A Story About Dreams and Compassion

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

A_Story_About_Dreams_and_CompassionWe have a fantastic story about a couple who recently bought and sold a house with Chamberlain Real Estate Group. Natalie was born and raised in Calgary, and her husband, Vin, was from Vietnam.

Journey to Calgary

Vin’s family stayed in a refugee camp in Thailand because they tried to escape when pirates attacked them. A church in Thorncrest sponsored their entire family of 15 to go to Canada.

They arrived in Calgary Herald during the 1970s. His parents had money in Vietnam, but they cleaned toilets for a living when they came here. Their journey wasn't easy, but they worked hard and thrived.

Natalie and Vin met at a hair school in Calgary. Back in Vietnam, Vin's father got wealthy because of his hair salon. He worked so hard that he ended up taking over the whole salon.

The Chamberlain Process

At first, getting in the process of buying and selling was scary for them. They thought realtors wouldn't be of good help as they are all about sales and not about their family and their needs.

Their family lives on one income as Natalie needed to be a stay at home mom. They doubted if they can make the purchase.

With a proven process developed for almost 16 years, Rebecca, their agent, guided the family to make the right decision.

The couple had different preferences at first, but Rebecca was able to narrow down their options.

Finding a New Home

During a holiday in Kelowna, their family realized that they need to move closer to that place since her daughter studies there. She will stay there for eight more years.

Driving 35 minutes every day to bring her daughter to school has been too taxing for Natalie, especially during winter. Getting closer to the school is a wise move.

Natalie received an email from Chamberlain Real Estate Group about new listings in the area. She liked some homes, so she reserved a tour.

Natalie picked the infill as the last because she thought her husband wouldn't like it. But they went into one infill house, and his face lit up as he envisioned their family living there. The location was perfectly situated 5 minutes away from school.

Asian families have many beliefs. They need to make sure the address of the house has good numbers. Vin also needs to get the approval of his mom and older sister before buying it. All of them went and saw the infill house, and everybody approved it.

Selling the Current House

After finding a new house that everybody loves, they need to list their current home. In five days, Natalie emptied their 2,000 square foot house and prepared it for an Open House.

Because she knows what she wanted and what her timeframe is, everything went swiftly. Rebecca walked through with her family and told them all the things they needed to know every step of the way.

Talking about finances within the family is tough. Essentially, you need to have a realtor who is not attached to the outcome. Their job is to make sure you have all the information to come up with the right decision.

Natalie wanted to rush things up and get through with the selling immediately. Rebecca pulled her back and helped her evaluate everything to make sure they are correct before making any move.

She explained that it was vital for them to go through the process to see a clear direction for their next steps. With proper evaluation, they were able to see the best value of their home.

Realtors help clients to navigate things that they didn't think that they needed to know. The advantage of being with the Chamberlain Group is having someone to walk you through until you reach the end result.

The Roller Coaster Ride

Natalie & Vin received eight offers by the end of their open house. It was terrific! They also tried to contact their mortgage broker to arrange things on their side to put an offer on the new property.

Sadly, when they put an offer on the new property, the builder has already considered another offer. All their negotiation is gone; they have to drop all conditions.

They were excited about the sale of their home yet, heartbroken because of the uncertainty about their next move.

It was like a real roller coaster ride. Natalie tried to contact their mortgage brokers. Vin signs things at work. Rebecca made several calls with all the parties involved.

Rebecca advised Natalie to write a letter to the seller. She noted how much this place means to her family, that it's not just a house. It's about the feeling of community and what this would mean for her daughter. They are working hard and taking this crazy chance for the future of their child.

She offered a full price and added a couple of thousand to be ahead with the other buyer.

When Rebecca called her back, Natalie thought she was calling to tell her they lost the house. But actually, she called to tell her that they got it!

It was amazing to find out that the builder was just so compassionate and empathetic towards their journey. He even lowered the price and gave them back almost half of the things they had taken off the initial offer.

Realtor’s Role

The story's ultimate message is that buying and selling properties doesn't have to be scary. It can be a beautiful and incredible journey. Natalie was so grateful she had Rebecca on her side throughout this experience.

Find a realtor who’s willing to do the hard work and due diligence of researching about your home and understanding what you're looking for and listens to pick up those little details that make a house a home.

We would love to help you too. Send us an email at info@chamberlainrealestategroup.ca and let us help you figure out your next move.

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