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A-Journey-of-a-REALTOR–Rob_CampbellRob Campbell is bringing a fresh perspective and great energy to the Chamberlain Group. As an experienced business owner, his journey into real estate has brought a keen eye and an extremely client-centric approach we love.

Coming from the travel industry, Rob has found real estate an easy segue from the field. Previously, he helped young people gain life experience through seeing the world and experiencing different cultures.

Now, he gets to work with clients in other phases of their life experience, whether that’s a first home, a growing family, or relocating to create their ideal lifestyle.

Rob is a dedicated father of three, and he effortlessly soothed a tired baby as he answered our questions!

We hear you used to be a professional chef! Do you have a “secret sauce” when it comes to real estate?

I was! My first career was as a professional chef, where I apprenticed at Calgary’s best spots, like the Petroleum Club. I soon realized that cooking is like the NHL; everyone wants to be in it, but only a select few make it to that level, and it takes a lot to get there!

I’m not sure if I have a secret sauce as a REALTOR®, per se, but I do really like people. I’m curious, so I want to know who they are and why they are who they are. I think learning from other people about their history and past helps shape who I am, and it shows me that there are many ways to do things. I may not be doing it wrong, but maybe there’s a better way.

I think that ability to listen, learn and make adjustments is something that my background as a chef has taught me that I can draw on to make myself a better REALTOR®.

Do you have a target market?

I love to build long-term relationships. When I first started out, I worked with a lot of first-time buyers, which was kind of fun because we were figuring it out together. I took the time to help them figure out what they wanted, which taught me the types of things to look for and questions to ask. After being in the industry for a couple of years now, I am seeing a lot more move up clients, which is great.

I love kids and family, so that helps when looking at houses with people. I know what you’re thinking and wondering when you look at a house and have kids, or what you might want to think of if you want them in the future. Price point, location, and features become even more important so they don’t grow out of it. I am in it to find their perfect house for the next five to ten years, and then I’ll be there again to help them at the next phase.

Multiple offers are common right now. How do you strategize to give your clients the best chance at getting the home they want for the best price in this scenario?

The nice thing about being a full-time agent is that I am paying attention to what’s going on in the market from morning until night. That constant connectedness and being proactive allows me to help my clients find places as they come up. Even if one house isn’t exactly what they want, they still have the opportunity to check it out right away and we can continually adapt their search.

I also make sure my clients are educated on the pace of the market and have everything in order, like mortgage pre-approvals, to be able to compete. I’m always looking for that feeling. I ask questions like, “Will you later come back and say you wish you paid extra for what you wanted?”, or “I can tell that you haven’t had that same reaction to this house as you did another one, so let’s come to the table with something that allows us to compete.”

What is your favourite success story as a REALTOR®?

I don’t have a specific story, but it’s definitely been that I’ve gotten to help family and friends. It’s the best. I’ve had some buying and some selling, and even some doing both. It’s a huge honour for the people in my life to trust me with it, especially on the sell side. Buying is a bit less emotional as it’s not theirs yet, so it’s more exciting.

When selling, it can be stressful if the property isn’t selling as quickly as they hoped, and because they still love their home and have memories, the negotiations also need to be aware of those feelings. Having people in my circle who trust me and are super satisfied and happy with their result is the best compliment. I feel like everyone I work with becomes a friend or a kind of chosen family. That’s even better because it means they really did have such a great experience the first time we worked together.

How has working with the Chamberlain Group helped you elevate your business?

I had actually been with a different brokerage for a bit. I got a bit caught up in the dollars, thinking that with no splits and no desk fees it would just be easy and I would make money. I ended up spending a lot of my own money as well as my time and energy and it just wasn’t working. I knew I couldn’t continue on that path. Having already gone through a portion of the Chamberlain Group’s interview process, I knew they were a great group, so I asked if I could continue it.

Having that support, and a team of people who will help me reach my goals and push myself to learn and do more is a game-changer. Even though we are each independent, there is still a huge team element and I can reach out to the other agents. It’s cool because now agents are starting to reach out to me for advice too. We all want to see each other succeed and push each other.

The efforts Chamberlain Group is doing at the top level with the business and the brand all filter down to everyone through technology, marketing, and meetings. We have regular focus meetings on different areas to help everyone grown, learn, and improve their business. It’s really motivating to be in that environment. You can see the competition, and since everyone gets the same toolkit to build their business and make their game as strong as possible, it’s a mentality of if they’re doing it so can I.

When I really started to take off in this industry, it was a buyer’s market. Most of my time was spent on buyers, and it was a lot of fun. It can be a demanding process for buyers who may be driving all over the city to see potential homes, and I always want to really make sure my buyers are feeling educated and supported.

Then it was more of a seller’s market, with listings it is of course about pricing and positioning to gain traction and get buyers through the door.
This past year, most people have been affected either financially or in life, and they are re-evaluating their priorities and lifestyle. Low interest rates and more buyers are making this an exciting market for everyone. I’m sure it will level off around summer, but I think it will be a bit of a wild ride. It’s a very cool time to be a part of this industry.

Like Rob, we love helping buyers and sellers navigate the sometimes-complicated real estate world to reach your home ownership dreams. If you’d like to connect with Rob, or any of our other REALTOR®s, reach out to book a virtual coffee today.

The Chamberlain Real Estate Group specializes in working with agents who have an existing business. They want to add leverage to what they are doing to help more families transition in Calgary.

Learn more and find out how you can be a part of our team!

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