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Posted by Jared Chamberlain

Moving_to_CalgaryHome is where your heart is. It sounds cliche but being with your family indeed plays a big part when you’re deciding where to reside.

We want to share with you the story of Ron & Roxy. They recently worked with Alex Weston on our team in their transition to Calgary from Penticton.

They have an incredible story with great lessons for those considering moving to Calgary from another city or town.

Ron & Roxy have a lot of family in the Okanagan where they moved from. They also have family members here in Calgary. They stayed with their family in B.C. for 49 years. This year, they decided to give a little more time to their family in Calgary and move here.

Though they have family here, they didn't know anything else. Everything was new to them. Merely going to the grocery was quite a challenge. They didn't know where to find things and where to checkout. Moreover, it is uneasy not being able to say hello to the people around them.

They have some friends from Ron’s work, but not lifelong friends as they have at home in Penticton. Making friends when you're an adult is tough. It can take several months or even years before you feel really close and comfortable with someone.

The Transition

One of their greatest fears was moving into a big city. They have never lived in a city other than Penticton, which is small. Their son referred to our agent, Alex, to help in their transition. They sold their place in B.C. and moved here.

They hit it off with Alex because he was so approachable and friendly. They allotted a couple of days to meet with him and view a bunch of options. On their first day alone, they saw about nine places out of his list. According to the couple, moving was not easy, but Alex made it fairly pleasant for them.

Because they didn’t know much about Calgary, Alex shared all the ins and outs of each place they viewed. He talked about the schools, the noise, the roads, and the neighbourhood.

Ron appreciated Alex’s honesty. He didn’t just show all the good stuff but also mentioned the negative things they might encounter in each property. He felt like he was sincerely there for them, not for himself.

Finding the Perfect Home

At Chamberlain Group, we don’t want to push clients through the process. We would rather talk you out of it and let you want a place for sure because you deserve to love where you live.

One day, they asked Alex to see another property, but he was away for the weekend. Alex managed to get in touch with them by going up to the top of a hill to have access to communication lines. It was so important to them because they only had that much time, and he really went all out. He was able to show that place to the couple and eventually chose it to be their next home.

They moved to the Lake Communities southeast of the city, halfway in between their kids. Every place has its good side and downside, but when they walked in and saw this place, they knew it was what they were looking for. They love the airiness and the light in the condo. It has a bigger space and more storage compared to their other options.

Of course, they still miss their friends and family back in Okanagan. But it's only a nine-hour drive through the beautiful mountains, so it’s not a big deal to visit them.

Embracing New Community

When you move to Calgary, you have to embrace the winter months. You can start going to Canmore and see different beautiful places during the season. In the southeast, there are fantastic places like Fish Creek. If you want to make a fun little trip, you can try Griffith Woods.

One good thing that COVID has done was to allow us to begin realizing how great it is around our city and even enjoy the parks in it.

For other people thinking of having the same route as Ron and Roxy, they advise that you should allow ample time for the process. They felt rushed because they only allotted a few days to view so many places. It worked for them because they had Alex to give all the information and arrange everything.

Having said that, it is also essential to choose a trusted realtor. They highly recommend Alex because of all the time and support he has given to help them.

If you want to talk to Alex or anyone on our team, you can book a virtual coffee & consultation with us. Send an email at, and we’d be happy to help you just like we did for Ron & Roxy.


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