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Posted by Jared Chamberlain

how_to_buy_a_house_virtually“Hello? Can you hear me? Am I muted?”

These days, we all understand what it’s like to move our lives online. Office conference calls. Ordering groceries. Meeting clients. Even playing games with family members.

But buying a house?

A few months ago, that might have seemed strange, but in this lockdown life, buying a home virtually is a reality. Two of our star agents, Tony Cusano and Simmi Aujla, did just that. They helped their clients find the home they wanted, even though neither client had set foot in the property.

Simmi (Virtually) Sells a Home

For Simmi’s clients, the first point of contact was our exceptional website. Once the family submitted an inquiry and spoke to our inside sales agent, he passed along their contact details to Simmi.

“I didn’t do anything differently than I normally would,” Simmi explains. “My first priority is always to get to know the client. I’m asking basic questions about who they are, what they like, and why they’re moving to Calgary. Once my clients knew that I was genuine and open, they let down their guard that most people put up with realtors.”

Moving from Winnipeg, the couple knew they wanted to live in Evanston. Simmi presented a couple of options in that neighbourhood, soon landing on just one property that stood out above the rest. Because Simmi first developed a trusting relationship, the clients were open to conducting a virtual tour over Facetime.

Simmi spent over an hour on the video call tour with the clients, examining every detail of the property. She gave close-ups of paint, tiles, baseboards, curtains, and fixtures throughout the home, always asking herself to look through their eyes and not her own. Simmi returned to the property after the showing was complete to take photos, knowing that the video call doesn’t do justice to the colour schemes or size of a room.

“Most people are chasing a feeling when they look through a home”, says Simmi. “But in this case, the feeling isn’t there. Instead, I have to be very honest and say whether I would buy the home myself. I think once the family knew that I wasn’t chasing a sale, but I was chasing their wellbeing first, they trusted my judgment.”

Tony Takes A Client on Virtual Tours

For Tony, the process was a bit different and yet similar to Simmi’s experience. His clients had never been to this side of the country and were coming in completely blind. They reached out to Tony because they saw that we offered virtual tours of listed properties.

“They had never done anything like this, and they were interested in how this worked”, recollects Tony. “I chatted with them about their big needs, their reasons for moving here, and got to know their wants as well. Before we talk houses, I just want to get to know my clients.”

Tony explained the amenities and benefits of different communities within the city, as well as the surrounding areas beyond the city limits. After emailing them several options, they asked Tony to do 7 virtual tours over Facetime.

“After the first showing, my clients knew that I had their best interests at heart,” Tony added. “I had to really pick apart these homes. I had to point out scratches and imperfections. I would say things like, ‘Oh, this tile is slightly crooked, but you only notice it if you’re staring right at it’. I had to be brutally honest walking through the homes so that my clients knew that they could trust me.”

Although Tony provided virtual tours of several Calgary properties, in the end, it was an Airdrie home that made the cut. Just like Simmi, Tony’s clients couldn’t experience that feeling of being present for the tour. They had to rely on Tony to substitute that feeling with the details they needed.

The Result

And how did our agents feel about the process?

“When my clients took possession, it was the first time they had been in the property. And they loved it!”, says Tony. “I was extremely nervous leading up that moment, but I was confident their new home was meant for them.”

“As for me”, says Simmi, “I spent 3 months in nervous anticipation. They pushed out their possession date so I had longer to worry about their reactions when they finally arrived in Calgary. But when I gave them the keys to their new home, they were just giddy about the whole process.

At the Chamberlain Group, we’re embracing the changing times. Although the world has slowed down, we haven’t. Nothing has changed about our desire to help our clients find their dream home. We just have to use new tools and technologies to do it. Many of our listings have virtual tours you can take at your leisure, but for everything else, we have the ability to walk you through a contact-less tour of any property listed on our website.

The Great Lockdown may have stopped the world. But we never did. We just adapted to new technologies to help you love where you live.

Our agents have years of experience helping their clients buy and sell homes in Calgary. They are always on-call to serve you and help you first. If you’d like to talk about booking your own virtual tour, book a coffee with us today.

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