Best and Worst Neighbourhoods in Calgary

best-and-worst-neighbourhoods-in-calgaryThe recent wave of people working from home has helped put Calgary on the map.

Before the pandemic, most employees around Canada were merely working to pay for their mortgages. But that is not the case with Calgary! The average cost of living here is only 38-40% of the average income in Calgary, whereas, in most cities in Canada, it ranges from 70 to 80%.

Since the majority of the workforce realized that it was possible to work anywhere, they started to think that they could live in any city they wanted! Many of these people began to move to Calgary, which has brought tremendous changes to the real estate market in the city.

Calgary has seen remarkable growth over the last year. But even with its diverse communities, not every neighbourhood has seen equal growth or moved at the same phase.

Based on the data from all the sales over the last year, here are the biggest winners and the biggest losers in Calgary and the nearby communities according to benchmark prices.

The Worst Neighbourhoods in Calgary

On the top five of the communities that have seen the least growth is Lower Mount Royal. This neighbourhood is on the south side of downtown, with many condos and beautiful older homes. The benchmark price in Lower Mount Royal as of August 2022 is $282,100, which is only about 2% higher compared to its benchmark price last year.

The following community on the list is Hounsfield Heights/Briar Hill, on the northside of downtown, tucked into 16th Ave and Crowchild Trail. It is a beautiful area with a lot of infills and high-end homes. The benchmark price here is $863,600, which only went up 1% compared to last year.

Scarboro and Erlton are in the third and second spots, respectively. The benchmark price in Scarboro is $1,101,800. On the other hand, Erlton is a different type of community with only a $395,100 benchmark price. These communities stayed the same - their benchmark price was exactly the same as last year!

And on the number one spot of the worst community according to the benchmark price increase is Bankview. This neighbourhood has a lot of apartments and condos in downtown Calgary. The benchmark price in Bankview is $396,000, and it actually went down 2% compared to last year.

The Best Neighbourhoods in Calgary

On the top five of the best producing, highest increasing communities in Calgary is Coventry Hills. The benchmark price in Coventry Hills went up 22% in one year! Homes here are now moving for $498,800. This community is on the northeast quadrant, but it is on the west side of Deerfoot.

Martindale is the fourth best neighbourhood with a $458,400 benchmark price. This community in the northeast also went up 22% compared to last year, which is a significant achievement in just a year.

The next community on the list is MacEwan Glen, beside Sandstone on 14th Ave in the north part of the city. The benchmark price of homes at MacEwan Glen is at $490,600, and it has also seen a 22% increase year after year.

Cityscape made its way to the top two of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary, which is impressive for a new community. With a 24% increase from last year, the benchmark price is now at $536,200.

Here’s a little bonus, Bragg Creek, a community right outside Calgary, snuck into the list with a 25% increase year over year. The benchmark price of homes in Bragg Creek this year is $1,313,400.

The top one on the list of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary is Livingston, a fantastic community in the north. With the influx of buyers from different parts of the country wanting to be part of this neighbourhood, the benchmark price is now $587,600, which is 29% higher than it was in 2021.

Livingston has a fantastic community feel with an unbelievable community centre. This area is also close to famous places like Cross Iron Mills, downtown, Cochrane and many more.

Download the complete list of the best and worst neighbourhoods in Calgary and find out where your community is on the list or which neighbourhood is best to move to. Should you have any questions about the list or any real estate concerns, we would be glad to assist you. Book a call with us, and let us walk you through this journey.

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