Selling your home in Calgary can be an overwhelming task. Our goal is to help guide you through this process and make the transition to your next home as smooth as possible. Browse the posts below and reach out and let us know how we can help you!

How to Buy or Sell a  Pre Construction Home in Calgary

How-to-Buy-or-Sell-a-Pre-Construction-Home-in-CalgaryHousing starts in Calgary have been on the rise over the past years. In 2022, 17,306 housing starts were recorded, and the city broke the 17,000 threshold only twice before - in 2014, with 17,131 and in 2006, with 17,041.

If you are in the market for buying or selling a new home you built and need to know what the process is like, this blog is for you.

Buying a Home from a Builder

If you are planning on buying a home from a builder, there are many incredible builders you can choose from. Follow the steps below to ensure you are working with the right people and avoid getting into a situation you can't escape.

Meet with your real estate agent before setting a meeting with the…

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How to Find a Rental in Calgary in 2023

How_to_Find_a_Rental_in_Calgary_in_2023People choose to rent for so many reasons. Sometimes, a person needs a place to stay after selling a home until they find the perfect house to buy. People migrating from other areas sometimes choose to rent for a while before deciding where to stay for good.

Alberta recently had the most significant population growth in a very long time. This is causing the rental prices to go up. Rental prices for one-bedroom apartments increased by 33%, and two-bedroom apartments increased by 31%. These increases put Calgary in the 14th place for the most expensive city in Canada when it comes to renting.

Finding Rental Homes

The first thing you have to do to find a rental home is to do a Google search. You can use…

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Top Calgary NeighbourhoodS for 2023

top-calgary-neighbourhood-for-2023Are you looking for the best community in Calgary for you and your family?

Our team of expert agents voted for the top communities in Calgary for 2023, in five categories. The categories are the most family-friendly community, the biggest bang for your buck, the most affordable luxury, the best communities for dog lovers, and the best hidden gems in Calgary.

Most Family-friendly Communities

The third most family-friendly community in Calgary is Lake Bonavista. Established in 1967, Lake Bonavista was the first man-made community in the city. It was originally a flat land before a huge part of it was dug out to create an island that residents enjoy today. The average price of homes in Lake Bonavista right…

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Strategies to Avoid When Selling Your House In 2023

strategies-to-avoid-when-selling-your-house-in-2023Welcome to the worst guide to selling your home!

With years of experience helping families move to new homes, we have listed the worst ways you can sell your property. The truth is most tactics and strategies some agents recommend will not work in many cases.

Listing Agent

Whether you have sold a home multiple times or are a first-time seller, you need to know what a listing agent is.

A listing agent is a realtor you hire to be on your side in helping you sell your property. Be keen on finding a professional agent you can trust and work with.

Look up the agent’s profile, check their online presence and read reviews about them. Then, interview the agent and ask about their plans for…

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What Can Be Done About Unaffordable Housing Across Canada?

what-can-be-done-about-unaffordable-housing-across-canadaIn our previous blog, we discussed the challenge with places like Vancouver and Toronto only having the ability to grow up versus growing out, causing massive price increases.

Buyers in those cities need some help from the Bank of Mom and Dad or do house hacking to acquire their properties and sustain their mortgage. Those who can do neither ventured into other cities like Calgary to find more affordable housing.

Toronto Rental Situation

We had the opportunity to talk to Kyle and Emily to learn more about the rental situation in the GTA. Kyle has been a resident in Mississauga for the last five years and is currently renting a 300 square feet basement suite for a shocking $700 a…

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Why the Toronto Housing Market is so Unaffordable

why-the-toronto-housing-market-is-so-unaffordableThe last couple of years has been interesting for our team as we talk to many people from the Greater Toronto Area who want to go to Calgary. And we had the privilege of helping a lot of them move into our city.

The more Torontonians we talk to, the more we get curious about what this migration is all about. So we went to the GTA and asked some of their residents about their opinion on why the GTA is potentially becoming so unaffordable for so many people and what can be done about it.

Understanding the Problem

In February 2021, Royal LePage published a report saying nearly half of Canadians aged, 25 to 40 own their home and a quarter of these homeowners purchased a property since the onset…

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Millennials Guide to Moving to Calgary in 2023

Millennials-Guide-to-Moving-to-Calgary-in-2023According to a report published by Royal LePage in February 2021, nearly half of millennials in Canada between the ages of 25 and 35 own their home. A quarter of these homeowners bought their property since the onset of the pandemic in 2020.
68% of non-owners aged 25 to 35 intend to purchase a home within the next five years.

In August 2022, Royal LePage published another report stating that six in ten non-homeowner millennials in Canada believe they will one day own a home, but half say they would have to relocate.

This blog is dedicated to millennials wondering where is the best place to relocate. We have curated a nine-step guide with all the information you need to know when moving to…

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November 2022 Market Update

november-2022-market-updateWith demand for detached homes under $600,000 staying consistent, there simply isn't enough for buyers to buy on the market. This is forcing some buyers to adjust what they want to purchase.

While Calgary hasn't seen as harsh price drops as other major centres in Canada, we are feeling the lack of inventory. We have many buyers that are ready to buy, but we have nothing to show them.

The media has been covered with headlines all about the potential recession, along with the Bank of Canada's uncertain actions regarding future interest rate increases. Many consumers are most likely to hold off on making major decisions until the new year.

If you plan on a change in 2023, NOW is the time to start conversations and discussions.…

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Where Should Your Family Live in Calgary?

Where-Should-Your-Family-Live-in-CalgaryAre you looking for the best place to live in Calgary with your family? Or have you wanted to move to a new community to better support your children’s hobbies and interests?

You might be trying to figure out what kind of lifestyle you have, who you are and what you are becoming, and navigating where you need to be; well, here’s a treat for you!

We have curated lists of communities that you can consider based on what your family is into!

Young Families

Here are some fantastic neighbourhoods with the best playgrounds for families with little feet that never get tired of running around.
First on the list is Montgomery, where Shouldice Park Playground is located. It boasts musical features, tons…

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October 2022 Market Update

october-2022-market-updateNot everything you see is true!

If you read through headlines about 'Canadian Real Estate,' you are sure to be afraid of what's to come and want to hide. This is also the case when we get our first snowfall!

There is no such thing as a generic 'Canadian Real Estate Market.'️ Rather, you have to look at all the cities and towns individually to understand what is happening.

Calgary is seeing a strong market for condos and townhomes, more than we've seen in a long time. It's not uncommon to see multiple offers in these home styles and detached homes under the $500-$600k price range.

Detached homes in Calgary have seen a decrease in sales this month, some of that due to the lack of new inventory coming onto the market.

There is…

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