What is the best private school in Calgary

There are alternatives to the public system in Calgary. Private schools can be found in every area, much of them very exclusive and very specialised in what they offer. Take the time to determine what each school before making any decision on where to send your students. Use this guide to help you decide which school is best.

Calgary Charter and Private Schools

Tanbridge Academy

Map - Site 22, RR 8, Calgary

Tanbridge Academy was established in 2007 to provide students with a well-rounded education that combines strong academic programming and enhanced athletic electives.

From day one, Tanbridge Academy has been committed to outstanding educational experiences that promote high levels of academic achievement, athletic skill development, sportsmanship and personal character. The school offers education from K-12 classes. This small school is designed to meet those individual needs. It has no ranking system as of yet.


Calgary Arts Academy

Map - 640 14th Ave SE

Calgary Arts Academy is purpose-built for the 21st Century, for its needs and gaps and thirsts and desires. It is wholly unique and a true innovator in an industry bound by tradition. The school is focused on individual learning techniques through artistic expression. No desks hamper learning styles. All core subjects are taught through arts. The school is taught to Kindergarten through to Grade 9 classes.


Calgary Girls’ School

Map - 6304 Larkspur Way SW

The Calgary Girls’ School concept sprang into reality 10 years ago. Since then, CGS has grown rapidly from 180 students to 600 girls on two campuses, following a ‘one school’ community philosophy. CGS helps girls develop leadership and problem-solving skills, and a strong voice for issues that are important personally, in their community and in the world at large. The school has no ranking through the Fraser Institute system.


Westmount Charter School

Map - 2215 Uxbridge Dr NW

Westmount is the only K-12 congregated setting in Alberta for students who are gifted. The school serves approximately 1200 students who represent a broad range of diversity including race, sex, gender identity, gender expression, English as an Additional Language (EAL), special education needs (twice exceptional), under-achievement and high-achievement. This highly-specialised school ranks in the top 10 schools by the Fraser Institute in elementary and 17th in high schools in Alberta.


Master’s Academy

Map - 4414 Crowchild Trail SW

The mission of Master’s Academy is to prepare students to be Future Ready by laying a foundation of academic excellence alongside students becoming Master Learners. Consistently, the Academy has been a top ranked school in Alberta by the Fraser Institute. In fact, it ranks as number one in elementary and 17th in high schools. This K-12 school is a prestigious Christian private school with a reputation as one of the premier education centres in Calgary.

Webber Academy

Map - 1515 93rd St SW

The Webber Academy Board and school faculty believe in:

  • personal attention for each child
  • creating an atmosphere where young people of many faiths and cultures feel equally at home

This is one of the highly sought-after schools in Calgary, receiving students from K-12 in advanced programs and remarkable courses. The school is ranked by the Fraser Institute as 1st in high schools and 5th in elementary schools in Alberta.


Mountain View Academy

Map - 2452 Battleford Ave SW

Mountain View Academy provides a secure, nurturing environment for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12.  We offer a program using a varied selection of materials that both stimulate and facilitate questions, discussion and interest. By employing active listening skills and taking a genuine interest in answering students’ questions, we promote the enthusiasm and interest of the children. The school has no current ranking by the Fraser Institute.


Calgary Jewish Academy

Map - 6700 Kootenay St SW

The CJA has a century-long legacy educating children who have and will continue to shape the future of Calgary, Canada and beyond. Our philosophy is simple but effective: from Nursery through to Grade 9, we provide a safe, supportive and challenging environment.  Our goal is to explore with students the concepts of Jewish community, identity as well as put Jewish values and beliefs into action. The school is ranked 25th overall by the Fraser Institute for elementary schools.

Asasa Academy

Map - 599 Northmount Dr NW

Asasa Academy is a not-for-profit Calgary private school that was founded in 2009. We specialize in exceptional education for junior kindergarten, kindergarten, and elementary students. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors and the principle is the educational leader of the school. This is one of the prestigious elementary private schools in Calgary. It has no current ranking by the Fraser Institute.


Rundle College

Map - 7379 17th Ave SW

Rundle College Society is a private, coeducational, day school that was founded in 1985 by Dr. W. J. Collett and Dr. Rodney Conklin and provides an outstanding educational experience for over 1080 students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. In addition to high academic achievement, Rundle's programs emphasize character development, leadership training and good citizenship. The school recognizes its leaders and promotes them to advanced success later in life. The school is ranked by the Fraser Institute as 15th in elementary schools and 1st overall in high schools.


West Island College

Map - 7410 Blackfoot Trail SE

At the College we pursue a rigorous and relevant academic program in order to prepare our students for the world beyond our walls, but we also nurture strong relationships within and outside the school so that students will have the confidence to be their authentic selves. We provide unparalleled experiences both within and outside the classroom so that students will have the courage to explore beyond their comfort zone. There are students from Grades 7-12 attending here. It is ranked by the Fraser Institute as 5th overall in Alberta.


Banbury Crossroads School

Map - 2451 Dieppe Ave SW

Banbury Crossroads is a self-directed learning school. We are a member of the Canadian Coalition for Self-Directed Learning, of which there are 8 schools across Canada. Being self-directed, Banbury is the embodiment of certain philosophical beliefs and practices. The purpose is to create autonomy. The students are encouraged to develop their own learning styles as they work through core subjects. There is no data available to rank the school by the Fraser Institute standards.


Bearspaw Christian School

Map - 15001 69th Ave NW

Bearspaw Christian School is proud to be a top choice for Christian families in the Calgary area. Established in 1998, BCS is the result of much vision, faith, prayer and unity of purpose by a group of men and women with a love for Christian education.

Students from K-12 attend this school and thrive in its environment. The Fraser Institute ranks this school as 76th in elementary and 10th overall in high schools in Alberta.

Calgary Academy and Calgary Collegiate

Map - 1677 93rd St SW

We forever change the lives of children and their families by providing a safe, secure, predictable learning environment where exemplary teachers enable students with learning difficulties to realize their academic potential, achieve independence as learners, experience social success and strengthen self-esteem. From Grades 1-12, this school offers exceptional standards of learning to all levels. The Fraser Institute ranks it as 17th overall in high schools.


Renert School

Map - 14 Royal Vista Link NW

Renert School offers a new and innovative educational model dedicated to nurturing students’ passions. Since its inception, it has established itself as Calgary’s leading Mathematics school. In addition to mathematics, Renert School is known for its unwavering commitment to joyful learning and academic rigour in all fields. Students up to Grade 12 can enjoy fantastic learning environments catered to their needs. The school is ranked 11th overall in elementary schools.


Calgary Waldorf School

Map - 515 Cougar Ridge Dr SW

The Calgary Waldorf School is part of a rapidly growing international community of more than 900 Waldorf schools that embrace a common philosophy, inspired approach and classical curriculum.


The Waldorf approach:

  • nurtures the imagination while educating the mind
  • develops flexible intellects capable of problem-solving in diverse activities

Students can attend up to Grade 9 in full outreach courses. The school is ranked 25th overall in Alberta’s elementary schools.


Edge School

Map - 33055 Township Rd 250, Calgary

Edge School was created to facilitate the holistic development of Academics, Athletics, and Character in a way that does not sacrifice one for the other.  Our student-athletes are engaged in their learning in an environment where they feel safe to push themselves to new levels of personal excellence, supervised by staff that are genuinely interested in their well being. With a strong focus on sports, students attend classes with core subjects alongside their efforts to advance in their field. There is no Fraser Institute academic ranking for this school.

Delta West Academy

Map - 414 11A St NE

Delta West Academy wants every child to be successful in whatever they choose to do - to be inspired as life-long achievers. So, we instill an “I can do that” attitude in all of our students.  Dr. Alberta Bandura calls it “self-efficacy: a person’s belief in his or her ability to succeed in a particular situation”. Students can participate in classes up to Grade 12. The Fraser Institute has no ranking data for this school.


Calgary French & International School

Map - 700 77th St SW

We are an educationally progressive, French immersion school with strong academics and a flourishing Spanish-language program. Cultural peace is cultivated through teaching UNESCO values and instilling a strong global perspective, in every grade. The school’s full immersion education continues to Grade 12. The school ranks 9th in elementary schools and 1st overall in high schools.


North Point School for Boys

Map - 2445 23rd Ave SW

North Point was founded in Calgary, Alberta, in 2014 to provide boys with an alternative learning environment to the traditional, outdated factory-style model that has been in place in our North American schools for the past 100 years. North Point is being offered to boys entering Kindergarten to Grade 9. The boys only curriculum allows focus and increased efforts in academic success. The school has no ranking data available.


Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School

Map - RR2, Okotoks

Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School (STS) is more than a great school - STS inspires journeys that lead our students beyond anything they could have imagined. Our mission is to develop well-balanced students for a life of purpose by inspiring excellence in scholarship, leadership and character. It offers the only private International Baccalaureate program in Alberta. The school is consistently ranked very well by the Fraser Institute, 21st overall in high schools.


Lycee Louis Pasteur

Map - 4099 Garrison Blvd SW

We are the only school in Calgary to teach the French Ministry of Education and Alberta Education curricula. Lycee students are educated in a truly multicultural and multilingual environment, preparing them to become responsible citizens and leaders in a global community. The school has classes up to Grade 12 and welcomes new enrollments every summer. The school ranks 31st in elementary schools in Alberta by the Fraser Institute.


Glenmore Christian Academy

Map - 16520 24th St SW

At Glenmore Christian Academy, students have the opportunity to grow academically, artistically, athletically and spiritually in a supportive community comprised of teachers, peers, parents and Christian values. GCA has been nurturing future leaders and Christ followers since its inception. A K-to-Grade 9 private Christian school in the southwest of Calgary, the school now has several hundred students every year. It has no current ranking on the Fraser Institute scale.