5 Truths about Realtor.ca for Calgary Home Buyers and Sellers

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

realtor.caYou love Realtor.ca and you find yourself longingly looking at homes on this site multiple times a day. It really is a great way to dream and see what is out there for sale or what your neighbour’s home looks like inside. Am I right? And let’s be honest, it’s painful to use. We all know that, but here are 5 shocking truths about Realtor.ca that you need to be aware of.

To start off, Realtor.ca is the official site of the Canadian Real Estate Association and to be honest, it is just ok. Let’s take a look at why you need a better search experience.

Listings on Realtor.ca are Incomplete

There are a few important things that you will need when searching for a new home in Calgary that you cannot get access to on Realtor.ca. 

  • File Attachments: This can include layouts, any survey plans or real property reports or any extra schedule or documents that are very important to that particular property.

  • Condo Fee Inclusions: You are not able to see what is included in your condo fees. Some condos will have all utilities included and others will not include water or electricity, for example. 

Newest Listings or Changes to a listing on Realtor.ca for Calgary are not Updated

When a new home, condo or townhome hits the real estate market in Calgary, or if there are any changes to an existing listing they do not show up on Realtor.ca right away. There is a delay in the data being updated or the listing showing up. If you are a buyer in Calgary who is looking for a very specific property that is in high demand, you will miss out on opportunities by only relying on Realtor.ca for your home search.


Realtor.ca Maps is Difficult to Use

The map function can work, sometimes. It can be clunky and hard to load the right properties. When you are on mobile, moving the map around isn’t super intuitive. It’s time to find a better solution!

Realtor.ca Mobile Site is Cumbersome

The mobile version of Realtor.ca can be a frustrating experience. The main page and photos are great for a listing detail view, but it all changes once you are looking for more info on this home. There are so many forward and backward clicks happening when you are looking at details on a specific home for sale. 

Access to Listing Agent - Good or Bad?

You may think it to be a great thing to have access to call or email the listing agent questions about the home. Let’s play out this scenario… 

You found a townhome you love through Realtor.ca, and it is actually still available. You reach out to the listing agent to find out what the condo fees include. You call them, talk to them and they start asking you questions. Somehow you get onto the topic of why you are moving and you disclose some personal reasons why you need to move right away. Let’s say you tell them that you have just sold your house with an unconditional offer, and the closing is only 45 days away and you just found this place. You then thank them for the info and then call your own agent and tell them you want to write an offer.

What you have done is disclosed one of the most important motivations for why you are moving. As soon as the listing agent sees that offer, puts two and two together that they talked to you, you have given away your power in the negotiation efforts and will most likely pay more than you should have. 

So I would say that having access to the listing agent, isn’t good. You need someone in your corner, giving you advice and direction, who has your best interest in mind at all times. 

PS - You won’t get a better deal when going directly to the listing agent. Why would they give you a discounted commission when they have an agreement in writing with their seller. Who do you think is really going to get the discount you are hoping for?

If you want to experience a different way to search for a new home in Calgary, you should meet our team! You deserve to love where you live and we love to help!


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