Showing Your Home

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. And that’s why we take the role of showing your home so seriously. Buyers will look at your place and make a snap judgement in a matter of seconds, not minutes, on your place.  We don’t make the rules, and it’s not fair, but we can make your home as appealing as possible to anybody who sees it.

The outside of your house is the first stop, often giving people a reason to come inside and see what else the home offers. Here’s what you can do to increase your chances that more potential buyers will take that first step inside.

  • Clean and repair your front door. Add a new coat of paint if needed.
  • Clean and tidy the front step, removing clutter and unnecessary items
  • Give your shutters and window trim a touch of new paint as well, reducing wear and obvious signs of fading

Look With Buyer’s Eyes

You may have lived in your home for 1 year or 20 years, but we all get used to seeing our home through our filter. Give your home a fresh look. Do that by imagining how a buyer would perceive your home and what they would notice. When you do that, try to illuminate the elements that put your home in a positive light.

  • Clean all windows and floors, free from debris, marks, and smudges.
  • Repair and remove scratches in woodwork around the home.
  • Remove and replace that faded wallpaper, fixing up any corners or edges that have come unglued
  • Repaint those walls with a neutral, fresh colour. This easily shows off the clean, fresh look of your home
  • Steam clean carpets for your best results
  • Get to all those little annoyances that you’ve learned to live with such as squeaky hinges, sticking windows or doors, loose knobs, warped cupboards, and busted switches and lights.
  • Remove and fix caulking on showers and tubs

How else can you bring out your home in a positive way? Go through each room and notice what makes that room unique and great.

  • Open the drapes and curtains to let in as much natural light as possible
  • Remove clutter. Open and clear spaces allow the buyer to imagine their own stuff in the home. Also, clutter-free areas display how much storage you have in the home. If you can’t move it elsewhere in the house, choose to store it or sell it.
  • Rearrange every room with neat, square arrangements. Remove anything that could cause unwanted odours. Change linen, towels, and have a candle or some fresh flowers ready for the showing.

Light Your Home Up

Your home looks best in natural light, and a bright, clean space feels welcoming to anybody looking through it. If you can’t have natural lighting, place lamps and lights around the home to brighten everything up. This is just as important for a daytime showing as any other time.

  • Avoid the lifeless overhead lights that can feel washed out and bland.
  • Use lamps to create illusions. Lamps can make a large space feel cozy and they can also make a small space feel open.
  • More light in the “living” areas makes a real difference. This includes bright kitchen lighting, a lit fireplace in the den, and lamps and lights in the bedrooms

Further Inside Tricks and Tips

  • Remove items from furniture like blankets, excessive pillows, magazines, books, or junk that has accumulated there. Just because you like it doesn’t mean your buyers will appreciate it.
  • Decorations are better in small numbers. Keep it light and use sparingly
  • Clear those countertops! We all let stuff build up on flat spaces. But clear countertops look more open. Put away appliances and hide paperwork
  • Clear everything off the fridge. That includes pictures, messages, magnets...etc. Visual clutter matters just as much as actual clutter in a kitchen
  • Put only the MOST essential items out in the bathroom. Clear away the tub, shower and countertops of everything. Keep maybe two or three items in view, very tidy and neatly arranged
  • If needed, take out furniture pieces. Sparse rooms look much more appealing than overcrowded rooms
  • If you can, remove paintings, pictures, and objects from the walls. Your own style is YOUR style, not the buyers. Let them see the space and fill it with their own ideas
  • Go through the house, room by room. Don’t move on to the next room until you’ve completely looked at and evaluated each aspect of the room.
  • Play some amiable music at low volume during the showing. Your agent might handle this for you if needed

Further Outdoor Tricks and Tips

  • Think of the phrase “If they can’t see it, we can’t sell it” when trimming the garden or grass around your home. Make sure the features outside are visible through the foliage you have around the home
  • Go around every wall outside and remove anything that doesn’t belong. This includes building materials, tools, buckets, hoses, bins, scraps, and toys.   
  • Clean and check gutters for debris and rot
  • Prune and pluck bushes and trees, removing branches and sticks from the yard
  • Weed all gardens. Then spread bark around it the beds. It’s cheap and incredibly easy to lay, plus it looks uniform and neat. Remove anything dead or dying.
  • Clear the patio of anything small like toys, grill tools, or leaves. Arrange large items (Grill, patio furniture) neatly and offering a clear path to walk around
  • Examine the paint of the exterior, touching up spots that can be clearly visible. No need to do a complete repainting job, but “curb appeal” is a real thing.   

The Last-Minute Showing

“Hi, I have a buyer who’s extremely interested and would like to swing by to look at your place. We’ll be there in 30 minutes”

Ok, don’t panic. These calls happen sometimes, and you can be ready with a few simple moves around the home. The potential buyer isn’t expecting perfect, but you can take steps to make your home as perfect as possible

  • Noise. Reduce the sound on your music, set to a soothing station and turn off the TV.
  • Light. Go through EVERY room in your home and turn on EVERY light. Yes, every single one. Also, open every window covering you have in the home.
  • Smell. Put out a candle or some flowers if you have them. Take out the trash and put away anything that can cause odours. You can even put the oven on low and put a few drops of vanilla in the pan to create a warm, inviting sense.
  • Kitchen. Clear and wipe all counters, put away all dishes, and remove any clutter.
  • Bathrooms. Flush every toilet, closing the lid and quickly clear countertops. Close shower curtains
  • Living rooms. Put away books, magazines, and any games. Clear the floor from toys and neatly arrange any decoration you may have
  • Bedrooms: Make the beds. Put all clutter under the beds. No buyer looks under the beds, but every buyer will open up the closet.
  • Outside. Do a quick tidy of all toys and clutter. Make it seem orderly and tidy.
  • Pets. Barring your fish, hamsters, or guinea pigs, all other pets should go outside to remove the distraction.
  • Leave. Yes, it’s time to go away. Agents can be nice and tell you that it’s alright to stay, but your presence makes the showing awkward for the buyer. Be respectful of the showing and make your presence as unseen as possible. Buyers are looking for this to be their home, and they don’t need the reminder that it’s someone else’s place.

If that’s what it takes to sell your home, you can do it. The impression your home makes is a lasting one, so do all that you can to make it the best one.