part about this comes when you don't have anyone to meet with and help buy or sell a home. We want to change that for you. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in training, systems and marketing over the years to make sure you have quality people to help. We have had over 1,100,000 page views in 2019 and have tens of thousands of people in our database who use our sites for searching for homes. Many of these people are ready to make a move and are looking for assistance. 

Our approach is very different than many others in this industry. Our goal is to add value to their life vs spamming them. We get curious about them, inquire about how we can help and ultimately want to positively impact their lives with a stable relationship build through mutual respect and trust.

Farming a community is a great way to grow your business, however, the cost and time involved make this a strategy that is hard for many agents to execute on it. What if we could partner with you and create an online geo-farming system that helps you get in front of buyers and sellers in a community that you want to work in? If this is intriguing, we should chat more!

We already know who is going to be your favourite people on your team... it is our Client Concierge team! Why? Because they are setting appointments daily for the agents in our brokerage. These are future clients who need to buy and/or sell, are all needing your help.

Our goal is to get you in front of as many people as possible so that you can do what you are amazing at... helping them buy or sell a home!

Training & Growth

jobs_trainingYou are a driving force. You are hungry, and you want to be the best version of yourself to those around you. Guess what, so do we. We don't settle for average. We dream, desire and want a better future too. Because of this, you and I both know that in order to have a bigger future, we need to think differently in order to grow. This means in our real estate businesses but also in our own personal lives. We believe in training that is two-fold; on the one hand it will grow your bottom line, help you be a better agent for your clients and help your business grow, and on the other hand, will help you be a better person. When you become a better version of yourself, you will improve your mindset, how you show up in the world and better your relationships, habits and happiness. 

We have weekly, monthly and seasonal workshops that cover many areas of your business and life. We encourage our team members to join in on the conversations as well as be apart of leading these times and sharing your knowledge. We don't have all the answers, but together we can collaborate and create a bigger and better future for us all.


If you would like to learn more, we'd love to have a conversation with you! 

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