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Posted by Jared Chamberlain

Genuinely-at-Your-Service-Daniel-HowlettIf you talk to any of the Chamberlain Group REALTORS®, you’re sure to hear Daniel Howlett’s name come up. He is universally admired and appreciated, and it’s easy to understand why.

Daniel’s pleasant voice and warm personality make him instantly likeable, which is why he’s been able to excel in his role as Client Concierge. Relating to clients and talking to people just comes naturally to him.

He credits this partially to his hidden talent as a practical joker among his friends, as he has an appreciation for keeping his humour friendly and positive while still getting great laughs.

A born-and-raised Calgarian, Daniel’s work history has taken him around North America and made him realize just how amazing this city is.

He appreciates that he now gets to help people call Calgary home. Daniel took a break from his phone schedule to chat with us.

What brought you to the Chamberlain Group?

Well, I started two years and a couple of months ago. It’s definitely a switch from what I was doing in previous years. After being in a job that required me to travel, I got tired of being on a plane twice a week.

I decided to go into sales and tried a little bit of everything; even door-knocking!

The first thing that sparked my interest in the Chamberlain Group was the interview process. It’s extremely thorough, and I hadn’t seen anything quite like it before.
It was clear that this group was serious about creating a positive and motivational work culture, which hadn’t been present in some of my past careers. It really made me want to work with this company.

The role of client concierge is a bit of a newer one in the real estate world, but it’s definitely an integral part of creating a great client journey. What does your interaction with clients typically look like?

I am usually the first person to talk to a client, and I am responsible for answering questions and supporting those people until they are ready to talk to an agent. This allows the agent to focus on showings and negotiations for their active buyers and sellers.

I touch base with the new clients to see where they are at, and if they have a search set up, I can also help them tweak it to make sure they are seeing the right properties.

While I often first chat with new clients when they submit an inquiry or call us directly, I also make sure I’m keeping them in the loop with any changes in the market they might need to know.

I love helping people and adding value, so if I come across a piece of information they might appreciate or that I remember might resonate with them based on our conversations, I’ll make sure to pass it on to them.

So, you spend a lot of time on the phone! How do you build rapport without meeting someone in person?

I actually find that it’s really easy to connect with people. It’s all about having a friendly conversation to learn more about them, their life situation, and what they are looking for.

I’m not there to sell anything, so I tend to ask a lot of open-ended questions abut their goals, their future, and their motivation for buying or selling a home. Some people are just testing the water and aren’t ready to dive in, which is totally okay! Other clients are calling because it’s time to dig in. Either way, I keep the focus on them and the ball in their court for as long as they need.

If something we talk about triggers them to say, “Okay, I’m ready,” that’s obviously exciting, and then I can get them talking to one of our amazing REALTORS® for the next part of the process.

The agents all love you, and it seems like clients do, too! What is your secret to success?

My secret to success… I think being successful on the phone is just about being yourself. A lot of real estate agents are afraid to pick up the phone, but I am always aware that it’s just another person on the other end.

Thinking about it that way, the intimidation-factor goes away. It’s all about perspective. If you think a call will have a negative outcome or end in rejection, it probably will. I go in just wanting to talk to people and connect so I can help them, and I think that comes across in my calls.

I have always been good on the phone, which I really noticed early on in my sales career. One of my favourite things to do in high school was to prank call my friends, so I think that might be a factor in why I find it so easy to talk about anything on the phone now.

Have you noticed a difference in your conversations with clients when we are in a seller’s market versus a buyer’s market?

Definitely, the conversations with buyers look a little different right now. People are a bit more aware as the market has been like this for a bit, but it’s really about being on the ball as houses are flying off the rail.

I’ve even heard of properties with 12 multiple offers! So, right now I focus on making clients aware of that, because moving can be a tough thing, and seeing a home you love slip away isn’t fun.

If a buyer isn’t sure where to start, I’ll help them find all the information they need so that they can be ready to move if something comes up that’s right for them.

Sellers are feeling pretty optimistic right now, which is great. Prices have been down for several years with oil crashing. So many of the people who wanted to sell and couldn’t are able to get their home sold now, which is great for them!

Houses are actually selling before they even get on the market, and agents are actively looking for listings, so it’s an awesome time for homeowners even thinking about selling.

At the Chamberlain Group, we are passionate about setting our clients up for a great home buying or selling experience, and that often starts by a call with Daniel for a no-pressure look at your upcoming real estate journey!

If you’d like to connect with Daniel, or any of our REALTOR®s, reach out to book a virtual coffee today.

The Chamberlain Real Estate Group specializes in working with agents who have an existing business. They want to add leverage to what they are doing to help more families transition in Calgary.

Learn more and find out how you can be a part of our team!

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