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Suntree is a beautiful neighbourhood in Okotoks, Alberta. It is a new community that blends well with Alberta's prairie culture with a modern touch. This Okotoks neighbourhood allows residents to live in a small-town environment while being close to all essential amenities like schools and shops.

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Suntree Houses For Sale

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16 Suntree Lane, Okotoks
$799,900 ↓ $30,000 16 Suntree Lane, Okotoks 3 Beds 3 Baths 1,487 SqFt Residential MLS® # A1245226


The neighbourhood is strategically located close to Calgary, making it easy for residents to work in the city and come home to a tranquil and relaxed lifestyle. Homes in Suntree come with special designs and amazing backyards. For fun and games, Suntree is a neighbourhood where you can go fishing, camping, and hiking, among other fun activities. An amazing lifestyle awaits you in Suntree. Custom-built homes, beautifully paved pathways and a tranquil environment are what you will enjoy once you move to Suntree.

Suntree is a neighbourhood that suits everyone, whether you’re a small family, a retiree or a single young person. In this neighborhood, you will find all your dream home designs.

One of the most outstanding natural amenities in Suntree is its excellent parks. The neighborhood features several parks that homebuyers will use for fun and nature walks. The well-developed road network and beautiful paved pathways in Suntree make it easy to move around and enjoy everything the area offers.

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Homes for Sale in Suntree 

Suntree Homes for sale Okotoks is exactly what you are looking for if you are searching for a beautiful home close to essential amenities. Its close location to the town center makes homes in the neighbourhood highly valuable.

Suntree homes come in different sizes: one-bedroom homes designed for single people and two or more bedroom homes meant for you and your family. There are various home options and styles one can choose from in Suntree.

What's more, Suntree homes for sale are reasonably priced. The average price of homes in Suntree is around $410,000, with several of them going for as low as $265,000.

Home for Sale in Suntree Okotoks

Check out the featured Suntree homes for sale and MLS listings if you are interested in buying a house in the area. It is possible to buy a home independently, but you might face some challenges finding your dream home. This is because Suntree is a large community with various house options and designs. You might end up getting home, but one without all the features you desire. It is, therefore, highly recommended to hire the services of a Suntree real estate agent. An agent provides his expansive knowledge in Suntree real estate market, valuable community news and easy access to high-value Suntree homes for sale and MLS listings. A competent real estate agent will help you find your dream home no matter where it is located. Whether you're interested in a home close to the highway or along a tree-lined street, you can always count on them to find it for you.

Deciding to hire a Suntree real estate agent doesn't only guarantee to find a dream home but also keeps fraudsters at bay. In recent years, many home seekers have fallen victim to fraudsters that take advantage of their newbie status and rip them off their hard-earned money. Hiring a real estate agent is, therefore, worth the investment.

Amenities near Suntree Real Estate

Suntree is a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood in Okotoks, Alberta. It is conveniently located close to the town center, making commuting easy and fast. Suntree isn't just a high-value location, but it has a lot to offer in terms of amenities. There is plenty of shopping, dining and recreational options in this neighbourhood.

First of all, shopping in Suntree isn't a problem at all. Southridge Village Shopping Centre
and Okotoks Shopping Malls are located within a short drive from the homes for sale in Suntree. Southridge Village Shopping Centre, for instance, is a large shopping center with access to a wide variety of shops. This is a one-stop shopping center, and you can be sure to find almost everything on your shopping list here. Other popular shopping options in the area include Smitty's Place and Suntree Mall.

For dining, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Mama's, Gianni's Kitchen and Tim Horton's are fast food restaurants located within the community. The community also boasts of various parks. Cedar Grove Park, Wilson Park and Towerhill Park are some of the parks located within the neighbourhood. You can have various fun activities in any of these parks free of charge.

Exterior Rejuvenation is a shopping facility equipped with all products and services you need to quench your fashion thirst for fashion lovers.

The Okotoks Recreation Center located near Suntree is a place you can hang out during the weekend and have a good time. For church goers, the Grace Lutheran Church is open every day to help meet your spiritual needs.

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Schools near Suntree Okotoks Homes for Sale

Several schools are located within a short drive from homes for sale in Suntree. Good Shepherd School, Dr. Morris Gibson School, and Ecole Okotoks Junior High are located nearby. 

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