How to Stage a House on a Budget

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

How_to_Stage_a_House_on_a_BudgetStaging plays an essential role in selling homes. Sellers need to present their house in a way that helps most buyers fall in love with it.

We invited Jakie to talk about how to stage your home on a budget so that buyers would fall in love with it. Jakie has been staging homes for several years now. Like magic, she can make houses look fantastic with her staging technique.

Beautify Key Areas

According to her, merely rearranging furniture can make a huge difference. You can start with the key rooms; kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. If there's an en suite off that master bedroom, that’s important too.

The curb appeal or the appearance of the property from the outside is also vital. People want to feel secure. They drive by the property to see if there are creepy neighbours, weird angles, or anything bothersome in the location.

Before buyers see the house in person, they have probably seen it online a lot of times. Having great photos is not enough. People want to make sure that they will get what they saw in the images, so staging is vital.

Showcase the best features of your house. If you have upgraded your kitchen with modern features, you should highlight that. Remove all the clutter on the countertop; there should be very minimal items there.

Set the Mood for Buyers

People need to see themselves already living there and imagine what they could put in each area. Keep in mind that the way you live in that home is very different from selling it.

People live with toasters, knife blocks, paper towels, and even bills and school papers on the countertops. Scrub brushes and all the cleaning tools are always in the sink. When you decide to sell, all those things should be kept aside. You want to make sure countertops are spotless.

You can do a couple of things on an island to set a mood. You can have a nice tray with a bottle of wine and some glasses, or put a lovely fruit tray. You can even set the mood in a way that potential buyers would see themselves sitting at the breakfast bar having an espresso or watching the kids outside.

Living room, front room, and family room are all equally important because it's typically on the main floor. It sets the whole flow of the house. You don't want one area decluttered and the rest of it messy.

If there's a transition in your living room floor line from carpet to tile, keep everything inside that carpeted area. If you have a solid floor throughout, hardwood or tile makes it so much easier.

Keeping everything inside the lines makes the room look bigger. Even if the room is big enough, it will look crowded if anything is creeping in onto the other floor area.

Keep it Clean and Classy

Typically in a living room, there is a wall of family portraits. You have to remove all the pictures. People love looking at photos, and they will get hung up on them. This might distract them from seeing the beautiful fireplace you set up or the magnificent view from the back windows.

Keep everything simple and classic. Focus on enhancing the key features of the house. It’s not hiding anything; instead, it’s bringing to light what's positive about the house.

When you move on to bigger and better things and sell your current house, the potential buyers are also in the same mindset. This new property is their bigger and better place. Just because you've outgrown it, doesn't mean that it isn't for somebody else.

When you live in your house, live how you love it. When it comes to selling, you need to depersonalize it to a point. Make sure that you detach yourself emotionally when you’re staging your home to sell.

Remove all unnecessary stuff. You should never just keep something there because it has always been there.

The front entrance is also a big thing. Make sure that it's spacious. Don't put extra benches or consoles there if it's not big enough for that area.

Mirrors are always good. It reflects light, makes the area a little brighter, and widens the space a bit. Don’t hang a mirror if it would reflect something ugly. If you're going to hang a mirror, make sure it reflects something beautiful. If it doesn't reflect anything at all, it makes the space brighter.

The master bedroom should be staged like a hotel or spa, make it calm and inviting. Whites and creams, little pops of colours are always good. Don’t hide anything besides your clothes, shoes and jewelry in your closet.

If you have an en suite, keep it crisp and clean. If you can have real plants in there, that's great. If you can't, candles, white towels, and a touch of golds and silvers will be great too. It doesn't matter if it's a new bathroom or an old bathroom. You can make it feel fantastic.

Rental Properties

If you want to sell a property and still have a renter there, try to give them an incentive. It doesn't have to be much. You can try a gift card, dinner treat, groceries, gas or anything to help along. People would appreciate that. If they feel valued, they will help you.

Be compassionate with these people as they might be losing their home too. Having an excellent conversation with them before you list the place would make a better relationship. This will make the transition easier.

Some people tend to lose money because of the changing market. You can try making a significant impact within a specific budget. It’s nice to spend thousands of dollars on furniture and staging with new stuff. But using what you already have can also make the space better if you do it right.

Having a professional stager like Jakie makes the job a lot easier and more efficient. Another thing is when you move into a new house, it can take years before you figure out the best flow that could work for you. Stagers can help you settle in and make your new house truly feel like home.


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