Back to School in Calgary

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

back_to_school_calgary_chamberlain_real_estate_groupDecisions, decisions… Back to school in Calgary looks quite a bit different this year. No matter what you decide for your kiddos, our team has put together their favourite tips to make the most of the new school year!

You get an office, and you get an office!

If you’ve moved to a work from home setup, you understand the importance of a dedicated workspace. It’s possibly even more important for your school-aged kids to have a study area where they know they can go to focus. Think home office, but way cuter.

Here are some items you may want to include:

  • A desk with storage and organizers
  • A comfortable chair (sure, they’re kids, but you do not want to pay for chiro later)
  • Good lighting
  • Studious décor (a map or fun academic posters)

Check out our blog on home office set up for more great ideas!

Snacks are Life

Help your kids take more responsibility by having them help you choose healthy lunch options at the grocery store. You’ll notice less complaining over their food and we bet they eat their whole lunch!

At home, we recommend having dedicated bins for each food group (a fruit, a veggie, a treat, etc.). They’ll love making their own lunch when they know they can choose an item from each category. The best part is, that’s one thing off your to-do list!

Best Dressed

What’s the one thing we all know saves time, but none of us EVER do? Setting out clothes the night before, of course!

Have the kidlets choose an outfit before bed. They’ll get ready faster in the morning, and you won’t spend time looking for a lost sock or jacket at the last minute. Plus, choosing their own clothes boosts confidence, whether they are in class or on Zoom.

The Masked Crusader

Your kids will feel like a superhero when they get to pick out their own cool mask. You can find masks everywhere now, and they are definitely not boring!

Here are a few places to check out:

  • Costco carries some fun disposable options
  • Gap and Old Navy are coming out with great reusable cloth masks
  • Etsy has endless styles if you aren’t worried about price point
  • Amazon will deliver masks right to your door!

Bonus points if you get one of the super cute handmade mask hangers that are getting so popular. Each family member gets their own hook at the front door and no one forgets their mask again!


Who doesn’t want more sleep? Well, your kids might think they don’t need it, but those extra zzz’s will make sure they get up on time and perform their best.

Start now, making bedtime and morning wake-ups just a bit earlier in the week or so leading up to school. It might even help you get some extra sleep, and wouldn’t that just be wonderful? With so many kids having phones, you may even think about setting their alarms at night and in the morning so you don’t have to tell them it’s time!

3-D Movement With so much going on in the virtual space, like Zoom meetings and e-sports, it’s so important to get off the screens and put a focus on real-life exercise! Sports look a bit different this year, so you may have to get creative.

Exercise helps regulate emotions and improve focus, which is exactly what we all need right now, so get the whole family together and head to the park for some good old-fashioned physical activity. Wanna race?

Happy Fridays!

After a few months of weekdays and weekends being interchangeable, you are probably looking forward to a bit more structure for the kiddos, but it will be an adjustment. Make it a great one by setting positive habits.

Celebrate your wins for the week as a family. This is an awesome way to keep everyone looking at the bright side of life, and it helps kids recognize and build their strengths when they know they’ll have something cool to share!

No matter what style of schooling you choose for your family this year, we wish you all the best as we head down the 2020 home stretch!

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