Our Vision

Below is our vision that we are putting out to the world about who we are, where we are going and how we want to make an impact in our incredible city! Please note that this is a vision, and no factual statements are being made.

Our Culture

We are a collaborative, focused and hungry team that loves to have fun. It always starts with the client, putting them first, helping them achieve their dreams. We are relentlessly supporting each other to achieve our collective and personal goals. We are intentionally looking for amazing people and opportunities that help us grow, both as a team and individually. We are encouraged by the success of others, use it for inspiration to improve, to be better, and to challenge the status quo.

We love spending time together, whether it’s professional, educational, or having fun. We embrace the challenging moments of working in real estate and cheer our team members higher. As much as we love helping clients, we balance work with making time for our families, our hobbies and our passions. We will never settle for ordinary, and we are continually redefining what normal is.

Chamberlain Group Vision

Our Marketing

Our marketing pushes the needle of our business. We employ multiple websites and lead sources to generate hundreds of qualified property enquiries every month that our team is able to start building relationships with. We are hungry and have an incredibly fast first response average, and love it when we show potential clients a truly revolutionized real estate experience. We know how powerful the first impression is with a future client, whether on the phone or in-person and we strive to make that a ‘wow’ experience.

Our marketing attracts clients that appreciate our methods and our culture. When a client works with us, they understand they’re getting a first-class experience, unlike any other real estate brokerage in Canada. Through our marketing and diligent execution, we have positioned ourselves above anyone else in our market space. This is a differentiating factor for the brokerage, the agents and, most importantly, for the clients.

Our marketing is what guides everything we do. It guides how many real estate agents we partner with, where we invest our money, and how quickly we grow. We have the freedom to expand and collaborate with others in and outside of our industry.

Our Agents

We attract a collaborative group of agents who are vibrant, unique, hungry and love helping people. They are confident, strong and hard-working. Agents in our brokerage love being the ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ to their ‘Luke Skywalker’, acting as the guide for our clients, the true hero of their own story. Chamberlain Group Vision

Our agents are respected in our industry and by the clients we work with and meet and mostly by each other and the brokerage. They have the freedom to design their own lives. In our team, they can use their natural talents to expand their future using their unique abilities. With a world-class support team around them, they truly soar, helping clients solve their problems and achieve their dreams. Their income is unlimited, and there is always another level of growth if they choose it. 

Our powerful mentorship system for new agents enables them to work with as many (typically more) clients in 6-8 months than most new agents outside our brokerage will work with over 2-3 years. This catapults the careers of our new agents as well as pays dividends to the mentoring agents.

Our Client Concierge

We have an incredibly fast, dedicated, hungry, and talented client concierge team that are ninjas at building trust quickly and serving people over the phone. Our significant online presence is building out income sources for our client concierge team outside of Calgary as well. With incredible partnerships and collaboration, our reach is expanding, and no competition will slow us down.

This concierge team is fast to respond and masters of conversation. They are engaging listeners with incredible empathy and are skilled in guiding the discussion with the other person on the other end of the phone to help them get what they need. They are curious. This team knows what the word ‘urgency’ means. They will drop everything at a moment’s notice to help our clients and agents succeed.

Our Backstage Team

We all know it, but this is the team that acts as the glue for everything we do. The backstage team are the true heroes in our brokerage and let others shine. They are the ones who set others up to win, ultimately satisfied to know they played their incredible part in each step of the process. 

They are detailed, seamless, determined, hard-working, collaborative and extremely efficient. Striving for nothing less than a world-class experience, leaving clients and agents in awe of their results. And if a job isn’t done right, they have the courage, confidence and the determination to ‘figure it out’. 

They are creative in their approach anBe Here Be You Belongd aren’t afraid of making something better than what it was. The backstage team is always looking for ways to improve the experience of the clients and the agents.

Our Media Interaction

Because of our commitment to give back to our community, our culture, and our revolutionary real estate experience, the media is continually knocking on our door. They seek input for articles and love running stories on our team and clients. 

We are a regular contributor to the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, and other national papers. We host the most-watched real estate live streaming show in our province and contribute to a regular radio show. Through these opportunities, our agents gain greater exposure in our region. 

What Others are Saying

Our incredible clients genuinely rave about our brokerage and our culture. They tell us that they feel “a part of a family” when they work with us. Our clients genuinely feel listened to, seen and understood through the end-to-end home buying/selling process. They are thankful they found us and made the decision to work with us.

Within our own team, we regularly hear that everyone feels like “they belong here” and that “this is truly their family.” Many agents on our team didn’t realize that selling real estate could be as fun as it is with our team. Experienced agents, who typically wouldn't work in a team atmosphere in our market, find our brokerage to be very forward-thinking, innovative and have helped them take their business to another level. Through collaboration, our agents see the endless opportunities for growth to help their clients achieve their home dreams. Everyone here is proud of our brand, our brokerage, and what our people stand for!

Our Lifestyle

The lifestyle of our team is intentional. We have all purposefully considered how we want to be perceived in the world around us as well as what we want the real estate industry to provide us. For some, this business will provide security, connection, or the opportunity to help clients. For others, it’s the goal of a beach house and growing a nest egg and wealth. The beautiful part is it’s all OK; we cheer each other on and support each other. Because our average take-home income per agent is 5x that of the average agent in Calgary, our agents love to travel, volunteer and spend time with their family. We all work hard and play even harder

The Chamberlain environment is one that encourages us to create the time to do things we love doing. This can be simply reading a story to your child, playing an instrument, or travelling the world. We cherish everyone’s wins and work to create more of them.

Jared, Rebecca and a few key team members have focused on adding so much value to this team that they are working on the business and not in daily transactions. By doing so, this allows the brokerage to continue to expand, making a difference in more clients lives with collaborations around the country. We are doing this all to create more opportunities for the team here in Calgary.

Our Community Interaction

Locally, we partner with organizations regularly, allowing the chance for our clients and team members to volunteer. We host classes and events in collaboration with other local businesses to benefit our clients and promote the strength of the family unit in Calgary. From financial planning and basics classes to parenting and relationship building classes, everything is geared towards building better lives for our team and clients. We have started to speak, coach and teach other small businesses in Calgary and across Canada how to achieve the same dynamic culture we have. 

Chamberlain Group Vision

We started our “Buy a Home, Save a Family” program that is getting the attention of the local and national media and is making an impact locally here in Alberta. Along with other brokerages and businesses in Calgary and Alberta, this program is aimed to help families with living and housing costs for those in need and single-parent families. 

One of the things that many of this team loves doing is our yearly home building trip. We will make a trip to another country in need of help, and we will build a home, visit orphanages, and help serve that community however we can. We live to help and serve on a local, regional, and global level

We are blessed to do what we do. We work hard and play hard and continue to surround ourselves with amazing people.

If this is something that you want to be apart of, reach out, give our Broker Jared Chamberlain a call or text and set up a time to connect. You can reach him on his cell at 403-999-9694.