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Calgary CondosWe get people walking in our office and calling us up on the phone looking for new condos for sale in Calgary all the time. We know that we can find them a great place that they will love. We know we can get them a fair price for their dream property. We can sift through thousands of listings across hundreds of communities in the city to get them the perfect home. And we can find the perfect condos for sale in Calgary for those wanting something smaller.

But we don’t always know the reasons why people look. It could be that they are looking for something out in the country a little bit. Or maybe they need to live closer to downtown. Or maybe they need something moderately priced and sized. Or it could be that it is time to downsize after the kids have left home and a large house is too much work for a couple to manage on their own.

Let’s have a look at this underappreciated market for condos in the city.

Calgary Lofts and Condos for sale.

Why are you looking for a condo? That’s one of the first questions we ask when we hear someone is looking to move downtown. Maybe they’re just looking for new homes to live in Calgary. Let’s break down some of the main reasons why people are in the condo market and how we help them towards the best purchase for their money.

Whether you’re looking to just enter the housing market for the first time, or you’d like to downgrade into a smaller place, a condo is your best bet. Calgary condo prices can be a confusing or misleading figure, but it’s not too hard to determine what you should be looking for and how to interpret the prices you find.

The Chamberlain Group have decades of combined experience in getting Calgarians into the condos of their dreams. We have the know how and the expertise so let us guide you along the way.

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New Condos Calgary

Maybe our prospective homeowner is a first-time home buyer, someone who isn’t ready yet to purchase a detached single-family home. We can appreciate that younger generations want to get into the housing market, but it can be a challenge for those who don’t have the capital. Condos can be an affordable way to move out of your parents’ basement, get out from that nasty roommate situation, or stop the renting cycle.

There are some perks to those buying condos as well that first-time buyers appreciate. The condo amenities can be pretty attractive. Sometimes, these include pools, free lawn care and maintenance, or maybe some communal areas that can be rented out. Plus, you get the added benefit of some great community. Condo owners look out for fellow condo owners and usually have great associations that serve each other well.

Condos downtown Calgary

We get active singles looking for condos near the core. Calgary has a booming business industry, and people prefer living close to the action. Of course, there are some apartments, but they can be small or outdated. There are a number of modern condo buildings around the downtown area that serve a better purpose. These condos can be well-appointed, very prestigious places to live. There are even some condos around the Eau Claire area that are more pricey than an average house for how tasteful and luxurious they are.

We get that our business clients prefer to live in a place that is both close to their place of work as well as matches their expected living means.

Calgary stats

Founded    1875
 • Town        November 7, 1884
 • City        January 1, 1894
 • Current Mayor    Naheed Nenshi

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Condo Prices Calgary

Condominiums are becoming one of the most popular choices for communities to build. It’s a convenient way to house several dozen families in one building. Often condos come with available parking underground, exclusive access to amenities, and a set cost for renters. Developers love to include modern, luxurious condos into their communities to attract both the new home buyer as well as accommodating those looking for smaller houses for sale in Calgary. And remember, just because it’s smaller does NOT mean that it has to be unappealing. Condos for sale in Calgary come with all the modern conveniences and then some.

Calgary’s condo prices have been a dramatic roller coaster ride for the past 10 years, with some claiming that the market is oversaturated, while others demanding for more choices in older communities. Let’s look at what else you need to understand about the condo housing market around the city

Calgary Condos SW

The Southwest of Calgary is widely known as a popular destination for families. Its proximity to Fish Creek Park as well as notable schools give it a prestigious name in the city. And that prestige is the same for the home lisitngs available here.

Take a community like Evergreen, for example. It’s one of the largest communities, not just in the Southwest, but also the whole city. It has wonderful condominium complexes, especially along the Fish Creek ridge. Picture yourself in a modern complex with immediate access to one of the best parks in the city.

Or, you could find good condo prices in Calgary in a community like Altadore. It has the benefit of being close to the downtown area with great shopping right near it. Altadore is a changing community with new developments popping up every month. Look for high-quality, luxury homes in this neighbourhood.

A community like Brentwood is popular for those looking at condos. The community has its own C-train station along with its own shopping mall as well. Close access to both downtown and the University of Calgary appeal to several demographics of inhabitants. Brentwood offers affordable condo living that suits those staying in the city temporarily while they study at the University.

Royal Oak offers new condo complexes in a thriving recently-built neighbourhood. Along one of Calgary’s busiest highways, Royal Oak condos have the benefit of great access around the city at an affordable price. It’s just minutes away from the downtown core but feels removed enough to comfortably raise a family.

When we get a request to find a condo for sale in Calgary, we’ll often find out that we’re looking to help someone downsize into a manageable place to live. Large houses can be great…

...if there are people to fill them. But once the kids have left, it’s a burden more than a blessing to have a large single-family home. So, we get requests to help people downsize. There are a number of condo blocks that are meant for older generations, some with assisted living conditions that suit the elderly very well. There are heated garages for those cold winter mornings, on hand cafes and restaurants, and security accessible entry points. Isn’t it nice to let someone else handle the maintenance for a change?

Calgary Condos SE

In the Southeast, we find plenty of opportunities for the first-time home buyer. The communities here cater to young families as well as established couples. Private lakes and parks abound throughout this quadrant.

A community like Mahogany has a private lake for its residents. Condo owners can enjoy affordable entry to this private lifestyle through the options they have in complexes. New options are being built as we speak and offer exciting opportunities for home buyers, both young and old, to find a home here.

Other neighbourhoods like Lake Bonavista have an established feel with access the first private lake in Calgary, great schooling districts, and excellent shopping. Condo owners have their pick of outdoor living options as well with doorstep access to the provincial park. It’s more than a community, it feels like coming home. 

Lofts or Condos make great investment decisions. It’s a cheaper way to get a second property while retaining a piece of valuable real estate. Condos also attract good renters, people who have more incentive to remain loyal to their landlords. We’ll often see parents buying condos for children, or older people diversifying their portfolios with a second, third, or fourth condo to help their income.  

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The condo market is thriving very well in Calgary. If you’re interested in discussing how a condo could work for you, give us a call on 587-316-5400 or an email at [email protected]. We’d love to help you find your dream condo in Calgary call us today to get started