Application Instructions for:

Admin Assistant Posting

Follow the Simple Steps to apply for Job Listing

This application process is specifically designed to see how well you follow instructions and your communication skills.


1. Google Search: MLS Calgary

2. Click on the Chamberlain Group page called.

MLS Calgary Listings NW NE SW and SE. Get new...

See image below.

3. Watch the the EXPERT ADVICE video and count how many times Jared says Calgary.

4. Then Scroll to the bottm of page and click READ MORE

5. Fill out the application form and answer "How many times did Jared say "Calgary" in the video.

6. Do not email or call. This application process is to see if you can follow specific instructions.

7. All entries will be review and we will contact you to submit a resume.

Good luck with your application and look forward to meeting you.