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Selling your home in Calgary can be an overwhelming task. Our goal is to help guide you through this process and make the transition to your next home as smooth as possible. Browse the posts below and reach out and let us know how we can help you!

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Meet-Simmi-AujlaMeet Simmi Aujla. Her undeniable focus and inquisitive attitude has led to successful relationships with all her clients. She is very supportive and understanding, always eager to learn how she can help and constantly improve!

As a Real Estate Advisor, she is extremely engaging and always ensures people feel heard. Discipline and consistency are key strengths, helping her attain the high levels of achievement that she is pursuing.

Having a Community in Calgary

Simmi lives in Coral Springs. Her family moved there when she was 12 years old and they loved the community so much that they have called it home for the last 17 years.

The strong sense of community in their neighbourhood is what made them stay in Coral Springs. Since Simmi has a lot of

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August-2021-Calgary-Real-Estate-Market-UpdateAugust has brought us multiple big numbers.

First off, the number of homes sold YTD has reached over 19,500 sales in Calgary, which is higher than annual sales figures recorded for the past 6 years. 

Secondly, we've seen an increase in sales by 37% in August 2021 over August 2020, and we thought last August was busy!

While showing how many Calgarians are making moves, both numbers also show the sheer volume pushed into the real estate transaction pipeline.

We currently see land titles have a delay in giving a new buyer the title with their name on it by over two months. Getting pre-approved is vital because lenders struggle to get mortgage documents to lawyers and have trouble meeting short condition days.

Whether you plan on buying or selling in

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Average-Possession-Date-in-CalgaryAre you planning on making a move in the near future and are wondering what the average possession date in Calgary is?

Max Barton joined Jared Chamberlain to talk about differences in possession terms and how tight timelines can impact the preparation before possession day. They also cover what buyers and sellers can expect throughout the process.

Average Possession Days in Calgary

In general, 30 to 60 days are needed to prepare for possession. In cases where tenants occupy the property, they can extend possession by around 30 days. Most people who sell their houses in Calgary have to purchase a new home as well after selling their existing home. This process usually needs 60 to 90 days.

While there are times when sellers request an

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Meet-Max-BartonMax Barton is a creative force who approaches real estate the same way he approaches life - with a passion for helping others build and create a stable path towards their own important dreams.

He recognizes that the real estate market can be confusing and intimidating without a knowledgeable guide. He vows to be that guide and to offer his support so that his clients can prosper!

Being at Home in the Heart of the City

Max moved from Edmonton to Beltline, and has lived in the heart of downtown Calgary for two years now. His family chose to live in this thriving community because it is close to restaurants, shops, and other amenities. His spouse doesn't drive; that's why it was important for them to be able to get around the city just by

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The-True-Meaning-of-SuccessSuccess. It means so much to us here at the Chamberlain Group.

Yet that simple word means something so much different to each and every person on our team.

We believe that our team’s success is our success and not the other way around, so we wanted to showcase what that looks like for some of the amazing individuals we work with.

First up, we asked Matt Antrum, who is a seasoned agent of 10+ years under his belt, why he moved his career as an experienced solo agent to our real estate team.

Learn more and find out how you can be a part of our team!

What does success mean to you, and how has the team helped you get there?

I am fortunate enough that I have experienced working on my own and on a team so I’ve experienced the pros and cons of

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Why-is-Calgary-a-Good-Place-to-LiveAre you considering making a move to Calgary, and are wondering, is Calgary a good place to live? Well, keep reading! We got some amazing insights from people who recently moved to Calgary.

Our team has been receiving tons of inquiries about relocating to Calgary from different areas in Canada and even some places in the USA. There are many reasons people want to move here, but the most common one is that it's still an affordable city.

Compared to other places, real estate in Calgary is priced very reasonably, even with the crazy market that we've seen lately. On top of that, Calgary offers diverse types of homes and communities, so you can be sure you can find an area that works for you.

Some of our team members have helped people move from the

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Meet-Randi-ScheuermanMeet Randi Scheuerman, one of the finest real estate advisors in Chamberlain Real Estate Group.

Over the last 13 years, Randi and her family have lived in several homes in Auburn Bay, Southeast Calgary. They love everything that the community offers, especially the lake! Her kids love it. But what made them stay in Auburn Bay from being a newly married couple to a family of five is the sense of community in the area.

The quadrant is just perfect for her family’s needs right now. There are shopping centres, schools and so much more. It’s like living in a less busy downtown core.

Pursuing Passion

Something that most people don't know about Randi is she used to be a paramedic in a small town in Central Alberta. She loved her job, but the

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As we hit the midway point of this smokey summer here in Calgary, the market has needed some breathing space like many Calgarians. And breathing is exactly what it is doing.

There isn’t much drama here; it’s more like a pause. Some areas of the Calgary market have seen larger pauses, and others have seen no sign of a pause. Despite the feeling of a pause, July 2021 saw 2,319 more sales than any July prior, which also saw a near 10% increase over July 2020 benchmark prices. 

The key to making a move in the next 60 days is to make sure you know the market you are in. Markets are not all equal right now in terms of months of inventory, listing-to-sale ratios, buyer profiles, etc.

When we move into the fall, the market could change again, and you’ll

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Buying-a-Rental-Property-in-CalgaryDo you plan to purchase a rental property in Calgary in the near future? There are three common mistakes investors make or overlook when they buy a rental property. It's good to know what these things are before purchasing anything.

You have probably heard the term, location, location, location. According to some experts, those are the three most important things to consider: location, location, location. True enough, location is crucial to be in the position to win in these 3 important matters;

Cash Flow

Cash flow is so important when it comes to having a rental property. It is impossible to pay your bills and pocket any money if you lack cash flow.

Be sure to review the numbers first when you are on the lookout for a property! Ask the

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Making-a-Difference-in-Peoples-Lives-Max-Barton.jpegMax Barton is one of those unique people who always seems to be calm and collected, and one of the first things you’ll notice about him is that he loves using his intelligence to help people. That, and he has a really nice speaking voice.

Coming from the culinary world, Max has a great ability to translate that experience into valuable skills and lessons that are helping him become a powerhouse in his real estate career.

We sat down with Max on a Tuesday morning between client calls to learn more about how he is following his why and making a difference in people’s lives.

Moving from a professional Chef to real estate seems like a huge leap; are they more similar than most would think?

I think when most people think of being a Chef and

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