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Within the community of Taradale, we find many homes prime for the right family. The community is strong and proud of its neighbourhood. There is a mixture of options for the homebuyer, from the modest to the large, with everything represented here. 

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Taradale Houses For Sale

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26 Taralake Cape Ne, Calgary
$1,999,995 ↓ $195,005 26 Taralake Cape Ne, Calgary 7 Beds 7 Baths 4,685 SqFt Residential MLS® # A1192006

101 Taralake Common, Calgary
$949,000 ↑ $24,000 101 Taralake Common, Calgary 6 Beds 5 Baths 2,619 SqFt Residential MLS® # A1255284

19 Taralake Mews Ne, Calgary
$945,000 19 Taralake Mews Ne, Calgary 6 Beds 5 Baths 2,800 SqFt Residential MLS® # A1258744

418 Taralake Way Ne, Calgary
$839,000 418 Taralake Way Ne, Calgary 6 Beds 5 Baths 2,430 SqFt Residential MLS® # A1256560

121 Taralake Manor Ne, Calgary
$839,000 ↓ $10,000 121 Taralake Manor Ne, Calgary 6 Beds 5 Baths 2,600 SqFt Residential MLS® # A1242422

460 Taracove Estate Drive Ne, Calgary
$759,999 ↓ $40,000 460 Taracove Estate Drive Ne, Calgary 7 Beds 4 Baths 2,281 SqFt Residential MLS® # A1214905

109 Taralake Manor Ne, Calgary
$749,900 ↓ $20,000 109 Taralake Manor Ne, Calgary 6 Beds 5 Baths 2,196 SqFt Residential MLS® # A1230570

129 Taralake Manor Ne, Calgary
$748,900 129 Taralake Manor Ne, Calgary 5 Beds 4 Baths 2,418 SqFt Residential MLS® # A1255390

6236 Taralea Park Ne, Calgary
$719,900 ↓ $10,000 6236 Taralea Park Ne, Calgary 6 Beds 4 Baths 1,885 SqFt Residential MLS® # A1216675

395 Taracove Estate Drive Ne, Calgary
$699,900 395 Taracove Estate Drive Ne, Calgary 6 Beds 4 Baths 2,107 SqFt Residential MLS® # A2002370

250 Tarawood Place Ne, Calgary
$629,900 250 Tarawood Place Ne, Calgary 5 Beds 4 Baths 1,815 SqFt Residential MLS® # A1255529

71 Taracove Crescent Ne, Calgary
$624,000 71 Taracove Crescent Ne, Calgary 5 Beds 4 Baths 1,967 SqFt Residential MLS® # A1240322



The community is next to several good schools, is accessible through many points, and has some of the best shopping in the city. Real estate in Taradale is not going to last long, so find your place in this northeast neighbourhood before the options run out. Read more about what you can discover about Taradale homes for sale below.

Homes For Sale in Taradale 

 The neighbourhood of Taradale is a northeast Calgary community. It’s on the very eastern edge of the city, one of the last communities before the eastern border and the prairies to the east. The community was established as an official part of Calgary in the early 1980s, although construction in this neighbourhood went on until the 2000s. That leaves many modern homes and contemporary designs that are still relevant today. The borders of Taradale are 80th Ave NE, Stoney Trail, 64th Ave NE and Falconridge Blvd.

The community of Taradale is by no means small or insignificant. There are 19,000 residents living in this area, a very densely packed and popular part of the city. The community is made up of over 55% immigrants, a very diverse community, one of the most visible in the whole city. They choose to live, primarily, in a single-family home. This option is the number one choice for the household here, representing over 70% of the housing options. There are also many townhouses, a few apartment complexes, and some duplexes to be found as well. The average household here is a family, usually fairly large in size. The households here have two or more children on average in the home, many of them varying in ages. The people here tend to make on par with the citywide average, and the education levels are slightly lower than those in other neighbourhoods. This is standard for communities with high immigration populations. The community loves where they live with a high percentage of people moving here in the last 5 years. 

The Taradale Community Association offers the people living in Taradale a chance to have a voice. They represent the population here in front of the city council. For those who are newly arrived to Canada, this sort of representation inspires loyalty and fierce pride, something we see a lot of in the community of Taradale. The association, run entirely volunteers, also organises several events throughout the year, like family-fun days and community-wide barbecues and religious celebrations.

Amenities near Taradale Real Estate

What’s in it for the resident of Taradale? They have a lot to be thankful for in this area. First of all, the shopping is a major factor in helping decide where to live. There are several small shopping plaza dotted around the area that focus their attention on the diverse people living here. These ethnic shops and restaurants are run by the local and serve to meet the needs of the community here Beyond that, however, many of the residents find good shopping at CrossIron Mills, a major shopping plaza just to the north. Calgarians come from all over the city to shop here, and for Taradale locals, it’s just a couple minutes away. Plus, for those residents who must travel often, living close to the Calgary International Airport is a major perk.

For recreation, Taradale, plus a few of the neighbouring communities, was designed to have several “in-house” parks and green spaces. This removes the need for anybody to travel far to play some sport or let the children run around. The people of the community enjoy these parks as a way to connect with each other as well. There is even a central lake in the neighbourhood, a lake that can be used for fishing during the hotter months, or for skating during the winter.

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Schools near Taradale Homes for Sale

The population of students here is very large, and that accounts for a large population of the neighbouring schools. These include Taradale SchoolOur Lady of Fatima School, and Ted Harrison School. These places house and educate several hundred children, in classes designed to teach ESL and integration into the Canadian way of life. Besides those elementary schools, we also have Nelson Mandela High School right nearby, Manmeet Singh Bhullar School, and Peter Lougheed School. Nelson Mandela School offers classes in academic courses of al ranges plus a very good fine arts program targeted at those students who want something unique.

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