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Meet-Ari-Shams“There is no place like home.” This phrase is the reason why our team member, Ari Shams always aims to create excellent plans for his clients to help them achieve their dream home.

Ari entered the world of real estate because of his genuine drive to help people. He has spent fifteen years in the home construction industry. His experience gives him the knowledge to see past the cosmetics and look for critical components that can be costly to repair, ensuring his clients make solid and sound investments.

Furthermore, Ari’s ability to connect with people, relentless drive, patience, and sensitivity defines his interactions with his clients and ensures a smooth and successful buying or selling experience.

Living in Northwest Calgary

One thing that Ari loves about where he lives is its proximity to everything. He is close enough to shops, restaurants, and of course, his favourite brokerage, the Chamberlain Real Estate Group.

He has been living in Northwest Calgary for about 14 years now. That’s why he is very well versed with different communities and every nook and cranny in the area.

Watch Out, Lewis Hamilton!

It is not a secret, but most people don’t know it. Ari Shams dreams of becoming a formula race car driver. He wants to be his own version of Lewis Hamilton!

Whenever Ari has spare time from work and father duties, he loves binge-watching car racing shows.

Getting into Real Estate

Ari loves real estate because it's a rewarding and challenging career. It is not business as usual and the same all the time, so it does not feel mundane. He loves that he can help different people every time with buying or selling properties.

He loves working with newcomers to Canada or first-time homebuyers who have never had their own home in most cases. For him, nothing beats the feeling of helping someone find the right home and getting the best deal for it.

It gives him great joy to think that his clients and their family will have a roof over their heads. Their children can grow up in a safe neighbourhood and enjoy Calgary.

During the pandemic, a lot of people from different places in Canada and even overseas have been moving to Calgary. This is because our city is still more affordable than a lot of other major centers in Canada. Ari is privileged to help these people settle into their new home in Calgary.

Staying the Course

Ari Shams has a short and simple reason why he wants to stay in the real estate industry - he loves being his own boss! He doesn’t like the idea of working for anybody else. For him, doing the real estate business is 100% what he wants to do in life.

Making a Difference in Calgary Real Estate

Like in any industry, there are people who are achieving, and there are people who are just surviving.

Ari wants to make a difference in the Calgary real estate industry by educating buyers and sellers that not all realtors are built the same. It is undeniable that some people think that real estate agents don’t work hard enough, and unfortunately, it tarnishes the picture of the industry.

He wants to show people that not all realtors only work at a minimum effort. By doing his best as an agent, he wants to prove that there are still good realtors like himself. Some agents can even exceed clients’ expectations and ensure that their needs are always put above all.

Get in Touch with Ari Shams

If you want to work with an agent who always puts an extra effort into helping his clients, you can contact Ari Shams at (403) 400 6269. You can also send him a direct message on Instagram, @ari.shams or email him at

If you have any real estate concerns or want to consult us about anything, you can also reach out to us by emailing us at

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