Working with a Professional Realtor™ in Calgary

When you hear the words “Calgary Realtor™”, you’re already forming an idea in your head. It’s not too dissimilar from when you think of school teachers, pizza delivery guys, or used car salesmen. You have an idea, a bias in your head about who they are and how to treat them. We can’t speak to your previous experience with real estate agents, but maybe it’s time to reconsider what you once thought. There are excellent agents out there who would love to work with you on your next deal.

Why You Should Work With a Real Estate Agent in Calgary?

I know that you might think this is a very biased opinion, but we happen to believe that Calgary realty agents happen to know best when it comes to buying and selling your home. You probably don’t cut your own hair, carve up your own beef, or wire your own electricity. You leave those tasks to the experts. But more and more often, we have people willing to try their hand at a very complicated, very daunting job of buying or selling their own homes.

Can we try to change your mind? Here’s why you should consider using a certified Calgary Realtor™ to list or purchase your next house.

Regulated Experts

Did you know that in Alberta, barbers need to be a certified tradesman? That’s just to cut your hair. How much more would you want your agent to have proper certifications in place. In Canada, we have strict guidelines for the real estate industry. Calgary is no different. All working professionals must adhere to those guidelines to protect those who trust their homes to the agents in charge. Every Realtor™ in the city must go through training and certification in order to be qualified. You can be assured that they have undergone training and have permits. They know what they are doing.

Experienced in Calgary Realty

Not only do you want someone managing your property who knows your neighbourhood, but also knows the greater market as well. Calgary agents have experience in the ups and downs of the Calgary real estate industry. They know which communities attract which types of buyers. They know where the schools are. They know the transportation options around a house that you’re considering. Choose to use an agent that has years of experience under their belt.

Marketing Experts

It’s no good to simply put up a “For Sale” sign. A Calgary Realtor™ must be skilled in the art of letting people know that your house is for sale. They have marketing skills that attract top buyers and potential homeowners to your house. They stage houses, host opens, and pass around your details to interested buyers. By effectively marketing your home, they can attract the right buyers. Sometimes, it’s not about how many people view the property. Sometimes, it’s about how many of the right people will view the property. A Realtor™ can make that happen.

Support Staff

Any good real estate company in Calgary will have a whole staff that work behind the scenes to make your dream come true. They have the paperwork covered, they are tirelessly attracting interest and searching for the perfect house for you. Hiring a Realtor™ in the city means using someone with a whole network behind them to make your home wishes a reality.  

Privacy For You

One reason we suggest using an agent is that they maintain a healthy buffer between buyers and sellers. It’s their job to maintain your privacy and to keep you at an arm’s length from the other party. Not only does this protect your name, it also protects you from the emotions behind a house. Having a real estate agent act as a middleman does more to protect you than you realise.  

Master Negotiators

I’ve heard many times that an agent will fight tooth and nail for their clients. They work hard to get the right price and push back against unfair values on homes. They are master negotiators, going to battle for the homeowner. It’s always nice to have someone on your side who is understanding of your needs and has extensive experience to fight for your dreams.

Here at The Chamberlain Group, we have a dedicated team of professional Realtors®? who want to work with you on your next big home decision. Call us today on 587-316-5400. Or start a conversation online at [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear how we can help you out.