Calgary Real Estate Listings - How do you find houses for sale?

calgary_real_estate_listingsWhat is your plan to sort through the thousands of new Calgary real estate listings at any given time? How do you plan on finding that dream home in the midst of hundreds which could probably suit you well? What will you do when the price of the listing, the neighbourhood, the amenities, or any other factor about the place is under question? 

Yes, our job at the Chamberlain Real Estate Group is to help you buy or sell the homes you want. Every year, we help our clients make their dreams come true. We take people through the biggest decision of their lives and make it easy and non-complicated. We navigate our clients through the minefield listings to help them figure it all out. We can do the same for you. 

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Calgary Real Estate for Sale

More than just the people who make your listing and host your open houses, your friendly real estate is there to take you through every step of the way. Our life is living and breathing Calgary real estate listings. We go to every effort to keep ourselves informed and up-to-the-minute about everything related to housing in Calgary. That includes every news article, every market trend report, every quarterly update, and predictions about the future of Calgary housing. 

So, when we say that we can help you understand the new listings in Calgary, we say that with the complete confidence that we know what we’re doing. We live here. We work here. We have several years of experience helping Calgarians buy and sell their houses. And we can certainly take all that expertise and put it into your hands.  


Calgary Real Estate Listings

One job is to take our knowledge of the listings in Calgary and translate them into something that you can understand. We take your needs and desires, everything that you dream about in your perfect home, and apply our efforts to finding you that place. Let’s talk suburbs. Let’s talk about amenities. Let’s talk about transportation, schooling, shopping, and future growth. We cover every aspect of your future home so that you have the best shot at finding that diamond in the rough, that gem in the midst of thousands of listings in the city.

Practically, this is what it looks like. Let’s say you’re looking for a great townhouse in Calgary’s southwest. We look at different communities like Evergreen or maybe Elbow Park, and we cross-examine those places with the nearby amenities. Maybe you’d like living closer to downtown. Maybe you’d prefer a more suburban feel. Maybe you like the outdoors and Fish Creek Park could become a part of your daily routine. And through elimination and watchful care for all the factors, we come up with the perfect property for you.

Calgary Real Estate Trends

Of course, part of our job to keep a watchful eye on what the listings look like and how those trends affect your purchase. Because where you live and what’s available could depend entirely on factors outside of the real estate industry. For example, what about all thousands of school students who come to Calgary every year. Every year, the University of Calgary, SAIT, and Mount Royal University receive a combined 50,000 enrolled students, many from international locations. That makes an immense mark on the listings in Calgary, with a high number of places being bought or leased early September, and beginning in the summer, we see an influx of new listings in Calgary as students finish up their studies.

Or what about the job market? We as Calgarians know only too well how the oil and gas industry can dramatically impact the housing market here. It’s almost directly tied to the price per barrel of oil. So, although the industry was hit hard in the past 5 years, we see signs of improvement trickling through the listings. We see prices rise and demand increase for homes in every part of Calgary. These are just a few examples of the trends we monitor


Investing in Calgary Real Estate

But it’s not just the family homes that we work with. We also spend a good amount of time with the real estate investors, the people who looking for their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th home. They have different criteria that we need to manage. What does the neighbourhood offer? What is the resale value? Does it require any overhauls/upgrades? What is the expected rent for this area? Is it easy to find tenants? All this is extremely important to our investor clients.

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