What’s Going on with Calgary Real Estate Prices?

Calgary Real Estate PricesYou can get your real estate news from everywhere these days. You can read three different news sites and get four different opinions. You can listen to your uncle, your grandmother, or some guy on a podcast. Everyone is going to tell you something different about real estate prices in Calgary.

Where can you go to get the best information about what‘s going on in the housing market? Your best source of information is a real estate company that you trust, that will give you unbiased opinions, and that wants you to be as informed as possible about your options and your house. Here at the Chamberlain Group, we want to be your number one source for real estate news.

How We Get Our Real Estate Pricing for Calgary

When we price a home, there’s a whole background of information and work that made that figure happen. We live here. We work here. Our lives are in Calgary, so we have a vested interest in getting the real estate market right. Here’s how we do it.

Experience in Calgary Real Estate

In our team, we have decades of experienced real estate agents with many listings of homes between us. All that experience and knowledge serves us well when we evaluate the market. We’ve been here for the lows. We’ve been through the highs. And when Calgary real estate prices are moving, our experience helps us determine the best price points for your home. That kind of hometown experience isn’t common.   

Calgary Real Estate News Reports

Just like you, we sort through the news reports of how the local market is doing. We watch certain figures and indicators with keen interest. We can delve into the reports and figure out what Calgary’s market for real estate is going to do. We read the predictions, listen to the experts, and watch the financial reports of Calgary’s economy. These are all very good gauges that tell us a story about Calgary’s future trends.

World Market Real Estate Prices

Beyond the borders of our city, Calgary homes are affected by the world at large. Economies rise and fall, new regulations come into effect, legislations change, politicians make policies, and all of these national and international events hit us at home.  We can’t assume that we’re in a bubble, protected from the outside world. So we keep an eye on the world market prices from many different places in Canada and the rest of the globe.

Real Estate Pricing for Different Purposes

We get it. People come to real estate for a variety of reasons. Some want a family home to raise children. Some want to downgrade into a sensible townhouse or condo, and still, some are looking for investment properties. An investor wouldn’t care as much about school districts and parks as a family looking for a good home. So, we have to accommodate everyone’s needs in evaluating the market.

That’s why we have an expert team on hand to answer all your questions. We can look at your needs and advise the best timing and locations for housing.

For example, let’s say you want to find an investment property, one that will both appreciate in value and attract reputable renters. Immediately, we get to work on looking at the market through the lens of an investor. You want a home that has good resale value, which is in a high-demand area, and has excellent amenities for the residents.

In the case of investment properties, Calgary real estate prices are looking good. While jobs steadily return to Calgary and the economy recovers, the housing market has been slow to respond. But it is responding. That provides a great opportunity for those looking to buy a second home in Calgary.

In the example of a family home, your needs are different. We start looking for markets where communities have access to modern amenities in a family-friendly environment. We search for real estate prices that favour the buyer and exclusively target those neighbourhoods.     

Real Estate Expertise in Calgary

Our team at Chamberlain Group has been helping Calgarians love where they live for years. We know homes. We know Calgary. And we’re here to help you get what you need. To contact us, call 587-316-5400 or email us at info@chamberlaingroup.ca