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Authenticity_is_Key_Simmi_AujlaSimmi Aujla looks young at first glance, but as soon as you start talking to her, it becomes very apparent that she has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and intelligence.

Simmi’s signature energy has helped her build a successful career based on building trust with her clients. She loves that she’s been able to bring her own style to real estate, and it seems to be resonating with people. Simmi is one of the Chamberlain Group’s top agents.

We caught up with Simmi on a quick lunch call to find out exactly what drives this talented powerhouse.

You are one of the originals with the Chamberlain Group. What did your journey into real estate look like?

I do consider myself one of the originals. I didn’t initially plan to become a REALTOR®. At a crossroads in life, I had just completed my Bachelors in Business Administration focusing in Accounting. I also completed my real estate certification that same year as well. I needed to place my real estate licence with a brokerage, and my plan was to do a bit of real estate on the side while furthering my degree.

Fast forward a few months, I saw an opportunity with the Chamberlain Group for a “showing agent” role. It was a different and interesting title I hadn’t heard of, but being new to the industry, I was excited to jump in and get a feel for things.

It was super motivating to see how well my colleagues were doing. Jared and Rebecca Chamberlain were inspiring to be around. I now knew I wanted to pursue this industry 100% and practice as a REALTOR® in Calgary. So, I made the switch in my job title rather quickly, and I haven’t looked back since!

For anyone not familiar with the term, what exactly is a showing agent?

Not every team or brokerage has a showing agent, but it’s a great role for new agents just starting out. I often would help my colleagues by showing their clients homes or hosting open houses at busy listings. I gained a lot of experience talking to clients in person and learned the necessary etiquette to show or prep homes while in this position.

I also mastered the CRM systems involved; I spent a lot of time in the office helping with administrative tasks and paperwork. In this role, it felt like being back in school. Putting in those hours, in the beginning, made my transition so much easier when I started taking on my own clients.

What do you think makes the Chamberlain Model unique?

It feels like a niche brokerage. It’s a small enough team where I can walk into Jared’s office and ask if I need help. But it’s also large enough where colleagues can lean on each other. We have a great thing going! The people and the culture are great. We have a hard working Inside Sales Agent, who brings in qualified leads. This isn’t uncommon in the industry, but it’s a tough role to make really successful, and we’ve done that here.

During those months where I’m super busy and my prospecting isn’t as consistent, the ISA is always working on booking appointments, so my funnel is always full. The Chamberlain Group is working for me, and that type of investment in their people speaks volumes.

You are an experienced agent. So many people are talking about how the market has changed; what have you found has been the biggest adjustment for your clients?

One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed is that the past year has eliminated the “looky-loos.” There is still decent momentum in the market. I think that’s allowed the more serious people to rise up, and I get to focus my attention on them. My strategy for working with my clients hasn’t changed too much, I create every client experience custom to exactly what the buyer or seller need from me.

Right now, the best way I can help my clients is to make sure they feel comfortable, secure and heard. It’s not about selling, or pushing at all. I take the time to learn about my clients, and I also spend time talking about concerns or hesitations so that we can address anything that might come up for them during the process. A confident client is a happy client.

You have a reputation as a bit of a marketing buff. Have you had to change your marketing strategies or tactics at all now that most of the world went digital all at the same time?

I feel like my marketing tactics have really improved during this time. A lot of my skills were learned in Business school. I completed a few marketing classes, so I’ve taken those approaches and refreshed them in a digital manner. I figured out how to apply them to my business today. My goal was to be active on all my social platforms, and market my business in a way that’s authentic to my life.

I try to ensure everything I post is impacting someone’s day, in some way. Whether that’s giving local attention to my favourite places, providing design inspiration, or highlighting my recent sales. When they see my page, I want them to know exactly what I do for work. While also providing interesting, resourceful, and quality content.

It’s really cool when someone reaches out and tells me they tried something I recommended, or noticed a decor trend I highlighted. I like to keep my content super relevant, so I plan maybe three or four posts a week so they’re more up-to-date with what I’m doing.

What is the secret to your success?

Well, I’m not sure it’s really a secret, but it definitely goes back to that authenticity. I mean, I look young, so when I first got into real estate, I wasn’t sure if people would take me seriously. I think that being available for people in the way that they need, and being genuine really translates.

I’ve seen agents that come across as a bit aggressive, and I realized right away that I’m not built that way. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to negotiations, I get my clients everything they need and more. But my clients are drawn to my approach, and my methods are working. I’m consistently busy and interacting with more clients than I ever imagined.

Do you have a piece of advice for anyone thinking of buying or selling a home right now?

Yes. Don’t be scared! Some people are sleeping on opportunities out of fear. We have no idea how long the “balanced” market will last, and now can be a great time to buy or sell! Just reach out to someone and tell them your concerns. They should be willing to explore your questions with you, like how to ensure your mortgage plan works best for you or what happens if there’s a loss in employment.

People often have their guard up with Realtors, and I totally get it, but there’s a lot of us out here, and we aren’t all scary. Ask your personal circle if there’s an agent they recommend, and see if your values align with theirs. They should do everything in their power to make you feel safe in this market. If they can’t, I will!

Like Simmi, we want to make your homeownership dream a reality. If you’d like to connect with Simmi, or any other of our real estate agents, reach out to us to book a coffee today.

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