5 Hot Neighbourhoods in Calgary You Want To Know About!

5-Hot-Neighbourhoods-in-Calgary-You-Want-To-Know-About.pngAre you thinking about moving up to or within Calgary? Well, here’s a treat for you!

Here is a list of five fantastic communities with different types of homes and outstanding amenities for your family to enjoy all year round.


Altadore features several attached and detached type properties. Walking around in this community is a breeze because its location in the south downtown provides access to Sandy Beach Park, the river and the pathway system.

As of summer 2022, the median price in Altadore is about $917,000. 38% of the properties here are detached type, including some incredible multi-million dollar houses. Additionally, 30% of the community comprises infill homes or attached houses, and 23% are apartments.

Here’s an interesting fact. Many wartime bungalows covering a huge lot were eventually sold. Over time, these bungalows were turned into two houses side by side, which is why Altadore has many infills now.

Altadore is an excellent option for families with children. One thousand two hundred of the population in this community is under the age of 14, which is equivalent to 17% of the total population in the area.

West Hillhurst

The next community on the list is West Hillhurst. This community north of the river has diverse types of houses. There are numerous great infills, a great variety of older homes and townhomes for you to choose from if you consider this fantastic community to move into.

West Hillhurst’s median price as of summer 2022 is about $812,000. Almost half of the community, 45% is filled with detached homes, 28% are semi-detached, and 23% are apartments.

This statistic is changing pretty quickly because a lot of the older homes are selling, and these single detached homes are turning into infills side by side, which is considered semi-detached.

If you love to see many children running around the community, West Hillhurst can be the best option for your family. 17% of the population in the community are little people under the age of 14, so you can expect 1,100 children to make friends with your little ones.

And here is the best part, West Hillhurst is literally walking distance to downtown. Our team has helped many families who work downtown to buy in this area and ride their bikes year-round. So this is a fantastic community for you if that is something that you are looking for.


The third community is on the south of a fantastic park in Calgary. It has lots of different property types, but the great thing about it is that there is a lot of affordability as well as a lot of luxury. This community is called Evergreen.

Evergreen is privileged to be surrounded by fantastic amenities and incredible parks, including Fish Creek Park. And the surprising part is the median price in this community is only $528,000, which is much more affordable than many other communities around it.

The most typical home here is detached, constructing 77% of the community. The next size of homes that are the most prevalent here are apartments, which cover 9% of the community, so townhouses are a little smaller than everything else.

The number of kids here is nearly 5,000! That means 23% of the population in Evergreen is under the age of 14. So if you are a family looking for an incredible community, Evergreen could be a great consideration.

Lake Bonavista

If mid-century modern is much more of your appeal, you may consider Lake Bonavista. As one of the original lake communities in Calgary, Lake Bonavista has incredible property types with amazing views. Residents here enjoy the view of the well-kept, stunning lake, where they can do numerous activities not just during summer but all year round.


Edgemont is one of the most sought-after communities in Northwest Calgary. If you are a family looking at upsizing and wanting to move into an estate house, this is definitely the place you want to consider.

16% of the population in Edgemont is under the age of 14, which equates to nearly 2,500 children running around this community. For recreation facilities and amenities, there are plenty to choose from. Living here gives you easy access to Nose Hill Park over Shaganappi Trail.

We would love to give you more information if you plan on moving into any of these communities or any places in Calgary. Book a call with us, and let us help you with the entire process.

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