What is the Real Estate Market like in Calgary AB

calgary real estate marketWhether you’re buying your first home, moving to Calgary, selling a rental property, or looking to buy something a little larger for your expanding family, we can help you. The Calgary real estate market has seen some record housing prices in 2022. What can you expect for 2022 for Calgary? Below are all of our predictions, forecast and the trends we see happening in this hot housing market in Calgary. If you're wondering whether it's a buyers or sellers market or if now is a good time to sell your home in Calgary, you are in the right place!

Our team at The Chamberlain Real Estate Group has years of experience to guide you and direct you towards that perfect home and getting the price you want. But what about the current Calgary real estate market? Is it the right time?

Invariably, we always get that question. It’s a good question to ask. We have to ask it of ourselves as well. What is the right time? Should we wait? Do we have to be concerned about this news report, that market swing, this new banking regulation? Let us help answer some of those questions for you. Below is the latest info on the Calgary Market... Dig in and send us your questions about the market and how we can help you!

Real Estate Market Calgary Statistics

The Calgary real estate market stats are typically updated every month. The infographic above is the most up-to-date statistics that we have on the current market. Many of the stats that are pulled come from the Calgary Real Estate Board and are formatted to the infographic. You can also head to our Instagram page @chamberlaingroup to see the latest real estate market statistics for Calgary.

2022 Market Report for Calgary Real Estate

2022 has been a whirlwind year for Calgary and the market. The above market report for Calgary’s real estate dives deep into what is happening in the market and what you can expect to see on the ground. The Calgary real estate market is constantly changing. In 2022 we have seen more buyers coming from other cities around Canada because of the affordability that we have here in Calgary. Affordability for families and all home buyers is a key factor when deciding on where they are going to live and what style and community are going to be best for them.

News Update for 2022 Real Estate Market in Calgary

The Chamberlain Real Estate Group has worked closely with local and national papers to bring you some of the most updated news for the 2022 Calgary real estate market. We have worked with the Globe & Mail, Financial Post and the Calgary Herald over the past year or so and reported on some of the hottest and biggest news stories in Calgary.

Calgary is a diverse and ever-changing city, with so much potential for growth. Staying on top of the market conditions and all the news updates is key to being able to make the best decisions for you and your family.

We watch the news too. We see what’s going on in the world. Real estate prices in Calgary can fluctuate to favour a buyer’s market or a seller’s market quickly. With careful analysis of the market reports and by keeping an eye on the world trends, we can accurately give you a picture of the current market and how it will affect your decision. Let us take the confusion out of buying and selling your home.  

Check back on this site to see an up-to-date market report that highlights some of the key figures you need to see. This data, direct from the Calgary Real Estate Board, gives you a bird’s eye view of the city and how homes are selling over the course of a 90-day period. That way, you can watch the same figures that we do, knowing that our experience in this market can guide you to the best decision for your family.

The housing market trends in Calgary are shifting this year. Due to rising prices and rising interest rates, there are more buyers adjusting their search criteria to accommodate these price increases. An example of this would be instead of looking to acquire a single-family detached home, a buyer may need to start to look at an attached home or even a townhouse in order to stay within the shopping and pre-approved budget that they have for themselves. This can be a hard adjustment to make for a buyer, but the sooner they realize where the market is going, the quicker they can adjust and make better decisions. This is exactly the type of conversations that our agents at Chamberlain Real Estate Group have with our clients to help them navigate the changing landscape.

Calgary Housing Record Prices

How much does it cost to buy a house in Calgary? Search through the infographic above and click or hover over each of the communities to be able to see what the average price is currently. Prices have a drastic range in our city and change based on many variables from location, size of the home, amenities etc. We have seen some record housing prices in Calgary in 2022, which has changed the benchmark and averages prices in Calgary.

Forecast for Real Estate In Calgary

Where is Calgary headed? What is the forecast for real estate in Calgary? All things are pointing to a more diverse economy and growth. With a record number of sales happening, prices increasing and more people moving to Calgary from other parts of Canada, there isn’t a sign of a slow down in the immediate future.

What to expect for 2022 Predictions

2022 has been a very interesting year for Calgary real estate. What you can expect to see in Calgary is it continuing to be a sellers market, where there are more buyers than what’s available for them. Predicting the future isn’t easy, but the market is truly showings signs of growth and optimism.

Calgary's Real Estate Market FAQs

The biggest FAQ we get about the Calgary real estate market is when should I sell my home? There isn’t a simple answer because over the past number of years the rhythms of the market have changed and we haven’t seen them return. If the market is in more of a sellers market you should consider knowing where you are moving to first because your home could sell quickly, and you don’t want to become homeless.

Are house prices in Calgary dropping?

House prices in Calgary are not dropping right now. With the influx of buyers moving to Calgary on top of the demand that we already had with locals, it has caused the market to be in a strong sellers market. When there is a lack of supply of homes for sale tied with more buyers than homes, this is the start of the recipe for home prices to increase.

Is Calgary currently a buyers or sellers market?

Calgary, in 2022, is a strong sellers market. This occurs when there is a lack of inventory and homes for buyers to buy together with a high or increasing demand for houses in Calgary. With this happening in Calgary now, the sellers market could stay here for at least till the end of 2022, if not for a couple of years.

Is the Calgary housing market hot?

The housing market in Calgary is very hot. What this means is that many homes are selling quickly and we are seeing the market mainly being a sellers market. A sellers market means there are many buyers looking and offering on a single home and many times this leads to multiple offers

Is it a good time to buy a house in Calgary 2022?

The only way to truly know when the best time to buy a house is to look at data that happened in the past. If you are in a position where you are needing a home, moving to the city or looking to upgrade, then yes it is a great time to buy a home in Calgary. With the market heating up, and the economy changing away from it just being an oil and gas city we will see these values increase and most likely stabilize in the future.

Is it a sellers market right now Calgary?

It is 100% a sellers market in Calgary right now. If you look at the data at the beginning of 2022, there are only a handful of communities that aren’t in a sellers market. Nearly the whole city has low months of inventory which creates the market to be in a sellers market. The only way this will change is if the demand for the homes drops and inventory increases which creates an unbalance in the market and pushes it away from being a sellers market in Calgary.

Calgary Information

 • Mayor    Jyoti Gondek
 • Governing body: Calgary City Council
 • Manager: David Duckworth
 • MPs:   Bob Benzen
               Jasraj Hallan
               Pat Kelly
               Tom Kmiec
               Stephanie Kusie
               Ron Liepert
               Greg McLean
               Michelle Rempel
               George Chahal
               Len Webber
 • Land    825.56 km2 (318.75 sq mi)
 • Urban  586.08 km2 (226.29 sq mi)
 • Metro  5,110.21 km2 (1,973.06 sq mi)

    1,045 m (3,428 ft)

 • City          1,306,784
 • Density    1,501.1/km2 (3,888/sq mi)
 • Urban      1,237,656
 • Urban density    2,111/km2 (5,470/sq mi)
 • Metro    1,392,609
 • Metro density    272.5/km2 (706/sq mi)
 • Municipal census (2019)    1,285,711

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