Strategies to Showing Your Home

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

Strategies-to-Showing-Your-Home-Chamberlain-Real-Estate-GroupLack of planning can be costly. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." So, before you take any action, it is crucial to develop a plan and a strategy to attain optimum results.

When it comes to showing your house during your first sale period, there are four rules to help you with the whole process:

1. Touch it Once

Create a rule in your house for everyone to be responsible for anything they touch. If you touch one thing, you have to clean it and put it back. If you open a pack of food, you have to close it or throw it away when it’s empty.

Touch it once, then do something with it!

According to Jackie Bulbeck, a Professional Stager, every item in your house needs to have a home. You can't just leave stuff anywhere; you have to put it back to their “home.” This rule will help you when you are rushing to get your home ready for a showing. It is going to make it a lot easier once you have this rule in place.

2. Pack it Away

Pack anything that you don’t use regularly. Instead of keeping all your clothes in your closet for all the different seasons, only keep the ones that you need for the current season and pack everything else away.


Put away the items on the countertops that you don't use. Pack away whatever it is that you don’t use on a weekly basis.

3. How Does It Smell

Smell is such a powerful thing when you are buying a house.

Always think of how people will feel when they smell what your home smells like. Make an effort to create an atmosphere that smells good; otherwise, the smell of your house can turn off potential buyers right away.

4. Minimize Pet Items & Scents

Create a space that people will be surprised when they see your pet because it is not obvious with how your home smells like.

People have different preferences; some love pets, but some are terrified of them. Some potential buyers might easily fall in love with your dog or cat, but others might be uneasy around them.

When you’re selling your home, you have to make it look like your pets were never there because you have to provide a clean slate for the buyers as much as you possibly can.


Reward the Kids for Helping Out!

Another thing that you can do is creating a reward system for your kids. Their rewards could be anything that they get to choose after cleaning up.

Kids can get frustrated or annoyed with all the things they need to do when you are trying to get your home ready for showings. Instead of begging them or nagging them to clean up, create a list of the things that they should do and be responsible for. If they agree and complete those tasks, there is going to be a reward in the end.

Let Buyers Come Whenever They Want

When your house listing is done properly, you should have a lot of excitement about that property coming on the market. Many buyers will come and look at it within the first weekend and the first week. This is when people usually have the highest number of sales.

A great strategy is to leave the house after preparing it entirely, and it now goes online. This way, you don't have to worry about being there, setting up and cleaning after every showing.

Use this time to go out of town for a family vacation. Do something fun as a family, and just communicate with your real estate agent if there’s anything that you need to discuss further.

Before you leave and get your place ready to be shown, ask yourself one question. Can a buyer emotionally fall in love with your home and see themselves living in it with how it looks, how it smells and how it feels right now?

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