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Should You Sell Your Rental Property Now?

Should-You-Sell-Your-Rental-Property-NowFive years ago, many people invested and purchased real estate. Due to the sudden market slowdown, they could not sell it for a price that was worth it for them at that time. So they ended up keeping their property as a rental.

The real estate industry in Calgary is in a different place right now. There has been upward pressure on prices because of the rise of demand in the market.

Reach Out to an Agent

If you have a rental property right now and you are thinking if this is the best time to sell, don’t make a rash decision! Reach out to an agent in our team to help you study the market specific to your type of home to see its current value. Pricing your home the right way is key to sell your house…

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Calgary's Hot Real Estate Market - How did we get here?

Calgary's_Hot_Real_Estate_Market._How_did_we_get_hereThe real estate industry has gone crazy over the last few months as the market turns red hot! We haven't seen this type of economy or anything like it in the past, so you may be wondering, how in the world did we get here? This is a really interesting question that a lot of our agents here at Chamberlain Real Estate Group are getting nowadays.

Being in Two Worlds at Once

At present, there are two types of worlds that people live in: the physical world and the digital world. In the physical world, everybody needs to wear a mask and social distance, and some are even locked down for safety precautions. Then, there’s the digital world which is not affected by the COVID-19 virus.


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How to Handle a Conditional Offer on My House

How-to-Handle-a-Conditional-Offer-on-My-HouseGetting a conditional offer for your house is exhilarating as it can inch you closer to moving up to your new home! But before you get too caught up with emotions, you need to work through all the conditions to make a firm sale.

Here are four major conditions that you might encounter and how you can prepare for them.

Financing Condition

As a seller, there is not much for you to do during a financing condition. It is up to the buyer, their mortgage company, and the lender to work through the financing and make things happen.

However, if your house went for a price way higher than most comparables in your area, you can help the buyer with the appraisal. For example, the average selling price…

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7 Things No One Tells You When You're Selling Your Home

7-Things-No-One-Tells-You-When-Youre-Selling-Your-HomeMoving up to a new home is an exciting journey! But there are seven things that no one talks about when you're selling your home.

Your Feelings May Get Hurt During The Staging Process

As a seller, you are confident that your house is perfect because you love it! But the moment you book a staging consult, your stager will tell you what you need to do to improve your space. The stager will make your home perfect for the buyer’s eyes so they can fall in love with it.

What other people don’t tell you is that this process can sometimes hurt your feelings. There are things in your house that you will need to let go of if your stager tells you, even if that housing piece means a lot to you!

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Should You Plan to Do Open Houses in Calgary?

Should-You-Plan-to-Do-Open-Houses-in-CalgaryWith the recent advancement and availability of online resources and services, we are now more comfortable researching and transacting online.

Even the real estate industry was pushed to join the digital bandwagon to continue providing services to families in need of homes in the middle of the pandemic. With this trend, are open houses even worth it anymore? What does the future of open houses look like?

Although open houses are disruptive because of the amount of time it requires, it is still one of the best ways to get more buyers to consider purchasing a home.

Digital is Here!

Living in a digital world provides the option to view houses online to help the buyers’ decision-making process.

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Strategies to Showing Your Home

Strategies-to-Showing-Your-Home-Chamberlain-Real-Estate-GroupLack of planning can be costly. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." So, before you take any action, it is crucial to develop a plan and a strategy to attain optimum results.

When it comes to showing your house during your first sale period, there are four rules to help you with the whole process:

Touch it Once

Create a rule in your house for everyone to be responsible for anything they touch. If you touch one thing, you have to clean it and put it back. If you open a pack of food, you have to close it or throw it away when it’s empty.

Touch it once, then do something with it!

According to Jackie Bulbeck, a Professional Stager, every item in your house needs to have a home.…

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Can Homes Sell Themselves in a Sellers Market?

Can-Homes-Sell-Themselves-in-a-Sellers-MarketThe majority of North America’s real estate is now in a seller's market. Does this mean that homes can sell themselves without the need to prepare them and do all the things you need to do?

Of course not!

No matter what the market is doing, there are two things that you have to make sure you do when you're selling your home.

Pricing Your Home the Right Way

The first factor is the pricing of your home. You need to make sure that your home is priced appropriately according to the current market. There are different strategies in pricing your home in a sellers market. You can price it low to get multiple offers or price it higher and wait to see if it actually sells.

But in reality,…

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2021 Property Taxes Are In The Mail

2021-Property-Taxes-Are-In-The-MailHave you checked your mail yet? 2021 Property Taxes are coming to you soon. You must know every detail about it.

The officials said that 90 to 95% of the city would not increase its taxes. Is this true? We can only tell once we see the tax bills. All we can do for now is to be prepared.

City Assessed Value Vs. Market Value

The average price of the city has dropped by $10,000, based on their city assessed value. City assessed value is different from market value. Market value is much more tied to the actual value that someone is willing to pay for your house, not what the city is assessing.

Citizens will pay taxes based on city assessed value. Understanding that difference, you have to make sure that…

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Spring Market in Calgary

Spring-Market-in-CalgaryWhat is the spring real estate market in Calgary?

In real estate, the way we talk about the market is similar to the weather system, like winter, spring, summer, and fall. Typically, spring and fall markets are the busier markets, then winter and summer are slower.

Jared & Rebecca Chamberlain have worked in the real estate industry for about 17 years now. They have seen the spring market start as early as February and as late as June. The spring market can hit at any time.

Various reasons trigger the start of the spring market. Sometimes, lack of inventory gets buyers a little bit more curious and adds a sense of urgency. Other times it the economy or some employees receive bonuses in February.

Is spring a…

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4 Questions to Ask a Realtor

4-Questions-to-Ask-a-RealtorAre you planning on buying or selling a home? There are some key questions that you must ask realtors to understand how they work. Hearing the realtors’ responses will uncover their ability to work with you and help you achieve your goals.

Ask these questions to distinguish the best realtor for you.

Question #1: Do you make all your income through real estate sales, or are there other sources of income for you?

This question will make you understand a realtor’s motivations. It encompasses how they work and the amount of work they are willing to give.

Being a real estate agent is tough; it can be all-consuming. Ensure that if you put in an offer, your agent will be around and able to help you out full time.

In our…

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