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Find the newest  Springbank homes for sale below. Experience one of Calgary’s most beautiful outlying communities when you visit Springbank. This community lies directly west of Calgary and features some of the regions’ most beautiful homes in stunning surroundings. Springbank real estate is mainly made up of acreages, large plots of land that are perfect for housing animals, enjoying privacy, and soaking up the sounds of nature. Come find out why homes for sale in Springbank remain one of the hottest communities just outside of Calgary’s city limits.

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Springbank Houses For Sale

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Springbank Houses For Sale

The community of Springbank is a loosely aggregated group of homes that lie west of Calgary along the Highway 1. It borders other outlying communities like Bearspaw and the Tsuu T’ina Nation grounds. This is an interesting place that is slowly being annexed into Calgary as the city continues its relentless expansion outward. Calgary communities of Springbank Hill, Cougar Ridge, and West Springs were once a part of Springbank county, but have since become integrated and annexed into Calgary’s growing list of communities. The loose borders of the county include the Bow River on the northern edge, the western edge of Highway 22, and the community of Elbow Valley.

Most of the neighbourhood is made up of large acreages, usually land lots up to 20 acres per home. This maintains the privacy of the residents who prefer to live in semi-solitude on their own land. The homes here are large, some of Calgary’s wealthiest residents choosing to have a home in this community. Several 7 and 8-figure houses can be found along the ridge overlooking the rocky mountains. Springbank residents choose to live out hier days in relative peace and tranquility, enjoying the access to nature and the proximity of the city nearby. Many residents work within the city while coming here for relaxation and a reprieve from the hustle of the city.

The Springbank Community Association works for the residents with the goal to maintain healthy relationships with each other. They host farmer’s markets, summer camps, and represent the whole community for matters that would affect everyone. This includes the recent proposal to introduce over 3000 new homes in a subdivision called Harmony.

Springbank Amenities

The area of Springbank is synonymous with nature, the very namesake of the community represents the little springs found all over this area. The Bow River provides much of the entertainment of the area with excellent boating opportunities, world-class fly fishing, and skating in some parts during the winter. Many homes enjoy their unspoiled views of the mountains to the west.

Living in Springbank does not mean living in isolation. The community is situated along both Highway 1 as well as great access to Highway 1A. Lower Springbank Road also grants residents immediate access into the city and to great amenities close to home. This also allows great transportation west to the mountains, a quick trip to Kananaskis or Banff.    

The community is host a couple amenities that attract Calgarians from all over the city. Calaway Park is a popular theme park located along Highway 1. It has several rides and amusements that remains busy all through the summer months. The community also has its own airport. Springbank Airport is one of the busiest small airports in the country with several amateur pilots using it for their own aircraft. A training centre is also located on the airport site for aspiring pilots to learn the craft.

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Springbank Schools 

Springbank has its own schools so that residents do not need to send students into the city for their education needs. Springbank Community High School is one of the best public schools in the city as well as the province. The Fraser Institute ranks the school as 12th in the province of Alberta against other high schools. Its small class sizes as well as a dedicated staff turn out consistently good student results year after year. Other schools include Springbank Middle School for junior high students. Elbow Valley Elementary School has students from K-4 classes before moving them on to the middle school.

Many of Calgary’s best private schools are located on this side of the city, another reason why residents love living in Springbank. Webber Academy, Calgary Academy, and the Calgary Waldorf School have excellent reputations in the city for excellence in academic pursuits. The wealthy residents of Springbank choose these schools for their prestigious reputations and proximity to their homes.

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