What to Do While Waiting For Possession Day

What-to-do-while-waiting-for-possession-dayIs your home sold, and you are waiting for the possession day?

If you are nodding your head yes, then keep on reading! Here’s a list of the four things you need to make sure you do before possession of the home that you just sold.

Schedule to Meet Your Lawyer

It is important to schedule a time to meet with your lawyer before the possession day. As a seller, you need to sign the title transfer document and a few other legal documents. But if you are the buyer, you have a lot more paperwork for the lawyer. It is best to schedule a time to sign the papers early on.

If you are buying and selling at the same time, you can schedule one meeting to sign everything at once! Go to the lawyer when all of your mortgage and other legal documents are ready for the purchase.

Pack up Your House

There are many ways to pack up. You can hire someone to pack for you or do it yourself. You can get movers or just buy pizza for your friends who are willing to help you. You can even simply throw all your belongings into the back of your car and see how many trips you will make!

Secure a lot of boxes to make your job easy. You can either purchase boxes or just get boxes from stores. You can even recycle and use your plastic totes from shopping centres. Just make sure to label everything clearly so you won’t have a hard time sorting them later.

If you hire movers, it’s best to schedule your move a couple of days before the actual possession. This will give you time to clean your house before the buyer moves in.

Leave your house how you would want it to be left for you if you were moving in. You can make little gestures to make a pleasant experience for the buyer. Leave a little bottle or a simple note to introduce the neighbours. This is a great way for you to close up a chapter of your life and move on.

Find a Location to Leave Things

Find a location where you can leave all the keys, manuals to any appliances or special instructions about specific parts of the house. You can put the items in a drawer, on the countertop, or anywhere the buyer will see it quickly. This will be a big help for them when they are moving in.

Slow Down and Take Some Photos

The last but most important thing that you need to do is slow down, and take some photos! As Jared Chamberlain shared, when they moved out of their previous house, his daughters were only three and five years old.

After they had packed up their belongings and cleaned the house, they went in and had a fun family bonding experience in it for the last time! They laid on the floor and took some photos for remembrance. They also asked their girls about their favourite memory in the house, which is a really interesting family activity.

You can also do this even if you lived in the house by yourself. Take some photos of your empty home, or tag your pet along if you have one. Just slow down and appreciate the moment. Remember the memories you had in that house and cherish them because you are moving onto a new chapter.

And here’s a bonus tip, if there are things in terms of your contract that you have to do for the buyers, make sure those are done during this time as well.

If you have questions, reach out to us at info@chamberlaingroup.ca or give us a call at 587-316-5400. We are here to help, and we love to help. So, let us help you!

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