How I Went From a Chamberlain Real Estate Group Client to a REALTOR ®

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

Amanda_henwood_calgary_realtorWe can’t help but be proud of every one of our agents at Chamberlain Group, so it’s always hard to select just one particular agent for our spotlight each month. But with Amanda Henwood, it’s very easy to see why she’s quickly become a part of the family here. Although she’s only been with us a few months, Amanda’s presence in our team has become vital. She’s a breath of fresh air and a true delight to be around. And she’s this month’s Featured Real Estate Agent who is making waves and helping families move.

We sat down with Amanda to talk about her experience from looking at houses in Calgary and area for her and her family, to becoming a real estate agent initially at another brokerage, and what ultimately brought her to the Chamberlain Real Estate Group brokerage/team.

Amanda, you’re relatively new to the Calgary area. Tell us about your experience moving here.

We currently live in Okotoks after moving here from Fort McMurray. After getting work in Calgary, we had to sell our home in Fort Mac. There aren’t enough words in 10 languages to describe the horrible experience we went through with our agent there. I recall, that for showings, I was asked to remove all traces of our children and even had to ship our dog away to a family farm in Kelowna. It was a nightmare from beginning to end, and it taught us a lot about what we should AVOID in an agent in the future.

So, did that ordeal help you when moving?

YES! Because of our horrid selling experience, we knew that having the right agent would make all the difference when we decided to buy a home here. We interviewed several agents from around the city, but we never clicked with any of them. It wasn’t until we called Chamberlain Real Estate Group and got connected with Alex Weston that we finally found a real estate agent who cared. After driving all the way to Okotoks from the northwest several times, we knew Alex was more concerned about our interests than the paycheck. Knowing he cared about us and our family first was ultimately why we bought our house through him.

You became a real estate agent but began in another brokerage. What happened?

Yes, I’ll admit that Chamberlain Group wasn’t my first choice. Getting into real estate is not easy, and I reasoned that if I had a big name brokerage behind me, I would instantly be busy. But I was wrong and that just wasn’t the case. Although I was with the other guys for less than a year, it was long enough for me to realize that I wasn’t where I needed to be. From my experience on the client’s side, I knew who I wanted to be as an agent. I wanted to make a difference in the world of real estate, providing a higher level of care for my clients, and the “Big Name Brokerage” wasn’t helping me achieve that. If our previous experience with Alex was anything to go by, I wanted to work in a place like that, where agents treat their clients like he treated me. So I called Jared to make the move to work here and here we are. I'm extremely happy with the change and haven't looked back. 

What’s your impression of Chamberlain Group after working elsewhere?

Night and day. I remember barely being acknowledged in my old position, maybe a nod here or there. But here at the Chamberlain Real Estate Group, it’s so different. We talk about our families, our weekend plans, and genuinely care about each other. These guys are my cheerleaders. It’s exactly where I need to be.  

My experience onboarding was phenomenal. At my old brokerage, I received virtually zero training. But here, I was able to learn negotiation strategies, approaches to different situations, but more than anything, I was able to learn more about myself. I discovered my natural strengths and weaknesses. And I was surprised that everybody at Chamberlain was engaged in the training, from the admin to support staff right up to Jared and Rebecca. It was so empowering to know that I had the full support of a team.

How has the training helped you as an agent?

Real estate can be a tight industry. I know many other agents who struggle to get listings and make deals. But thanks to the training I got here, I’ve been busier in my last 6 months, selling more listings and being involved in more deals than other agents around the city have done in two or more years from what I can see.

In your opinion, what’s the distinction between your old brokerage and here?

I think it comes down to one word - family. We’re a family here. We care about each other and want each other to win. And that just naturally extends into how we treat our clients, caring about them and wanting them to win. We find out the dreams and interests of our clients, and we work incredibly hard to see them succeed. I love that we are connected with our clients long after we sign on the dotted line. Back in Fort McMurray, that’s what I craved when I was selling our home. And now, I get to be the agent that goes above and beyond for my clients. My clients become my family.  

Like Amanda, we want to help you achieve your dreams, buying and selling homes in Calgary. We want to make you a part of our family of satisfied clients. If you’d like to connect Amanda, or any other of our real estate agents, book a coffee with us today.

The Chamberlain Real Estate Group specializes in working with agents who have an existing business and want to add leverage to what they are doing to help more families transition in Calgary. Learn more and find out how you can be apart of our team here!

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