Where Should Your Family Live in Calgary?

Where-Should-Your-Family-Live-in-CalgaryAre you looking for the best place to live in Calgary with your family? Or have you wanted to move to a new community to better support your children’s hobbies and interests?

You might be trying to figure out what kind of lifestyle you have, who you are and what you are becoming, and navigating where you need to be; well, here’s a treat for you!

We have curated lists of communities that you can consider based on what your family is into!

Young Families

Here are some fantastic neighbourhoods with the best playgrounds for families with little feet that never get tired of running around.
First on the list is Montgomery, where Shouldice Park Playground is located. It boasts musical features, tons of options for spinning, swinging and bouncing, and a huge ram system and interesting climbers.

The next one is South Glenmore Park, the home of Varieties Children Park, which is one of the first accessible playgrounds in Calgary. In recent years, the park has gained a bike park and a music garden, a short distance from the main playground.

Third on our list is East Village. The East Village Playground is a fantastic playground for you to check out, especially during summer, when they have food trucks and lots of people are playing and hanging out in the area.

St. Patrick's Island Playground is the fourth on our list. With its superb setting and unusual equipment, older kids will surely love the climbing structures and the big hill. During the summer, they have a natural pond where kids can safely play and have loads of fun!

Fifth on our list is Eau Claire, with the Princess Island Park playground. This playground is definitely a destination playground. The surrounding park area is gorgeous, with pathways, trees, and the river. You will never run out of things to do at Princess Island Park!

The next one is on the east side of the city. Ralph Klein Park playground is on the other side of Stoney from Calgary. It features a mountain-inspired climber, a large log jam, a sand pit and a zipline!

The last one is the Currie Barrack, with a unique Airport Playground. The playground was an instant hit from the day it was built because of its airplane theme. It features accessible floorings and a super tall control tower slide.

Active Families

Here’s a showcase of a handful of communities where families can enjoy outdoor activities within walking distance or a short drive.

First up is Brentwood. In 2019 and 2020, Brentwood was voted as Calgary’s best neighbourhood on Avenue magazine's annual survey that weighs walkability and access to parks & recreation. This place is perfect for those who love hiking, walking, and biking, as it has some of the most popular trails like Mossy Ridge Trail, Radnor Lake Trail and Warner Woods Trail.

The next one is Mahogany in southeast Calgary. There is an incredible man-made lake there for everyone to enjoy fun activities in summer and winter. You can try out canoes, paddle boards, and paddle boats.

Tuscany is in the third spot. This is a fantastic community built in the early 2000s. It has ball parks and a central amenity plaza where you can play basketball, tennis or even ice skating during winter.

If you are talking about amenities and outdoor activities, you must talk about Lake Bonavista! Lake Bonavista is one of the most sought-after areas in Calgary for its incredible homes and a man-made lake. Families here love to gather around the lake to spend quality time and enjoy swimming, boating, and fishing in the summer. It becomes a spot for skating, hockey, tobogganing, and ice fishing during winter.

Ski/Mountain Families

Families who love to escape the city and enjoy the mountains must look into communities on the West Edge, which has the easiest access to get out of the city. Consider communities like Discovery Ridge, Aspen Woods, Springbank Hill, and any area along the west side. On the north side, you can look at Tuscany, Royal Oak, Rocky Ridge, or neighbourhoods along Crowchild Trail, where you can get out to 16th Ave and Highway 1.

Alpine Park is another great option. It is a brand-new community on the west side of Stoney Trail that you must check out if buying a brand-new home in an upscale neighbourhood really close to the mountains is what you are looking for.

Active Families

If you spend most of your day driving around the city for all your children’s activities, you better read this list!

First up is Brentwood because it has a major road on Crowchild Trail and John Laurie Boulevard. You can get in and out of the neighbourhood quickly, and it is central, so you can also move around the area easily. In fact, anywhere in that Triwood area - Brentwood, Charleswood, Collingwood- are all fantastic options for active families.

The next one is Altadore. This area is also along Crowchild Trail and 14th Street. It has many options for getting out of the community and is very close to downtown.

The third option is Arbour Lake if you want to live in the northwest. You can go to major roads from here, like Nose Hill Boulevard and Crowchild Trail. Plus, you can get around the city quickly!

Last on this list is Cougar Ridge. This community is on top of the hill with family-filled houses. It is close to WinSport, so you can be strategic and get all your kids into activities in that area for easier driving.

Shopping Family

Maybe your family doesn't love going out and doing activities, doesn't love the mountains, and you don't have little kids, and you actually enjoy shopping with each other. Calgary also has some great communities you may want to consider.

The first one is Altadore because of its central location right down Marda Loop— one of Calgary’s most bustling outdoor shopping and dining districts, featuring over 150 eateries and retailers. Commuters also love its proximity to Downtown Calgary.

The next one is Beltline. The amount of shopping on 17th Avenue Beltline is incredible. It is a retail and entertainment district packed with shopping, amenities, yoga studios, and a bustling nightlife!

The third on our list is Varsity, a fantastic community surrounding Market Mall. Market Mall is one of the largest malls in Calgary, offerings hundreds of brand-name stores, restaurants, and entertainment. Some houses in Varsity are only a 10-minute walk to the mall! What can be better than that?

And the last ones on this list are places like Killarney, Sunalta, and all the areas in the downtown core. You can find fantastic housing opportunities close to some major shopping districts around these neighbourhoods.

If you are considering making a big move with your family and have questions about the communities we mentioned, you can book a call with us, and we would love to help you!

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