Best Neighbourhoods in Calgary For Selling Your Home - August 2020

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

best_neighbourhoods_to_sell_in_calgary_august_2020Here are the best neighbourhoods in Calgary if your are thinking of selling your home in the coming months. This is based on the  August 2020 numbers for months of inventory in each neighbourhood.

Here are your top 10 Neighbourhoods. Watch the video below or read through the transcript below!

10. Maple Ridge - 1.64 Months of Inventory
Maple Ridge is a super great community. It currently is sitting at 1.64 months worth of inventory. So everything on the market currently, right now it'll take one and a half or 1.6 months for it to sell all of the homes that are currently on the market to sell in order to... Basically the absorption rate, months of inventory. So it's going to... That's create that buyers are buying up the current amount of homes there.

9. Silver Springs - 1.54 Months of Inventory
So Maple Ridge is down South. It's kind of by Lake Bonavista, Anderson road, kind of tucked in over there. Silver Springs is in the Northwest. Silver Springs is up kind of off of Crowchild and kind of sides onto some of the river. There's some really beautiful lots there, but that's number nine and they are sitting at 1.5 months of inventory. Okay.

8. Riverbend - 1.5 Months of Inventory
So I think Riverbend is kind of like a hidden jewel. I don't know if you feel the same or even know where Riverbend is, but it's kind of like right in the middle of the city, right? So Riverbend is sitting right on Glenmore on the East side of the river and Deerfoot. But it's a little jewel, lots of great homes in there. So if you're in either of these three communities, it is a really good time to sell.

7. Mayfair - 1.5 Months of Inventory
So Mayfair is much more of a higher end area. Closer to let's just call it Chinook Center. And... Why they're in there is there's just a super low inventory number. I think there's only two listings going in that community or happening right this second, I could be wrong, but if I remember correctly.

6. Erin Woods - 1.42 Months of Inventory
It's kind of funny to see different communities all over the city completely different price points, all on the same list. So Erin Woods is number six and Erin Woods is sitting at 1.42. Mayfair and Riverbend are also at 1.5 months of inventory.

5. Ogden - 1.3 Months of Inventory.

4. Southview - 1.29 Months of Inventory
Southview is down let's call it Anderson and MacLeod and 14th kind of in that pocket right in there. But there are a number four on our top 10 list right now.

3. Deer Ridge - 1.2 Months of Inventory
Deer Ridge is another Southern community, which is kind of closer to... go past Lake Bonavista, go down the Hill, it's down in there.

2. Abbeydale - 1.17 Months of Inventory
Abbeydale is in the Northeast

1. Sundance - 1.02 Months of Invetory
Sundance. And I'm surprised by this. Lake Sundance has a 1.02 months worth of inventory. So if you're going to list your home in any of these communities between 1.0 and 1.6 months of inventory is where we're sitting at.

Currently there are 69 communities in this city are sitting at 3.0 or less months of inventory, meaning it's a sellers market. And on the list here, I have, I think, 90, Oh, sorry. 184. And so it's a really different market right now. Real lack of inventory. There are great opportunities on the sales side, but there's also great opportunities on the buy side.

If you were wondering where your community sits on this list but don't see it here, DM us, send a message, comment below we'll watch this and we'll send some stuff out. But if you're considering making a move this summer into the fall, there's some great opportunities.

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