Selling your home in Calgary can be an overwhelming task. Our goal is to help guide you through this process and make the transition to your next home as smooth as possible. Browse the posts below and reach out and let us know how we can help you!

December 2021 Market Update


2021 has been a year for the books, in many ways.  We have seen some of the hottest markets in years here in Calgary tied with some serious national interest from buyers. They are interested in our affordable lifestyle, compared to where they live, and the opportunity to get into a home and start a life here in Calgary.

With the national interest tied with Calgarians' needs and wants of also moving up, downsizing or simply needing to make changes to where they live, we are walking into 2022 with great anticipation of a market that will continue to be tight inventory and increasing prices. 

Over the Christmas break, we heard and saw listings go on the market and have 15+ offers on them within a day of being listed. We…

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Banks vs Mortgage Brokers - Who should you work with?


banks-vs-mortgage-brokers.pngAre you ready to buy your next property but still deciding if you should go to your bank or a mortgage broker?

Jared Chamberlain and Paul Moyer talk about the pros and cons of working with banks and mortgage brokers from their experience in helping clients buy their dream homes.

Many people, especially first-time home buyers, think it is easier to get a mortgage from their own bank as it already has their financial records, but that is not always the case! Even if you have had an account in a bank for several years, you will still need to submit paperwork to their mortgage personnel and go through a particular process.

In a simple scenario, where you only have one or two income…

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Is It Worth Moving From Toronto to Calgary?

Moving-from-TorontoOver the last couple of months, we received inquiries from people who live in Toronto and other cities across Canada that want to move to Calgary. Are you planning on moving from Toronto to Calgary? If so keep reading or watch the interview below.

We had the pleasure of interviewing a couple who successfully moved here from Toronto. They shared their journey and all the fantastic things they have experienced in Calgary so far.

The Benefits of Moving from Toronto to Calgary

Meet Khushbu and Vineet. They are a newly married couple who lived and worked in Toronto. They were looking forward to starting a family soon and having a place to call home was of paramount importance, of course.

Both of…

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Buying the One that Got Away


buying-the-one-that-got-awayHow long can you wait to find the perfect house for your family? A few months or maybe years?

Meet our past clients, Gary and Karen. Ten years ago, they found the perfect home for their family, but they missed the opportunity to buy it, and it became another family’s home. But some things are really meant to be! After almost a decade of looking for a new home, they found their “perfect home” back on the market, and this time, they seized the opportunity to buy it!

Finding the Perfect Home

Karen and Gary started their search for a new home back in 2010, with the help of Tony Cusano on our team. They only had a toddler then, but ten years later, they now have two children attending school, so their needs and…

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Meet Erin DuPont - Calgary Real Estate Advisor with Chamberlain Real Estate Group



Meet Erin DuPont. Anyone who speaks with her sees how much she loves her job!

Erin loves helping her clients achieve their real estate goals. She focuses on Inner City Calgary, and finds it very rewarding to share her knowledge and skills with her clients to guide them through the process.

She enthusiastically faces the challenge of identifying the real estate needs of her clients, and it energizes her to help them every step of the way.

Living in Altadore

Erin lives in Altadore, in the inner city, Southwest Calgary. She has been living there for quite a while now with her family.

Among many things she loves about the Altadore community are the…

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Moving with Kids



Moving is fun, but you might say otherwise if you are moving with kids!

So many families move, even in the middle of the pandemic. Last year alone, our team helped over two-hundred families move. It is pretty evident though that moving with kids can be intense.

We invited Donna Gage, one of our past clients who runs Bloom Art Therapy. She does art therapy and counselling for kids, teens and families. If you plan on moving with your children, Donna shares three crucial points that you have to keep in mind to help understand and manage your child’s emotions.

Moving with Little Children

When it comes to moving, there is no such thing as the best or worst age to transition to a new house. Every child has a…

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Meet Matt Antrum - Calgary Real Estate Advisor with Chamberlain Real Estate Group



Meet Matt Antrum. He has an energetic and unique style that his clients and colleagues love. Since joining the Chamberlain Group, he has impressed everyone with his ability to do it all with a smile on his face and a great attitude.

He is best at configuring search criteria to provide clients with the best results for their real estate needs. Once he sits down with a client and discusses what they are looking for, he can guide them to finding their dream house.

He always provides value for his clients every step of the way to make sure the process stays fun, exciting and productive!

Living in Sage Hill

Matt enjoys living in the community of Sage…

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Downsizing Your Home


downsizing-your-homeBehind every real estate move is a transition in life.

We invited a seasoned couple, Joe and Dawn, to share their downsizing journey as they move from a 2,800 square-foot bungalow to a 1,100 square-foot apartment condo!

Joe and Dawn have been married for over 30 years now. They raised their beautiful children in their family home for about twenty years. When their children transitioned into raising their own families, the couple decided to move into an empty-nesters bungalow.

The Transition Trigger

As the world entered into an unprecedented time of the pandemic, and everybody was forced to stay home, Joe and Dawn realized that a 2,800 square foot home was too big for just the two of them. In fact, they figured that…

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Establishing Genuine Connections - Ari Shams


Establishing-Genuine-ConnectionsAri Shams is a great guy. The type of person you call for a reason and then find yourself chatting away and sharing about other things going on in your life. He is truly someone you just can’t help but like.

That zest for people combined with his history in the trades is impressing clients, and he brings his established career in real estate to the Chamberlain Group with a goal and a plan to help more people.

We are so happy to have Ari as part of the Chamberlain Group, and we sat down for a video call with him to learn more about him, and his unique perspective on helping his clients buy and sell their homes.

You’ve been established for quite a while. What made you decide to switch…

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How to Avoid Panic When Moving in Calgary



Do you like stress?

It is safe to say that no one would say yes to that question!

House shopping and finding a new home is super fun and exciting, but when it comes to moving, it can get quite stressful! We have some tips for how you can avoid stress and the panic that can come with it when moving.

Come up with a Plan

Many clients have talked to our team members saying that they are just randomly searching and checking what’s available in the market. Then suddenly, they find the perfect house for their family!

Moving into a new home should not be all about emotions. You have to pause for a while to create a plan. Like in anything, not having a plan can induce so much stress and panic.

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