How to Become a REALTOR ® in Calgary Alberta

Become a Realtor in CalgaryStart a career in real estate and you’ll never look back. Becoming a Realtor® in Calgary gives you the freedom to earn as much as you’d like in the hours that work for you. And yes, that’s a major attraction for the job, but the real benefit to starting your real estate job in Alberta is that you can help people with the biggest decision of their life. When you work on a supportive, experienced team like the Chamberlain Real Estate Group, you can supercharge your start in the job.

But where do you get started? Follow these steps to beginning your Realtor® career with us.

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Calgary Real Estate Licensing Requirements

To become a practising Realtor® in Calgary, you need to be licensed and authorized to do so. RECA® provides all the education and training you need to prepare for the licensing. And to become a member of the CREB®, you need to have completed the pre-licensing education and join a CREB® brokerage with your real estate license completed. The license and the process outlined below is required for all real estate jobs in Calgary, but we’re here to help you along the way.

Sounds difficult, but it’s not. CREB® provides excellent training for all the tools and software you’ll be using a practising agent.

Eligibility for Real Estate Licensing

  • Are you able to work in Canada? IE: Proof of Canadian citizenship, Permanent Residency, or a lawful work permit without restrictions
  • Are you 18+?
  • Do you have proof of a completed high school education?
  • Are you proficient in English?
  • Can you provide a Certified Criminal Record Check? Be aware that the RCMP conducts this on your behalf and sends it directly to the RECA® for approval.

Pre-Licensing Education and Training

You must first complete the course entitled Fundamentals of Real Estate, which will give you the tools to handle the Practice Courses. You should probably allow 9 months for the Fundamentals course, and be aware that the course costs $1500 and the separate charges for exam fees. The current fee structure can be found here as they can change without notice.

This is where it gets fun. Choose the fields of practice you’d like to be trained in to become a Realtor® in Calgary. Complete the Areas of Practice course in your chosen field.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Rural
  • Property Management
  • All Areas Inclusive


To be qualified to receive your licensing application, you will need a Brokerage Endorsement Letter stating that you have employment with a CREB® brokerage. Contact Jared Chamberlain to arrange this for our brokerage.

Licensing and Registration Application

Congrats! You are almost there. Having completed your Fundamentals and Areas of Practice courses, and supplying RECA® with all the necessary documents, our team here can start the application for you. Exciting times! Go online to MyRECA and fill in the application to begin your next career with us!

Like we said, it sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. The payoff at the end of it is your Real Estate License to practice in Alberta in the field of your choice. And then you begin on a rewarding Realtor® career in Calgary.

If you’re interested in starting your own journey to a career in real estate, contact us to learn more. We’d love to answer your questions and get you started on the path to the best job you’ll ever have with us!

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