Your Home MUST Sell 3 Times

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

Your-Home-MUST-Sell-3-TimesHow many times do you have to sell your house to a buyer before they decide on purchasing your home?

As a seller, you must understand a buyer's buying patterns and how they look at your home. Your home must sell 3 times, or you will miss out on the potential deal.

Here are the 3 steps that buyers take when considering your home for their next purchase:

1. Online

Digital transactions have been around for a long time, and since COVID people have become more comfortable with it. Even though it is rare for someone to buy a home online, this platform has been a gateway for people to see homes for sale and select the best one for them.

Buyers usually come from an emotional standpoint, while sellers come from an analytical perspective. As a seller, you are coming to the table thinking about all the things you need to accomplish to move forward.


When buyers see your home online and fall in love with it, you need to have an agent who can understand and bridge the gap between analytical and emotional sales. They must be able to present your home in a way that will mutually benefit both parties.

2. The Drive-By

When a buyer is considering purchasing a home, they will drive by that house before viewing the inside.

For example, they may want to know how close it is to the community center and if there are available facilities. Are there any shortcuts that kids can walk through when going to school? How do the neighbours’ yards look? Are there a lot of cars on that road? Driving around the neighbourhood will help them figure out what it feels like around that house.

3. Book a Showing

No matter what the market is doing, when buyers book a showing and arrive at your house, you have to be ready for the final test!

If your home looks fantastic online and people come into your house but see a different scene, they will leave that showing disappointed.

If there is anything strange outside your house, don't hide those things. Show them what is around your home. Show the good stuff and the bad stuff because when they see it online and then drive by, they will see it anyways.

Another common problem is the use of wide-angle lenses when photographing homes. Buyers walk into a house looking forward to a ginormous living room only to see a tight spot that can barely fit a chair. This is very frustrating for buyers.

On the flip side, if your home doesn't show well online, but it looks really good in person, that means you don’t have the right marketing in place to truly showcase the house on the front end. This will hinder you from having enough people who will be enticed to go through that process of seeing your home online, driving by the house, and then seeing it in person.

The key is to think like a buyer; think about their process, and understand what they're thinking.
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