Home Office Ideas - How to Set up a Remote Office at Home

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

home_office_ideasWhether you are working from home for the foreseeable future or simply keeping your distance, having your home office set up the best way you can is critical to your success. Here are some great home office ideas and ways that you can get the most productivity and creativity out of whatever space you have to work with.

Is it hard to work from home?

Working from home can be challenging for the best of us, especially if the family or others are home with you, let alone having movies, snacks, musical instruments or anything else that can distract you within arms reach. Having a dedicated space that you know you can work from is key. With all the technology at our fingertips from our phones, tablets and laptops, it's easy to think that curling up in a big duvet and keeping cozy is the best thing ever. It may be for a short time frame, but it's best to find a hard surface where you are able to have the right tools. 

What equipment do I need for a home office?

Having the right equipment can include any of the following:

  • Mouse - Not the trackpad on your laptop but a real external mouse. 
  • Monitor - If you have or know someone who can share an extra monitor, this can help in your workflow.
  • Keyboard - If you have the other two above, getting a keyboard may be a great investment too.
  • Printer - ensure that you have a printer that will work for your needs. We also have found that having one that is airplay ready so you are able to print from your mobile devices over your wifi is important.
  • Office Chair - Choose a chair that you will be able to spend 8-10 hrs in. Sitting is the new smoking, so maybe our next suggesting may solve this problem
  • Standing Desk - Having a standing desk, or even a high counter that you can use as a desk may be a great solution to keeping your energy up.
  • Bluetooth Speaker - This isn't essential, but for me having a quality speaker or headphones to listen to a focusing style of music is important to keep me moving in the right direction. 

If you invest in these items above, you will find that using them will force you to use a hard surface, i.e. a desk.


Create a dedicated area or zone in your home that you know you are able to work from. This can be a spare bedroom with an unused desk, a space in your basement or even a specific corner of your kitchen table. Whatever space you have, keep it clean, deliberate and an area that you can focus on what matters most. Working from home can be full of distractions, so it's best not to move around. 

You may be working from your laptop and not have the ability to have a desktop, but it's best not to move around your home and have multiple spaces where everything is not set up for you.

Check your internet connection

Many home internet connections are not set up for high usage like an office is. You can google 'speed test' and test the speed of your internet. If it doesn't match the needs that you will need, it's a good idea to contact your provider and see what you can do to have it changed to match your needs. Avoid becoming increasingly frustrated with your internet connection while you're knee-deep in your work and figure out your internet needs before you even begin.

Setting your expectations

Having your expectations set for what you can achieve is important. I have found that starting with working on the top 3 things you must complete and working on those first will help you in case of potential interruptions. Our world has changed, and so do we. We need to not focus on what was, or how it used to be but rather focus on what we can control and how we can grow and add value to others lives. Learn a new skill, invest in your knowledge and start that side hustle you've always dreamed of doing. Learn new ways to do old tasks and be creative. 

For now, our homes are being used more than we ever imagined. I'm sure like you; I'm realizing and learning how to use every corner of our rooms and home. 

Stay focused & creative and find a way to become a stronger version of yourself after all of this is over. 

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