Discover How To Buy Your First Condo

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

 Discover_How_To_Buy_Your_First_CondoWe want you to meet Chantel.

She braved the journey of independence and found peace in learning more about herself.

Chantel grew up in Calgary and knew Simmi on our team for a long time. They started off playing basketball together and, over the years, became best friends.

Moving out has always been at the back of her mind, but she kept on dismissing the idea in respect of her culture. But this year, push came to shove, and she made up her mind and decided to make the big move.

Her move's timing was interesting as it happened during COVID when everybody wants to be with their family and stay comfortable.

It was a huge step, and she was happy and proud that she could do it.

First Home

Her first hurdle was to figure out what kind of place she wanted and whether to buy or rent. When she looked at rental properties, she realized she wanted to change things up. And based on cost analysis, she figured that purchasing is a better option.

Chantel wanted to be in the inner city where there is a strong sense of community. She wanted to be close enough to walk on the 17th but far enough not to hear the sirens running all the time. She found that Bankview would be the best location for her to make this big change.

She chose to live in the Southwest community because she’s now at the stage where she wants to explore new areas and meet new people.

Chantel and her mom checked out a few listings with the help of Simmi.

They viewed a property with a modern design, and Chantel instantly fell in love with it. The house features a brick wall and concrete slabs, which adds character to it. She truly felt at home the moment she stepped into it to moved in.

Living with her parents for a long time enabled her to save up a down payment for her condo. She is grateful to her parents for supporting her until she was ready to spread her wings and live independently.

As an independent woman now, she is even more mindful of her expenses. Being aware of what she wants enables her to balance luxuries and necessities to pay the bills and still have fun.

Overcoming Fears

Chantel admitted that she had some fears before moving. Some of them were failing to manage her finances well and dealing with loneliness.

She needed to be on top of her budget and adjust emotionally. She got so used to being around her big family during meal times and family gatherings. Good thing there's a healthy distance between her condo and her family's place. She can always visit them, and they can do the same.

After a while, she was able to overcome her fears and learned to enjoy her own company. She can freely dance while cooking in the kitchen and watch movies any time she likes.

Knowing her boundaries and deciding for herself makes Chantel feel empowered. Every day, she gets to decide if she wants to stay home or go out with friends and family. A lot of her friends from Mount Royal are in the Southside, which makes her feel like she’s not alone.

Chantel loves walking around the area and even takes her dog with her, sometimes. This gives her a better appreciation for the city.

Best Friend & Best Realtor

Chantel’s friendship with Simmi was advantageous in her moving up journey. Their friendship got better through the process because their communication was pushed a notch higher.

Simmi had to switch gears to being Chantel’s realtor. In return, Chantel respected her time and effort in sorting out all necessary information about the move.

She communicated well and gave honest opinions, even if it might lead to losing that sale. Chantel felt like she got all the advice she needed.

Her advice to those who are thinking of buying a new place is to just do it. No matter what kind of financial situation you're in, as long as you stick to your budgeting and timeline, you can achieve your dream home.

Fears will always be there; you just have to step out of it. Once you know what you want, just do it because that's your gut telling you what to do.

Working with a realtor made this journey so much easier. Chantel appreciates that Simmi was so honest and genuine. She told her facts and not just what she wanted to hear. She was a very helpful guide in making important decisions.

She never pushed her to do anything. She gave her professional expertise to the situation and all the properties that they looked at. She went over and above to make Chantel feel secure.

If you want Simmi’s professional help too or simply want to be friends with her because she's cool, you may follow her at @seeitwithsim on Instagram. You can also reach out to us at



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