How to Renovate Your Home - Step-by-Step

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

How_to_Renovate_Your_Home_Step_by_Step_BlogWhat makes someone want to renovate?

The most common reason for renovation is the house’s location. When a home is in a place that works well, you stay there and improve it.

You identify something that bothers you about the house, like the layout, functionality, or natural light. There are a lot of different factors that can prompt a renovation.

When you buy or build a new house, you have high hopes that everything will be great. But then once you live in it, you’ll start to notice things that don’t work well.

 Partner with Trusted Contractors

People usually renovate mudrooms, bathrooms, and en suites to make them more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Some even remodel showers to achieve a nicer, spa-type feeling in the en suite. And of course, the kitchen is on the list. Kitchens need an update after a few decades.

There's been some progression on efficiencies and functionalities since early kitchens were done, like drawer mechanisms, countertops and tiles. For example, the Caesarstone white from Julian Tile selection wasn't there yet during the early 2000s.

When you have renovation ideas spinning around in your head, you could reach out to a contractor, like Braemyn Homes. They would help to further brainstorm with you and help refine your ideas. It may even require reaching out to a draftsman to put your thoughts on paper.

The renovation process starts with identifying what you don't like and what's wrong to brainstorm solutions. When contractors are engaged, they can guide you to get the striking look or functionality you want and within your budget.

Sometimes people think that custom home builders charge too much, but the price depends on the amount of work that needs to be done. Braemyn Homes had projects around three and a half million dollar custom homes. But they also have small projects like basement windows.

For Matthew Neufeld, the General Manager of Braemyn Homes, it's all about doing quality work at whatever scale and doing it very efficiently. They help people by offering solutions. That doesn't have any threshold or scale to it. It's just about meeting people, helping them and doing good work.

Their company has worked with people who don't trust contractors because of past negative experiences. People who aren't savvy in construction are very vulnerable when they jump into renovations. When you hear some of their stories, it's such a shame because it cost a lot and even caused more problems.

Matthew and his team want to make things right for whoever they can and do a good job. We're human, we make mistakes, but it's how you correct those that matter. Sometimes the only thing in life that you can own is your reaction.

 Work Around Your Budget

Once the ideas are solidified, you can proceed to cost. Budgets depend on the type of changes required. If they're more structural, they're going to cost a bit more. If they're more cosmetic, there's a whole different range of products and materials you can select.

The timeline also varies. Renovation of bathrooms or kitchens can take up to three to four months. When you’re just adding two windows, you can have it swiftly. Braemyn Homes suggests doing all the preparations beforehand. This way, you can start the work and carry it out efficiently and smoothly.

For materials, there are lots of local products made in Canada, or even in Alberta. There are also some fixtures available in Ontario, Quebec or Midwest States, U.S. Some more prominent manufacturers do plumbing parts and fixtures that can be traded locally.

Prepare for the Renovation Period 

Do a construction timeline based on all the products' availability, and then you can get started. If you're doing a major renovation, like a kitchen or bathroom update, discuss with your contractor if you feel comfortable being at home during construction.

You may consider being in a secondary suite in your house, or you can rent a place until you finish the construction. There are different options to consider depending on the scope of work. If it's only changing windows, re-doing flooring or painting cabinets, it will be relatively easy.

Chamberlain Group has partnered with Braemyn Homes quite a lot. They are experts at what they do, and they can also help you with your next renovation. Reach out to them at or (403) 606-2923.

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