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Posted by Jared Chamberlain

interior_design_ideasWe’ve been spending a lot of time in our homes lately, and it’s the perfect opportunity to evaluate precisely what is working and what is not. A great home interior design considers the people that live in the space, their personality and how they use that space. In a season like we’re experiencing now, it’s wise not to make big decisions based on current circumstances. In essence, I mean, don’t spend all your money updating your office if you intend to go back to your regular office when things return to our new normal. Do, however, consider the present circumstance when you evaluate your budget for the projects that you want to take on. When you’re ready to start assessing your home and how you’d like to improve the look and functionality, consider factors like the age of those using the space, the goal of the space (i.e. Cooking, relaxing, work, sleeping), identify your priorities and your “wants.” These will come in handy when you’re creating a plan.

Currently, we’re discovering the functionality or lack thereof in having multiple adults and kids working from the same home. 

Figuring out short term solutions for privacy, focus and aesthetics with minimal purchasing options can be tricky. 

We’re being forced to shop our homes for space, lighting and supplies. Once we’ve put together work areas for each person in the home with ample lighting, the right amount of surface to work on, and filing/storage solutions to keep us organized, we can infuse a little personality like a special framed photo and a scented candle. This phase has likely passed, and most homes have now found a work-from-home rhythm.

Chances are our current workspace isn’t likely our biggest frustration as we’re optimistic this won’t last forever.    

During this season, you’ve also likely assessed your appreciation or disappointment with the rest of your spaces as we’re using our houses at full capacity right now. If you want to start working on other areas of your home, it’s essential to create a plan before executing. Asking yourself the questions mentioned above like who uses the space, how many people use the space, and what the design aesthetic goal is are good starting points. 

Design is not just what it looks like and how it feels. Design is how it works.” 

Steve Jobs

From here, you can create a furniture plan, add in accessories like rugs, lamps, pillows and then finally flooring and wall decisions. This is not the shopping phase. Those are all things to plan before ANY shopping begins. Knowing where you’d like to end up will allow you to confidently make purchases as time and finances permit. Picking paint colours or types of flooring, for example, is much easier made when there’s a big picture plan. Copying and pasting photos from online sites to one central location to create a design board will give you a good idea of how things will work together. 

Some larger furnishing websites even have dream board options for you to group selections together for this purpose. 

The big picture plan ensures that the final product is a space that looks and feels like you and, more importantly, it works.

It just so happens we seem to have an abundance of time to evaluate, generate a plan and possibly execute a room makeover without ever having to worry about the neighbours dropping over to discover the mess in between. 

Remember... There's no place like home. Happy planning! 

Written by: Kim Purvis 

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