How Do You Find Houses for Sale in Calgary?


Is your ideal house just a combination of its materials? Is it just the 4 walls, the roof, the floor, and everything contained in it? Is it just the appliances, the design, or the colour of the paint on the walls? We at The Chamberlain Group think it’s a little more than that. We think your perfect house is what you want it to be. When we look through the houses for sale in Calgary, we try to match our selections with your personal preferences.

To you, a perfect house is more than its parts. It’s the way you feel after coming home from a long day at work. It’s the sounds of kids running through the halls. It’s the familiar smells that come from the kitchen. It’s the neighbourhood that you live in. It’s the years of memories that will accumulate in that house of friends, laughter, and good times.

Our job is to find you that house, the one that isn’t just perfect, but perfect for you.





The Perfect Calgary House for Sale

Alright, so where do we start? How do we sift through the thousands of listings of houses in Calgary every year and consistently find the perfect choice every time? Let us walk you through our system. Let us pull back the curtain on what we look for in a house and how we glean those one-in-a-million houses through all the noise. We will illuminate some of the criteria we use and talk about some of the key features that you can’t ignore. We’ll also demonstrate how our years of experience in real estate leads us to sniff out great deals and push for better prices when we know what the market is telling us.

The Neighbourhoods of the Calgary Houses Listed

Starting out with the neighbourhood is always a good model. We like to match your house with the location that will best suit your needs. But we need to first know what you want from your neighbourhood. Calgary is organized loosely by quadrant, and each sector of the city is different from the next. For example, you could be looking for real estate listings in Calgary’s northwest, getting the benefit of good access to downtown, excellent school districts, and amazing views of the rocky mountains. Otherwise, you could be searching for apartments for sale in SE Calgary, which is newer and has more developed communities with amenities like lakes and private parks.  

Your Preferred Style of House For Sale

Next, we look at what your current lifestyle demands from your house. If you walk in with your troupe of children, we immediately know the square footage is high on your priority list. Or maybe that season of life is done, and now you need a smaller house with less upkeep and maintenance.  Do you prefer modern houses? Or would you like to see some character in the houses for sale in Calgary? This city has both and can cater your house style to your preference.

What is the average price of a house in Calgary?

Houses for sale in Calgary NW

Calgarians living here, especially families, love to buy houses in the northwest for its school district. Some of the better schools in the province are right here. The University of Calgary also has its huge campus in this sector, larger than even the downtown core of Calgary. There are elementary schools, junior highs, and senior high schools that meet every student’s needs. Schools like Bowness High School have excellent athletic programs while schools like King George Elementary provide top-notch French immersion programs for the entire quadrant. The public William Aberhart High School is one of the top 10 high schools in the whole province of Alberta.

Shopping is very easy in the NW of Calgary with several malls that cater to the region. One of the biggest centres is the popular Crowfoot Crossing, a multi-store site with dozens of entertainment, dining, and retail choices. Other malls include Market Mall, Northland Village, and Brentwood Village.

Houses for sale Calgary SW

The square footage of the southwest of Calgary is huge, so naturally, it’s hard to quantify everything about this sector. There are old, established communities like Cliff Bungalow, one of the original communities that housed the Canadian Pacific Railway headquarters. It also contains new communities like Silverado and Belmont, two of the most recent additions to Calgary’s ever-growing list of neighbourhoods.

Within the boundaries, you have significant locations like the Glenmore Reservoir, Signal Hill, and Fish Creek Park. But what is it, specifically, that draw people to search for houses for sale in Calgary south west. SW houses seem to draw families, and singles, and retirees, and every type of buyer within that range. Let’s examine what makes this such an enviable place to live.

What’s the Purpose of Your Houses in Calgary?

This is one aspect that isn’t covered but we pay close attention to what you want to get out of your house. Do you need to have the potential to expand and renovate if you want? Or how about a good house that’s suitable to rent to students coming to study at the University of Calgary? Or maybe you want to find a houses that requires absolutely no maintenance at all, just ready for you to move in?

These purposes matter a great deal to the type of houses we include in our search. We factor that in with our neighbourhood and house styles so that you’re presented with the best choice here. If a house for sale in Calgary SW is best, then we’ll let you know.

It’s worth mentioning that we understand price plays a big part in finding a house for sale. Our understanding and vast experience in real estate lets us know when a house is at the right price. We know the trends of the Calgary market and we can anticipate when houses are under the market rate, or when we need to push back on an inflated figure. Let us do the work for you.

If you have any questions, or you’d simply like to chat about how we can find the perfect house for sale in Calgary, contact us at 587-316-5400 or you can email us as well. We respond quickly to