5 Reasons Why Calgary is Not For You


5-Reasons-Why-Calgary-is-Not-For-YouCalgary is a great city, but it is not for everybody.

As much as we want to invite everyone to move here, there are five reasons why you should not move to Calgary!

Winter Wonderland

There is no denying that Calgary can be a winter wonderland. If you don't like to live in an arctic world, Calgary might not be best for you.

Calgary can have six months of winter, but there is a silver lining with that. Because of the city’s location, it has chinooks (the warm wind coming over from the mountains). The temperature constantly changes and fluctuates, and the weather can be very dry.

If you are not a winter fan and would not likely enjoy winter sports, embrace the outdoors in winter, or you are not willing to buy lots of jackets and layer up, don't come to Calgary.

No Hot Summers

If you love super hot, humid summers, you won’t find that in Calgary. Spring, summer and fall seasons are really short in the city.

There are only two to three weeks where Calgary has mid-30-degree temperatures. Most of the time, the temperature stays at low to mid 20 degrees. So if you like to enjoy hot summers for a longer period of time, Calgary is not the place to be.

Far from Lakes and Beaches

Going on road trips heading to lakes and beaches is fun, but you will not be able to do that often in Calgary. There are only a handful of lakes within an hour’s drive from the city.

The most famous destinations nearby are Sylvan Lake, Gull Lake and Pigeon Lake. You can find these beaches north of Calgary beside Red Deer.

If you want to see more lakes, you need to drive for three to four hours to British Columbia. Over the mountains, into Invermere, Radium and Windermere.

Though beaches in BC tend to be busy, they are all beautiful! You can go to Lake Koocanusa, about four hours from Calgary. Past that, you can find Merrill Lake if you are willing to drive up to seven hours.

For the record, there are a bunch of exclusive lake communities in Calgary. If you really want to move to Calgary, you can stay in a lake community so you can still enjoy your favourite water activities.

Climate is not Humid

During summer, when you walk out in places like Toronto or Manitoba, you will immensely enjoy the humidity. That is not the case in Calgary; we have an arid climate. So, if a humid environment is what you are after, Calgary is not for you.

Studies have shown that 90% of the elderly population of Alberta could suffer from dry eyes. This is largely due to the climate.

Hard to Get Around Without a Car

The last reason Calgary may not be for you is the road system. It can be difficult to get around the city without a car because of how the city was built. You can use Uber or local transit but they might not be as efficient as driving a car.

If you look at the map of Calgary and lay it flat, you will find that the city is about the size of Manhattan. Calgary is very big and spread out. However, if you are an active person, you will love that the city has so many bike paths. You could easily bike everywhere and go on for hours.

There are many communities in Calgary with tons of amenities as well as bike and walking paths close by. This is a great option if you do not wish to own a car. 

If these five reasons are not deal breakers for you to move here to Calgary, we would love to help you transition and show you more things we love about the city. There are a lot of stigmas out there across the country about what Calgary is but they are not true. Calgary is entrepreneurial, friendly, beautiful and overall fantastic!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can send an email to info@chamberlaingroup.ca or call our hotline, 587-316-5400.

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