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Real Estate CalgaryTurn on the news one day, and you’ll hear that housing prices are going up. The very next day, you’ll hear someone else saying the opposite. That’s not even an exaggeration. This has actually happened to us and we’re tired of what it makes Calgarians feel about real estate. Calgary might have their ups and downs, but that’s not a reason to blatantly misrepresent the truth about the market here. Man, that really gets under my skin.

How do you get the most up-to-date information? How do you decide what’s best for your family? When is the right time to buy a home? When’s the right time to sell? Here at The Chamberlain Group, we hear these questions every single day. And too often, we’re trying to calm the fears and reassure people that the news isn’t all that bad. We can answer those questions for you and more as we dig into what we do and how we do it.


The Truth About Your Calgary Real Estate

Media, while it does have its faults, is trying to tell a story. It’s been said that you’ll never know how inaccurate the news is until they write about you. We have years of experience in buying and selling Calgary houses. We’ve walked through countless open houses. We’ve listed dozens and dozens of homes on the MLS listings. We’ve bought and sold homes for families living right here in Calgary for years. So, we get a little annoyed when the news doesn’t tell the whole story about the truth about real estate here in the city. It’s not that they’re being dishonest. They’re just not telling the whole story.

Well, who will? Who can you trust to give you an accurate and honest appraisal of your home, your neighbourhood, or the current market temperature? Who can help interpret the data for you and get you the truth about your house?

Our focus has always been not on the house, but the family. We try to put the needs of the family first. Everything seems to fall into place when we put people first. So, in that line, we try to be as honest and upfront as possible about the reality of your house.

So, when it comes to buying and selling Calgary real estate, we’re going to level with you. Everytime. Let’s talk about the two services we perform: buying and selling houses.

Calgary Real Estate for Sale

If you’ve ever owned a home, you know the pain and frustration of selling it. You have to decide the right price for your home, and that can be tough. First, you have to put aside the emotion attached to your house. To you, it’s not just a house, it’s home. It’s tough to remove that emotional attachment. And then you have to determine the fair market price, not too high to scare away potential buyers, and not too low to attract the wrong type of attention. And then there’s the cleaning, the showings, the anticipation of waiting for an offer.

Who is the Calgary Real Estate Expert?

Let the experts handle that for you. That removes the emotional attachment and they have the technical know-how to price your house, striking a perfect balance between your needs and the market rates. An expert real estate like us takes away the guesswork and instills confidence that you’ll get the best possible price for your home. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small bungalow or a luxury apartment, Calgary trusts us to sell their homes.

Buying Calgary Real Estate 2019

The other side of the coin is when you want to find that perfect home, that needle in a haystack that meets all your needs, suits your location, and gets you all the amenities you desire. That’s not easy. Take a browse through the listings on any given day, and you’ll see hundreds of homes that show some potential. How will you ever sort through all the options to find the perfect house for you and your family?

That’s our area of expertise as well. We take time to hear you out, understand your needs, discover your budget, and then place you together in the perfect home. We’re like your home matchmakers, pairing you up with that ideal property. That doesn’t come easy. It takes years of understanding Calgarians, living in the city, and intimately knowing the market to do what we do.

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