How to Thrive Despite a Recession and Global Pandemic

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

rob_campbell_realtor_calgaryAt the Chamberlain Group, we value every member of our team. Although we live in a competitive environment, at the end of the day, we celebrate each other’s wins. So when one team member achieves more than they’ve ever done before, we want to highlight that moment.

Enter Rob Campbell.

Rob’s one of our exceptional real estate advisors. Although he’s only been an agent for 13 months, June of 2020 was a record-breaking month for him for deals. Well done, Rob!

We chatted with him about how he was able to achieve this monumental goal even in the midst of a global lockdown.

This isn’t the first job you had. How did you find yourself working as a real estate agent with the Chamberlain Group?

After 16 years of running my own business in a volatile travel industry, I needed a change. I chose real estate because it enabled me to do what I’ve always done - be my own boss. I liked having my own schedule, setting my own goals, and having limitless earning potential. In May of 2019, I joined the Chamberlain Group and haven’t looked back since.

Why the Chamberlain Group?

I saw what they were doing with branding and marketing, and I just felt drawn to work with them. They aligned with my own values and goals, and after a couple of conversations, I saw that they had the systems and tools to support a new agent like me. I feel very lucky to have been included in this atmosphere of success.

What specifically did the Chamberlain Group offer?

For me, it was Jared and Rebecca, no doubt. They each had 15+ years in the industry, and I saw that their talk was backed up by their walk. I admire the success and drive in each of them, and I knew I could trust that what they were offering was the real deal.

I also saw the Chamberlain Group offered systems specifically to help new agents succeed. I had coaching and mentorship from Jared and Rebecca directly. The way I see, I was handed all the tools I needed. The tools themselves aren’t guarantors that I’ll succeed, but I took what was handed to me and I ran with it.

How have you been able to achieve the success you have?

I owe credit for this record-breaking month to my team. This is 100% an individual business, meaning that although I have the best tools and resources on hand, it’s entirely on me to land the deals. But without the support of the team here, I could not have had the headstart that I did. Everyone here is dedicated to success. I know that none of us harbour animosity or jealousy, which is a huge deal in this industry.

I also know that I can rely on my team. If I need support or answers, I have an entire office full of people to fall back on. It’s reciprocal as well. If I need to step in for a showing or an open house in Calgary, my team knows that I’ll be there for them. This culture is so unique. We’re all working hard to hit our own goals, and at the same time, we’re all patting each other on the back for our wins.  

How have you acknowledged the record-breaking milestone?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine called me to say that of all the 5,000+ real estate agents in Calgary, I had done more deals in 2019 than any other first-time agent. That was quite a shock to me considering that I had only been in real estate for 7 months of the year.

I attribute that, and every milestone I’ve achieved since, to the systems and tools at the Chamberlain Group. I recognized that Jared and Rebecca were the real deal, and I grabbed on to every opportunity they gave me. I’ve just come to accept that these milestones reinforce that I made the right choice to join this team.

Why do you think you’ve succeeded so early on as a real estate agent?

I’ve heard a lot of people say that the industry is tough to break in, that most agents only make 1-2 deals a year, that you could never do it full-time. I think the good news is that I never heard those rumours until after I started in real estate.

For me, I think the key has been to remember that real estate is first and foremost a relationship business. If I focus on the transaction rather than the relationship, I’ll fail every time. A home is a huge investment for my clients. I want them to love it. In order to do that, I have to be patient, learning as much as I can about them. I’m not rushing them into a decision but helping them as much as I can with their dreams.

The Chamberlain Real Estate Group specializes in working with agents who have an existing business and want to add leverage to what they are doing to help more families transition in Calgary. Learn more and find out how you can be apart of our team here!

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