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moving_up_guide_chamberlain_real_estate_groupIS THIS YOU?

Do you remember when your home felt like a palace compared to the apartment you lived in before you got married?

Or the fact that you didn't have an ensuite bathroom or double car garage wasn't that big a deal?

But now that it's no longer just the two of you, your home feels cramped and cluttered.

Your office has been relegated to the "dungeon" in the basement,

and the kids don't invite their friends over for fear of getting yelled at for interrupting your conference call.

In this guide, you will be able to have answers for questions like:

  • Should you buy or sell your home first?
  • Is there really a forever home?
  • How can you be influenced by your own needs vs the market?
  • What are the biggest mistakes when buying a home when trying to sell yours?
  • How to work the Sale of My Home Condition
  • Why choosing a REALTOR® that is a family friend could be dangerous
  • Why online presence and traffic are important for your REALTOR® to have in their marketing.
  • Should you choose the 'local expert' for your agent?

Over our combined 50+ years of experience and helping nearly two thousand buyers and sellers we've learned a few things that will truly help you on your journey of moving up.

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You're always tripping over shoes and boots,

and good luck parking your car in the garage during the winter,

as it's become a dumping ground for sports equipment, tools, and bikes.

The bathroom situation is now critical,

and mornings are absolute chaos,

as you all try to shower and get ready in the main bathroom.

Stress levels are high as the risk of missing the bus or train looms large, and the whole routine sets the day off on a bad foot.

Your once sparkling home has taken a beating and those tumbled marble tiles, cherry-wood cabinets and beige granite countertops that were all the rage 15 years ago are now starting to look a bit tired and out-dated.

You've tested every organizational system and space-saving hack on Pinterest and YouTube, but none of them ever seem to work.

You've consulted with architects

and contractors

and friends contractors

about doing an extension or significant renovation,

but the hoops you would have to jump through with the city is a major headache,

and the inconvenience of living through a major renovation would cause even more stress.

You're also worried that it doesn't make sense to invest a lot of money in your current home and not return on that investment when you finally decide to sell.

You've been casually perusing for years,

but every time you come across a home that would suit your growing family,

it's sold before you have a chance even to discuss making an offer.

You haven't committed to the process yet,

so you aren't prepared to make a quick decision,

and your current home isn't even close to being ready to go on the market.

You've watched prices move around and are stuck in limbo,

sitting on the sidelines,

even though you know deep down that you need to be ready to pounce if the opportunity presents itself.



As we've been there too!

And because of that, we've written this Guide on Moving up to help you

Moving Up Guide

Choosing a REALTOR ® as your advisor isn't easy.


Because you could be bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing claims, and simply bad information from super-low prices and high-pressure sales to unqualified claims tied with near-worthless methods. How do you ever find a qualified, competent and professional REALTOR®?

You start by reading this consumer guide. In this fact-filled booklet, you'll discover how to

  • Avoid 6 biggest mistakes when moving up to your next home
  • 4 important conversations to have when buying and selling in the same market
  • 7 mistakes when hiring a REALTOR®
  • 5 Step Road-Map for Moving UP!

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