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Chamberlain University is the education branch of the Chamberlain Real Estate Group brokerage. We offer regular classes for the public to learn about various topics and strategies to help with the sale or purchase of property in Calgary.

Buying and selling your Calgary house doesn’t have to be complicated. Since 2004, we’ve helped families just like yours buy and sell their homes, removing the obstacles and frustrations in real estate. Our proven systems have made our client’s dreams come true. Visit our calendar of events to see what classes are coming up next that could help you in your current life’s transition.

Who are we? We have our home here. We send our kids to school here. Our lives are right here. We are Calgarians that know what makes living in this city so great. And we also know real estate. Let us take the headache out of buying or selling your house. To use our local expertise, call us today at 587-316-5400 or sign up for one of our real estate classes.

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Future Classes



Time to Sell Your Home? | March 5, 2020

Is it time to make the big move in 2020? Don't know where to start in terms of selling your home? Join us as we unpack how to sell your home. Learn more and register at the button below.


How to Buy Your First Home | April 16, 2020

In our most requested topic, we are pleased to offer you a class that walks you through all you need to know about buying your first home. Learn more and register at the button below.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time in the Calgary real estate market, or if you’ve been here a dozen times before, buying and selling a home is a big decision. There’s a lot to consider when looking at Calgary homes for sale listings. You have to search through hundreds of listings. You have to attend showings or make your home ready to show.  You have to make a lot of important judgements about some of the places you’re looking at. Will this suit my children? Which of the schools in Calgary will we be in? Can I get the price I need? What IS the price I need?

We work with hundreds of clients every year, but we treat everyone with the same care as if it was one of our own homes. We treat every decision, every choice, and every selection just as important as you do. This isn’t something you decide overnight. There’s no such thing as an impulse house purchase. Any houses for sale in Calgary have a number of factors behind them to sort through, catalogue, and individually deal with.