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You may not have ever driven through it, but Strathmore will capture your heart once you see it. This town to the east of Calgary lies along one of the busiest highways in Canada, making it a popular destination for those seeking some distance and privacy.

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Strathmore Houses For Sale

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Finding real estate in Strathmore is like finding that last puzzle piece. It feels like you belong here. With exceptional housing options, great schools, wonderful amenities, and never too far from the action of the big city, Strathmore homes for sale have more to offer than you first bargained for.


Strathmore Houses For Sale

The town of Strathmore lies on Highway 1, the Trans-Canada Highway, to the east of Calgary. Living here puts you around 50 km outside of the city limits in the middle of wheat country. Recently, this town celebrated 100 years of existence, a throwback to when it was established a major destination for the railway system.  Now, the town of Strathmore has evolved to become more than simply a railway town. Its major industries are centred around farming and agriculture with some oil and gas represented as well.

There are around 13,700 residents currently living here, a growth of 11% since 2011. That massive increase in population has to do with its sudden popularity as a commuter town for Calgary. Even up to 10 years ago, this was not a chosen destination for Calgarians, but as Calgary expands, some residents chose to live in Strathmore to escape the busy city. Now, there is an even spread of affluent and modest housing, large single-family homes to smaller bungalows and some townhouses, duplexes, and apartments. There are also a few acreages outside of the town of Strathmore that have arable land available for use. The residents here are also involved in the oil and gas industry with several exploration sites around the town. There are nearly 6000 homes in the town with several thousand acres of land zoned to used for further construction in the future. The average age of a resident is under 35 with a family. Less than 40% of the community has a post-secondary degree of some sort. Over 85% of the community are Canadian citizens with roots going back several decades.     

The Strathmore Town Council offers several events throughout the year to coordinate the people and strengthen the bonds of residents living here. These include markets, fairs, shows, and a yearly rodeo, the 3rd largest in all of Canada.

Strathmore Amenities  

Strathmore is a small town with a lot to offer. That’s the unofficial motto of the place, and it shows in the amenities to be found here. Several lakes surround the area, popular spots for locals to swim, boat, or spend time fishing. Eagle Lake is a major spot for Calgarians to bring boats during the summer and do some camping. The winters provide excellent skating opportunities in several places around the town. The community enjoys outdoor living, and that’s why the town council has created a system of pathways that circumnavigate the town, perfect for year-round use in running, biking, or cross-country skiing.

The Strathmore Golf Club is a popular location for locals and Calgarians alike. It’s a short drive from the city limits, especially along the traffic-free highway. The public course offers 18 holes  that provide an excellent challenge and welcome all who want to come play. In addition, Te Strathmore Water Park is a great way to escape the heat, offering splash parks and water fun for families and kids of all ages. 

The city is easy to reach, often 25 minutes drive to major shopping and entertainment venues within the Calgary limits. Highway 1 has the benefit of mostly open to travel all year round and makes Strathmore more accessible than other outlying communities around Calgary.  

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Strathmore Schools

There are options for children living here, many of them with different focuses and specialties. They include Strathmore High SchoolWheatland Elementary School, Brentwood Elementary School, and Crowther Memorial Junior High School. Other schools include Sacred Heart Academy and Holy Cross Collegiate for alternative faith-based education options. 

The Fraser Institute ranks the Strathmore High School at 112th in the province. Sacred Heart in the Catholic sector ranks 115th in the province while Wheatland Elementary ranks 499th in Alberta. Strathmore High School has around 750 students from the town and beyond, bringing students from as far away as 50 km outside. The school offers a world-class fine arts program not often found in rural programs like this one.

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