Moving Up When The Economy is Wavering

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

Moving_Up_When_the_Economy_is_WaveringWe invited a former client, Chandra, to talk about her recent move. She is married and has two kids. Her family is always busy. Both of her kids play hockey.

She is a part-time nurse, but luckily, she has an office type job. She’s a transplant coordinator.

Moving Up

It was hard to predict what was going to happen at the beginning of the pandemic. Chandra wanted to move but unsure if their house is going to sell. She wondered if people will see the value of her home and what the area has to offer.

They have stayed in their house for six years, so they were hesitant to leave the neighbourhood that has been so dear to them.

She had developed a great relationship with her neighbours in Tuscany. Her kids can go out and play on the streets. Everyone knows them, and they all look out for each other.

Right now, everybody's worlds are a little bit smaller; you don't want to take away any more of that socialization.

How to Sell Houses

Chandra was referred to us by a friend and colleague. She called and asked us to come over to her place.

During our first meeting, she was impressed as we discussed the modern ways of marketing using social media and digital channels.

We taught her how to position her listing so those people who will be interested in her house will see it. With a great strategy, we sold her home in less than eight hours!

The key is knowing the audience and knowing who the buyer is going to be. Typically, the person who's going to buy your house is who you were when you purchased your home.

Little Things Matter

It was 2014 when we had that first transaction with Chandra and her family.

She remained our client to this date as we have kept in touch with her and maintained a good working relationship.

She values all our little gestures like sending her a birthday card with a Starbucks coffee every year. We also send simple gifts during the Christmas season.

We host alumni events every year, and of course, we always invite her.

She also appreciates that we have a vast network. We have connections to contractors, builders, construction suppliers and even lawyers or mortgage brokers – pretty much everything people need for their homes.

Making the Transition

She is so stressed about our current situation and everything that has been going on with her family. Her threshold for handling the move was a little on the lower side.

Rebecca and Chamberlain Group helped and handled the negotiations for the sale of her house. They only involved her when necessary because they knew her well enough to know what she needed.

Whenever we are working with someone to make a move, we find out how we can help.

Moving is never a small undertaking. No matter what your life situation is, if you have somebody doing some work for you, it can really help.

Chandra eventually bought her friend's house.

A More Peaceful Household

Her friend’s house just got listed, and as soon as Chandra and Rebecca walked into that house, they both agreed that it was awesome.

They could tell that it was the right house for the family. It has everything they need to make their living condition better.

After they move in, their household is so much more peaceful. They have enough space for each member of the family.

Everything has a place – no more hallways trying to fit in too many things. Her daughter has room to watch her favourite shows, and her son has a place for his Xbox.

We're all spending more time at home. Having more space and loving where you live is super important.

Your atmosphere around you plays such a massive role in your well-being. If your four walls are adding more stress to your life, it can slow you down.

A change of environment can change that quickly. It can uplift you a lot. A change of scenery does a world of good.

There are lots of properties out there that are amazing.

We genuinely want to help people have a better life by loving the house they live in. If you are planning to make a move, just reach out to us, and we would love to share our connections and tools with you to make your next move a breeze.

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