High Schools in Calgary List

Calgary is full of excellent high schools. There are a number of schools that have different focuses and aims for their student body. Districting can be more lenient depending on your education requirements or pursuits. Use this handy guide to determine which high schools in Calgary will be your best match. Our MLS listing map is also available to help you decide base on physical distance to your school of choice. If you need any assistance with this contact call one of our local realtor team members.

Calgary High Schools


NW Calgary High Schools

William Taylor and George Wood Learning Centre

Map - 805 37th St NW

The William Taylor Learning Centre was reopened at the beginning of the 2004-2005 school year. We provide educational and therapeutic opportunities for students who have severe behavioral/emotional difficulties. The goal of WTLC is to support all students in maximizing their academic success through personalized, authentic learning opportunities which incorporates curricular modifications and instructional accommodations. Fewer than 100 students attend this school which caters grades 1-12 across the spectrum of learning disabilities. There is no available ranking for this school.

William Aberhart High School

Map - 3009 Morley Trail NW

William Aberhart High School is a comprehensive high school offering English, Spanish Bilingual and French Immersion programs located in the northwest community of Banff Trail, near the University of Calgary. The school was built in 1957 and is situated on 10.2 acres. The school has 54 classrooms, 2 gymnasia, and a fully equipped Fitness Centre available for classes. Over 1400 students attend this school from all over this area of Calgary. The school ranks 11th in the province, an exceptional school according to Fraser Institute standards.

St Francis High School

Map - 877 Northmount Dr NW

Saint Francis High School is a Catholic Community of Caring where staff and students inspired by our patron, St. Francis of Assisi, strive to develop the spiritual, academic, social, creative and physical potential of each student in cooperation with parents and the community. The school is ranked by the Fraser Institute as 36th in the province. It’s programs meet the needs of Grades 10-12 for much of the northwest of Calgary.

Bowness High School

Map - 4627 77th St NW

Bowness High School is a school rich in history, memories and achievements over the decades. Since it's opening in the Easter of 1956, Bowness has been a place of change and development. The community of Bowness was not annexed into the City of Calgary until sometime in the early 1960's. Before that, Bowness served as a Junior and Senior high school for the town of Bowness. The rich history of this achol is not lost on today’s students, participating in furthering that legacy. Around 700 students are enrolled here. The Fraser Institute ranks this school as 192nd in the province.

John G Diefenbaker High School

Map - 6620 4th St NW

The school has 43 classrooms, 2 gymnasiums, 3 computer labs, and many independent computer workstations for student use, all of which are networked through the central hub. The school also has a music room, a newly developed drama facility, home economics, industrial arts labs, and a library. We are a culturally diverse school with 40 different languages being spoken in student's homes. The students, of which there are over 1400, have enrolled in an exceptional school that ranks 56th in the province.

Crescent Heights High School

Map - 1019 1st St NW

Crescent Heights is truly a school of choice as nearly 40% of our 1800 plus students come from outside the immediate area. A tradition of excellence, and a student-centered learning environment draw students from across the city to enjoy the urban educational experience. Over 1600 students attend this school every day. They attend dual credit, advanced placement, and regular programs. It ranks 99th in the province by Fraser Institute standards.

Queen Elizabeth High School

Map - 512 18th St NW

Queen Elizabeth High School is located in the northwest community of Hillhurst, serving students grades 7-12 from the communities of Briar Hill/Hounsfield Heights, Hillhurst, West Hillhurst, Parkdale, Point McKay and St. Andrew's Heights, University Heights, MacEwan Glen, Sandstone Valley, Country Hills (South) and Sunnyside (optional). It’s the only 7-12 school in the public system. The school offers advanced placement as well as regular programs to meet the needs of almost 1000 students. It ranks 156th in Alberta.

Dr Gordon Townsend School

Map - 2888 Shaganappi Trail NW

Dr. Gordon Townsend School is a unique setting school in the Alberta Children’s Hospital. The student population is comprised of young people aged 5-19. These students are continuously admitted and discharged for their significant medical conditions by the medical teams at the ACH. Students are admitted to the various programs at our school through our partners, Alberta Health Services.This school has students from K-12 in a specialised program for their unique needs. There are less than 30 students enrolled at any time, although that fluctuates rapidly.  There is no ranking system for this school

Christine Meikle School

Map - 3525 50th St NW

Christine Meikle School is a unique setting for junior high and high school age students with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities and/or complex learning, medical, emotional, sensory or behavioural needs. Our programming helps students develop communication, independence and vocational skills to the best of their ability. There is no ranking from the Fraser Institute due to lack of data.

Louise Dean School

Map - 120 23rd St NW

Louise Dean School is a specialized Grade 9 – 12 education program for pregnant and parenting teens. The school is a compassionate and caring community, which is anchored by the strong belief that education is the key to moving the lives of our students and their children forward. Around 100 students take advantage of this speciality school to the best of their abilities. There is no ranking system for this school.

James Fowler High School

Map - 4004 4th St NW

Welcome to James Fowler High School. All of our teachers and staff are here to assist in achieving success in all courses. Take full advantage of the many courses, extra-curricular activities and excellent facilities offered at this school. There are 1400 students doing just that as they pursue a variety of arts programs, dual credit courses as well as advanced placement classes. The school ranks 244th in the province.

Robert Thirsk High School

Map - 8777 Nose Hill Dr NW

Our beautiful school opened its doors in 2013 and since that time, we have expanded every year.  We are very proud of our Comet Culture and look forward to working with our talented students and staff as we continue to evolve.  We appreciate all that our parents/community do to support our growth. There are now over 1200 student from the new northwest that attend this school. It currently ranks 133rd in the province by the Fraser Institute scale.

Sir Winston Churchill High School

Map - 5220 Northland Dr NW

Sir Winston Churchill High School is a school of excellence. It's a place where choice and challenge abound.  Our vision is to create “competent, caring, productive, and responsible young adults, living successfully in a democratic society.”  The school motto is:

NON SCHOLAE SED VITAE” – We learn, not for school, but for life.

This large school has over 2100 attending students every year, participating in regular courses and the prestigious International Baccalaureate courses. It ranks 26th in Alberta by the Fraser Institute measuring system.

NE Calgary High Schools

Discovering Choices II

Map - 1116 3800 Memorial Dr NE

Outreach Programs are community-based high schools for young people who, due to particular personal and/or family situations, experience obstacles in their educational pursuits. In the academic stream, youth embark on self-directed, personalized learning. Discovering Choices works in partnership with other organizations to complement / supplement a holistic approach in supporting young people who face life’s numerous challenges. The school has over 300 enrolled students up to Grade 12. There is no ranking system to scale this school.

Nelson Mandela High School

Map - 45 Saddletowne Circle NE

We are proud that Nelson Mandela High School is the namesake for someone whose work and life impacted so many people around the world. We believe that Nelson Mandela’s legacy exemplifies the incredible and significant difference that one person can make, which is an important lesson for us to embrace and follow. The school offers advanced programs, dual credit, off-campus programs, and career and technology classes. 1800 enrolled students take part in a school that has no ranking system as of yet.

Lester B Pearson High School

Map - 3020 52nd St NE

Lester B. Pearson High School is located in the northeast and serves the communities of Pineridge, Rundle, Temple, Whitehorn, and Monterey Park. International Baccalaureate students will come to Pearson from all ten junior high schools situated in Area III. That I.B. program is a popular choice for students here. Over 1600 are enrolled from all over the city to participate in the advanced class structure. The school is ranked 215th in the province.

Notre Dame High School

Map - 11900 Country Village Link NE

Welcome to Notre Dame! Focused on providing a Catholic Academic Education to the students, Notre Dame High School has grown substantially over the past few years to a population of over 1700 students! The School Council had provided strong support to the school community through volunteering. That student body enjoys advanced classes, dual credit, and several unique programs for the students here. The school is ranked 49th among other high schools by the Fraser Institute in Alberta.

Bishop McNally High School

Map - 5700 Falconridge Blvd NE

The Catholic School community of Bishop McNally is a faith-filled, collaborative, caring and diverse learning environment which encourages all students to reach their full potential.We are committed to developing positive relationships built on trust and respect. Over 1500 students enrol in classes that suit their academic and athletic needs. The school is built on principles of trust and success. It ranks by the Fraser Institute as 170th in the province. 

SW Calgary High Schools

Ernest Manning High School

Map - 20 Springborough Blvd SW

The school motto is to Lead, Learn and Innovate. Our mission is to engage and support all students as they become self-directed, lifelong learners who think critically and creatively, and function as caring, productive citizens. Ernest Manning has dual credit courses, advanced placement classes, and regular programs. It welcomes 1800+ students from several feeder schools around the southwest of Calgary. The school is ranked by the Fraser Institute as 30th in the province.

Central Memorial High School

Map - 5111 21st St SW

Welcome to Central Memorial High School. Central is a dynamic and diverse learning community that serves approximately 1100 students. Our students come from our surrounding communities, as well as all other areas of the city.  Our unique program offerings make Central Memorial High School the high school of choice for the 21st Century Learner. These students enrol in courses of their choosing, making this their primary choice for furthering their academic successes. The school is ranked by the Fraser Institute as 178th in Alberta high schools.

William Roper Hull School

Map - 2266 Woodpark Ave SW

William Roper Hull School is located in the southwest community of Woodbine and is operated as a partnership between the Calgary Board of Education and Hull Services. We offer highly specialized and individualized programs that focus on the development of academic and vocational skills for students with behavioral and emotional difficulties. Our students are few, and we have no ranking by the Fraser Institute at this moment.

Henry Wise Wood High School

Map - 910 75th Ave SW

The Parent Council at Henry Wise Wood High School is made up of two groups, the School Council and the Parent and Alumni Association. The School Council is made up of interested parents/guardians as well as the school Principal and an Assistant Principal or other designated staff.  The school itself has over 1200 students and plans on ever growing into success in the future. The International Baccalaureate program as well as the dual credit and off-site work experience courses are very popular as well. The school ranks 40th in the province by the Fraser Institute.

Our Lady of Lourdes High School

Map - 1916 2nd St SW

Our Lady of Lourdes School is designed to meet the needs of students with complex social, emotional, family and/or academic and behavioural challenges. Through a process of integrating educational and therapeutic supports, the staff at Our Lady of Lourdes work closely with students and parents to address individual learning needs. The school has hundreds of students, meeting their needs through a variety of courses and programs. There is no current ranking data available for this school.


Bishop Carroll High School

Map - 4624 Richard Rd  SW

We, the Bishop Carroll High School Catholic Community, commit to providing a student-centered educational journey which fosters authentic personal growth. We challenge each individual to be a lifelong learner, to embrace a passion for life and to share his or her gifts for the benefit of our global community. The school has several tracks and programs to offer it’s over 1300 students. The school is ranked by the Fraser Institute as 36th against other provincial high schools.

National Sport School

Map - 151 Canada Olympic Rd SW

Our school provides the flexibility that is required to accommodate the training, travel and competition demands of our high-performance student-athletes. We also provide these young men and women with an academic program leading to the completion of the requirements for their Alberta High School Diploma. Further education is possible because of the work done here. Over 160 students enrol from Grades 9-12 to participate in this program. The school ranks 150th in the province for academic results.  

St Mary’s High School

Map - 111 18th Ave SW

St. Mary's is the oldest school in Calgary which was founded in 1885. The school was opened by the Faithful Companions of Jesus. The leader of the school was Mother Mary Greene. The school was built in several locations. Today, St. Mary's High school is located at 111 - 18 Avenue SW which is across the river to the Talisman Centre. It offers high-value education to students in the downtown area as well surrounding inner-city communities. It is ranked by the Fraser Institute as 74th in the province.

Dr E.P. Scarlett High School

Map - 220 Canterbury Dr SW

Dr E.P. Scarlett High School is a popular school in the southwest, serving many feeder schools. It offers a wonderful array of courses in dual credit classes, advanced placement, and early and late French immersion. It also offers a Spanish bilingual program. The school also has several off-campus work experience courses for students. Over 1700 enrolled students attend every year. The school is ranked by the Fraser Institute as 36th in the province against other high schools.

Western Canada High School

Map - 641 17th Ave SW

Honouring its tradition of excellence, Western Canada High School prepares and empowers students to be knowledgeable, confident, lifelong learners capable of enhancing their lives and the quality of our world. One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of being in a school is that each day is so different. This school has over 2200 enrolled students, one of the largest high schools in the province. It offers exceptional academic, athletic, as well as fine arts programs. The school is ranked as 14th in the province, a prestigious school in the public system.

Bishop Grandin High School

Map - 111 Haddon Rd SW

The role of the school is to share with the students the invitation of Jesus to be engaged in a lifelong relationship with Him and to be a member of His kingdom. The school’s special contribution is to give the student information about Jesus and His kingdom and how that kingdom relates to the world of the student. This faith-based school keeps that at the centre of its education programs, of which there are many. The ranking system of the fraser Institute puts this school as 99th in the province.

St Anthony School

Map - 4811 6th St SW

St. Anthony offers a congregated program to meet students needs with complex autism. The 2017/2018 school year will be both exciting and unique for staff and students at Our Lady of Lourdes School, as the school will be splitting. St. Anthony School will eventually become the new site for three classes of students with autism. This small school specializes in those needs that can’t be met in other schools. There is no ranking system for this school.


SE Calgary High Schools

Discovering Choices/CACY

Map - 315 10th Ave SE

Outreach Programs are community-based high schools for young people who, due to particular personal and/or family situations, experience obstacles in their educational pursuits. In the academic stream, youth embark on self-directed, personalized learning. Discovering Choices works in partnership with other organizations to complement / supplement a holistic approach in supporting young people who face life’s numerous challenges. This campus has 1100+ students enrolled to use their unique services. There is no Fraser Institute ranking for the school.

St Anne Academic Centre

Map - 1010 21st Ave SE

Consistent with its authority under Section 45(4) of the School Act, the Calgary Catholic School District identifies St. Anne Academic Centre as the designated high school for students requesting a fourth year of high school in the district. In special circumstances, the local school, in consultation with Instructional Services, may develop an alternative plan to meet student needs. As such, the school is uniquely positioned to help those who need assistance to finish high school. There is no ranking system for this school.

Jack James High School

Map - 5105 8th Ave SE

At Jack James High School we are purposeful around our school motto of "Pride, Perseverance, and Integrity". We focus on providing a safe and caring learning environment, which is then further supported by numerous community programs. We value respectful, consistent, and positively-focused interactions, which fosters a strength-based approach in all our work with students. Around 400+ students are enrolled to use dual credit or off-campus work programs. The school has no ranking by the Fraser Institute system.

Centennial High School

Map - 55 Sun Valley Blvd SE
Centennial High School was built by the Calgary Board of Education and opened for the 2004-2005 school year. The teachers at Centennial High School assist students in developing as learned, individuals, and citizens. As well as the instruction and learning supports provided through classes, staff and students also develop further learning opportunities through YOTES (Your Opportunities To Enhance Success) time. The school has grown to have 1800 students enrolled in advancement placement classes, regular classes, and dual credit courses. It is ranked at 40th in Alberta by the Fraser Institute.

Lord Beaverbrook High School

Map - 9019 Fairmount Dr SE

Advanced Placement can change your life! Through university-level AP courses, you enter a universe of knowledge that might otherwise remain unexplored in high school; through AP Exams, you have the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at most colleges and universities—yes, worldwide recognition. The school also offers other courses to suit every individual’s needs. The school has over 1700 enrolled students in a variety of courses. The Fraser Institute ranks the school at 133rd in Alberta.

Father Lacombe High School

Map - 3615 Radcliffe Dr SE

Father Lacombe High School opened in September 1978. Our school was named after Father Albert Lacombe (1827-1916), an Oblate priest and missionary who profoundly influenced the history of Western Canada. As the church’s spokesperson for the prairies, Father Lacombe played a significant role in influencing government policy. The school’s entire philosophy is to venerate this man and his work. Our students take part in dual credit courses, advanced placement and work experience opportunities. The school is ranked as 161st in the province.

All Saints High School

Map - 729 Legacy Village Way SE
The name of All Saints emerges as a timely declaration of the strength of our faith as a Catholic school district. The name is first a celebration of every patron saint who intercedes over our school communities. However, the name offers more than just a recollection of individuals. As one of the newest Catholic high schools, in Calgary, its job is to meet the needs of the newest communities on Calgary’s south-eastern edge. There is no ranking as the school is too new.

Bishop O’Byrne High School

Map - 333 Shawville Blvd SE

We believe that learning occurs best when it is placed in the context of a healthy, caring relationship involving all stakeholders in the teaching/learning process:

  • the school models its work on the life of Christ and our relationship with Him;
  • the focus is on the relationship between the student and the teacher;

Hundreds of students from Shawnessy, Somerset, MIllrise and Bridlewood attend this school and its many courses. The school is ranked by the Fraser Institute as 56th in the province.

Forest Lawn High School

Map - 1304 44th St SE

As we work to achieve our Vision for Forest Lawn High School, we will be guided by these beliefs:

  • Each person is unique. We require opportunities to assume responsibility and to have input and choice into decisions about learning.
  • Learning is the central purpose of our school community.

Over 1300 students are enrolled in classes in dual credit, regular courses, and advanced placement. The school ranks 244th on the provincial scale by the Fraser Institute.


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