17 Best Bike Pathways and Trails and Around Calgary

17-best-pathways-and-trails-in-CalgaryCalgary has so much to offer those who live here. The bike pathways and trails in and around Calgary, dare we say, are among some of the best any city in North America has to offer. With places like Nose Hill Park and Fish Creek Park as well as Canmore being so close, you are sure to never run out of paths and trails to explore. 

In no particular order, below is a compilation of some of the best bike pathways and trails that you need to check out when the snow isn't flying around our city. 

Bowmont Park and Sideshow Bob Trail

Sideshow-Bob-Bike-TrailsHow Many Kilometers is Sideshow Bob by Varsity Bike Trail?

Sideshow Bob is a 1.3 kilometres singletrack trail located near the east end of Bowmont Park. It’s rated intermediate for difficulty and is carved into the side of a steep embankment. 

What is there to see at Sideshow Bob by Varsity Bike Trail?

Being on the embankment makes it one of the more unusual trails in the area as there is exposure to one side. This trail may not be for the faint of heart, but it is undoubtedly rewarding if given a try. 

The trail itself is rolling, winding and non-technical, making for a fast, fun ride with great views. 

Where is the Start and End Point of Sideshow Bob by VarsityBike Trail?

Begins with a trail alongside the cliff-face above Dale Hodges Park, then into a short tree section, onto the cliffs again, and finish through trees to a pathway in the middle of Bowmont Park.


Rotary Mattamy Greenway Bike Trail 

Rotary-Mattamy-Greenway-SikomeHow Many Kilometers is Rotary/Mattamy Greenway Bike Trail?

The Rotary/Mattamy Greenway is a 145 kilometres urban pathway system that loops around the entire City of Calgary, with many exceptional amenities along the way. 

What is there to see at Rotary/Mattamy Greenway Bike Trail? 

There are over a dozen of parks and facilities to visit and enjoy as you ride along the entire stretch of the pathways.  

Where is the Start and End Point of Rotary/Mattamy Greenway Bike Trail?

The Rotary/Mattamy Greenway links parks, natural areas, green spaces and river valleys. This major pathway serves Calgarians by providing a connected system throughout 55 communities around Calgary and also connects with almost 1000km of existing pathways.


Prince’s Island Loop Bike Trail

Princes-Island-Park-Bike-TrailHow Many Kilometers is Prince’s Island Loop Bike Trail?

Prince’s Island Park provides 2.7-kilometre paved pathways in the heart of the downtown. The path is suitable for biking, running, and even bird watching. 

What is there to see at Prince’s Island Loop Bike Trail? 

Explore the island by bike and take a break by the river to admire the Canadian geese and mallard ducks, commonly spotted in the park.

Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be on a leash.

Where is the Start and End Point of Prince’s Island Loop Bike Trail? 

Prince’s Island Park is a great leisure ride, perfect for a Sunday afternoon. It is located on Bow River; the ride throughout the park is filled with nature and a bit of the concrete jungle. This route takes you along Bow River, into Prince's Island Park, and through Chinatown’s neighbourhood.


Nose Hill Park Bike Trails

Nose-Hill-Park-Bike-TrailHow Many Kilometers is Nose Hill Park Bike Trail?

Pedal your way through the pathways of the largest urban park in North America. The 12.7 kilometres heavily trafficked loop trail is perfect for the intermediate biker as the trails can get complex and a bit steep.

The paths range from moderate to extremely hilly, paved pathways to dirt trails. It’s an excellent opportunity to challenge your teen.

What is there to see at Nose Hill Park Bike Trail? 

Nosehill is a local gem! The park is set behind a sea of rolling hills, letting you experience the city and mountain views at the same time. 

Where is the Start and End Point of Nose Hill Park Bike Trail?

Nose Hill Park is a quiet getaway in the inner-city. There are many short and long trails that can be combined into much longer routes. It's family-friendly with several beginner trails.

Calgary Bike Paths Map  

Highwood Pass Cycling

Highwood-Pass-CyclingHow Many Kilometers is Highwood Pass Cycling Trail?

Highwood Pass is another ride that falls on the more intense side. It’s a great workout that provides mountains-dominated skyline scenery. 

Ride to Highwood Pass is a 76.0 kilometre moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Kananaskis.

What is there to see at Highwood Pass Cycling Trail? 

This trail with endless mountain views is primarily used for nature trips and road biking. There are numerous recreation areas along the highway – complete with washrooms and picnic tables.

Where is the Start and End Point of Highwood Pass Cycling Trail?

This bike ride’s ideal scenario would be a one-way trip where you start at the gate nearest Longview. Cycle 37 kilometres to Highwood Pass and then descend 17 kilometres on the road with a much steeper grade to the gate by King Creek Ridge Trailhead.


Glenmore Reservoir Bike Trail

Glenmore-Reservoir-Bike-TrailHow Many Kilometers is Glenmore Reservoir Bike Trail?

Connect back with nature in this urban oasis as you bike around one of Calgary’s largest bodies of water. This 15.3km bike path is perfect for cyclists of all abilities and provides a relaxing experience in nature, right in the city.

What is there to see at Glenmore Reservoir Bike Trail? 

Glenmore Reservoir Trail features a lake and offers several activity options. Bikers can enjoy a waterfront setting with distant mountain views and a lovely long stretch through aspen trees that glow yellow come the fall. You can also see a great view of paddlers and some forested areas here. 

Where is the Start and End Point of Glenmore Reservoir Bike Trail?

This cycling route features an elevation gain of 691ft over 15.57mi. It is recommended to park at weasel head flats and go down towards south Glenmore park as there is less uphill. 


Glenbow Ranch Bike Trail

Glenbow-Ranch-Provincial-Park-TrailHow Many Kilometers is Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Bike Trail?

Enjoy stunning rolling hills as you cycle along nearly 40 kilometres of paved and shale pathways at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. 

What is there to see at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Bike Trail? 

Glenbow Ranch is a stunning section of the Trans-Canada Trail (TCT) in Alberta. It is an exceptionally beautiful area with a prairie landscape with lots of wildflowers and birdlife. 

Where is the Start and End Point of Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Bike Trail?

Start at the Visitor Centre and go down the big hill. Then, go west towards Cochrane on the Bowbend Trail or east towards Calgary on the Glenbow, Narrows and Bearpaw Trails. If you go late in the afternoon, you might just have the trails to yourself.


Fish Creek Park Bike Trails

Fish-Creek-Bike-TrailsHow Many Kilometers is Fish Creek Bike Trail?

Fish Creek Provincial Park provides a perfect getaway from the buzz of the city, promising trails and pathways for the whole family to enjoy.

The park features 83 kilometres of trails, of which 36 kilometres are paved.

What is there to see at Fish Creek Bike Trail? 

Riders can go through open grasslands, wildflowers and watch deer along the creek. You can also take a break at Sikome Lake for a quick dip to cool off on a hot day. Stay a little longer and experience a sunset like no other.

Where is the Start and End Point of Fish Creek Bike Trail?

You can find Fish Creek trailhead along Elbow Drive SW. Ride along the creek and enjoy the natural beauty of the park until you reach the trailhead back. 


Edworthy Park to Fort Calgary Bike Trail

Edworthy-to-Fort-Calgary-Bike-TrailHow Many Kilometers is Edworthy to Fort Calgary Bike Trail?

This family-friendly paved 9.3 kilometres path along the south side of the Bow River past downtown Calgary is part of the city's multi-use pathway system. It is also a segment of The Great Trail network. 

What is there to see at Edworthy to Fort Calgary Bike Trail? 

You’ll find this park on the upper levels of Edworthy Street, where you’ll be able to watch the sunset over the river valley and downtown YYC.

Where is the Start and End Point of Edworthy to Fort Calgary Bike Trail? 

The east end of this segment starts at a pedestrian bridge at Fort Calgary on the Bow River’s south bank. Moving westward, the path passes south of Prince’s Island Park and then continues west parallel to Bow Trail.


Eau Claire Bike Pathways

Eau-Claire-Bike-PathwaysHow Many Kilometers is Eau Claire Park Bike Trail?

Eau Claire Interpretive Trail is a 0.8-kilometre loop trail located near Kananaskis Improvement and is suitable for all skill levels.

What is there to see at Eau Claire Park Bike Trail? 

It provides the perfect location for a light morning or evening ride as the soft glow from the city on one side illuminates the trees and nature on the other. 

Where is the Start and End Point of Eau Claire Park Bike Trail?

Begin this ride by biking down the Bow River Pathway until you reach the Bow River’s confluence into the Elbow River. Continue along the Elbow River’s west side and relish in the spectacular view over Downtown and the Saddledome from ENMAX Park.


Confederation Park Bike Pathways

Confederation-Park-Bike-PathwaysHow Many Kilometers is Confederation Park Bike Trail?

Confederation Park features a glorious 4.3-kilometre lakefront promenade. The paved trail makes for a leisurely ride through this stunning park. 

What is there to see at Confederation Park Bike Trail? 

This park is one of the quieter places to take the kids in Calgary. While travelling along this path, enjoy the vast lawns, which are perfect for picnics or take a moment to watch families of ducks swim in the creek that flows throughout the park. 

Where is the Start and End Point of Confederation Park Bike Trail?

Begin and end at the Rosemont Community Association and go through various parts of the park, like Duck Pond, Playground and Majors Diamond.


Cochrane Horse Creek Bike Trail

Cochrane-Horse-Creek-Bike-TrailHow Many Kilometers is Cochrane Horse Creek Bike Trail?

This great loop on the roads northwest of Cochrane is an easy trail with only a few moderate hills. The path’s total distance is about 50 km, with the option to ride up the Cochrane hill east of the parking lot at the end of the ride. 

What is there to see at Cochrane Horse Creek Bike Trail? 

Along the way, you can enjoy the landscape of rural acreages, farms, and ranchland, with views of the foothills and mountains.

Where is the Start and End Point of Cochrane Horse Creek Bike Trail?

Departing from the Cochrane Ranche parking lot, ride west about 3 km on Highway 1A to Horse Creek Road. Ride North on Horse Creek Road for about 20 km, then west for 3 km, and south on Grand Valley Road about 15 km, finally east on Highway 1A again about 8 km back to Cochrane.


Legacy Trail - Canmore to Banff

How Many Kilometers is Legacy Bike Trail?

The Legacy Trail is a classic bike route in Banff, connecting the nearby town of Canmore with Banff.  

The trail was built in 2010 to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Parks Canada. It’s 26 kilometres long, one way and three metres wide. 

What is there to see at Legacy Bike Trail? 

As you continue towards the Banff exit, you will appreciate the majesty of Cascade Mountain as you get closer to it. You can also gaze at the beauty of Vermilion Lakes as you rest up before completing the trail.

Where is the Start and End Point of Legacy Bike Trail?

The trail will take you from the outskirts of Canmore into Banff, along Vermilion Lakes Drive all the way to the junction with Highway 1A. 

The trailhead is located at the Travel Alberta Visitor’s Center just off the Trans-Canada Highway. In addition to washrooms, there is lots of free parking.


Calgary to Chestermere Bike Trail

Calgary-to-Chestermere-Glennfield-Bike-TrailHow Many Kilometers is Calgary to Chestermere Bike Trail?

The bike trail from Chestermere to Calgary is 24.1 kilometres. This fantastic, well-maintained bike path stretches along the irrigation canal that starts opposite the Sam Livingstone Fish Hatchery in downtown Calgary. It winds its way through southeast Calgary, then heads east to Chestermere Lake. 

What is there to see at Calgary to Chestermere Bike Trail? 

This excellent cycling route has something for everybody. There are lots of birds and wildlife in the canal and at a couple of wetland areas next to it.

You can see grebes, Canada geese, mallard ducks, killdeer, and even a loon along the canal itself. There are shady benches, too, should you need to rest. 

Where is the Start and End Point of Calgary to Chestermere Bike Trail?

Start the fun at the Price’s Island Park in Calgary and ride your way through South East until you reach Chestermere Bike Park via Trans-Canada Hwy/AB-1 E. 


Bowness Park Bike Trails

Bowness-Park-Bike-TrailsHow Many Kilometers is Bowness Park Bike Trail?

Bowness Baker Park Loop is a 4.3 kilometre lightly trafficked loop trail that features a river and is suitable for all skill levels. 

What is there to see at Bowness Park Bike Trail? 

Take a break from your ride to explore the fun activities the park has to offer. During the summer, boat rentals are available for rides around the musical fountain in the lagoon. 

There are some excellent places to sit by the river to wade or just enjoy the scenery. Most of the path is paved, at least on the north side of the river. On the south side, you can find a paved or unpaved path. 

Where is the Start and End Point of Bowness Park Bike Trail?

Bowness is a cycling route featuring an elevation gain of 323ft over 18.06mi.

Begin and end at the parking lot along Scenic Bow Road NW. Some of the notable roads you'll be travelling on are Bow River Pathway (South), Bow Crescent NW, Bow River Path (North), Bow Village Crescent NW, and 48 Avenue NW.


Bowmont Park Bike Trails

Bowmont-Park-Bike-TrailsHow Many Kilometers is Park Bike Trail?

Adventure into the single-track paths of Bowmont Park, located on the northern bank of the Bow River. This quaint park provides the perfect 27 kilometres trails for intermediate riders looking for more challenging pathways. 

What is there to see at Bowmont Park Bike Trail? 

Enjoy the enormous space that encompasses most of the north shore of the Bow River. And while at the park, be sure to admire the natural beauty of the park’s waterfall. 

Where is the Start and End Point of Bowmont Park Bike Trail?

Bowmont cycling route features an elevation gain of 553ft. Following the Bow River banks, you will be treated to some decent undulating inner-city dirt with a few short, punchy climbs. This route can be linked up with Sideshow Bob directly to the SE and Twelve Mile Coulee to the NW via a couple of new paved pathways and tunnels under Stoney Trail.


Bow River Bike Trails

Bow-River-Bike-TrailsHow Many Kilometer is Bow River Bike Trail?

Take in the view of the city skyline with a ride along the Bow River. It has a 13.13-kilometre cycling route that features an elevation gain of 155ft.

What is there to see at Bow River Bike Trail? 

This quiet riverside trail, mostly paved, is only a few steps away from downtown. Bikers can enjoy the scenic view along the banks of the Bow River.

Where is the Start and End Point of Bow River Bike Trail?

Begin this exuberant ride at the Peace Bridge and ride along the Bow River Pathway down to Edworthy Park. Ride through Kensington Village and experience its numerous vibrant boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops before heading across the bridge to explore Edworthy Park. Loopback around and cycle towards downtown on the other side of the river.